Modern Front Doors

modern front doors

You can enhance your home and improve your lifestyle by adding modern front doors to your home. If your old front door is starting to wear away, or the look of it isn’t to your liking, then replacing it is both straightforward and worthwhile.

Choose from a range of advanced materials in the design that massively improve the performance of your home.

Also, you’ll be able to customise your new door for a modern look and feel. You’ll have the choice of a wide variety of sleek and stylish front door options, and you can style them in a range of colours and finishes.

Not only that, but you can select additional features, such as handles, glazing and even a cat flap. That way, your modern front door will help you to make your home work for you.

When it comes to installing modern front doors in your home, you’ll be in complete control. Not only will you choose the design, but you can select the materials you use as well.

You can take advantage of a range of innovative frames for your door, including uPVC and aluminium options. These sleek materials are modern solutions that help make your home warmer, safer, and more comfortable.

Because of this, your doors won’t only have a contemporary design, but they’ll have the performance to meet modern standards. In particular, your doors will help you to save energy inside your home.

Your entrance will trap more of your home’s heat without letting cold air enter your space either. That way, you’ll stay warm without your central heating, giving you the performance to suit modern needs.

Benefits of Contemporary Doors

When you add contemporary doors to your home, you can transform how it looks and feels. For a start, these doors are sleek and stunning to look at both inside and out.

Both uPVC and aluminium are durable too, meaning that your colours and finishes won’t lose their vibrancy over time. As a result, you can style your door boldly with total confidence that you’ll maintain the look for a lifetime.

That’s because modern front doors last much longer than older designs. In your current home, you may have a wooden or plastic front door. Wood struggles with wind and rain especially.

Water can get into any cracks in the frame and expand them, causing the wood to weaken and creating gaps for warm air to exit your home through. As a result, you’ll be colder in your home, and you’ll need to spend more money on repairs and maintenance.

Modern front doors aren’t only durable, but they’re secure as well. You’ll be able to get an incredibly robust frame that ensures your home can protect you from any unwanted visitors.

Also, your doors will feature internal hardware and locks that help make you and your family safer, and the frames will protect them from rust and wear. That way, you can have peace of mind and ensure smooth usage for decades too.

uPVC and aluminium are both fully weatherproof as well. Because of this, wind and rain won’t cause the frames to lose their shape, rust, twist or crack.

That means you won’t even need to perform regular maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about repairs for a long time yet. The materials also have outstanding insulation, meaning you’ll make your living space far more comfortable as well.

Modern Front Door Materials

Perhaps what makes modern front doors so terrific at enhancing your home is their advanced materials. You’ll be able to choose from three options, each of which can add a modern look to your home and pair it with remarkable performance.

These materials can improve your home’s security and efficiency. Also, you can customise them with colours and finishes to make your door as unique as you are.

uPVC is the most affordable option for modern front doors. This material is flexible and durable, giving your whole door a protective layer. uPVC is lightweight, meaning its easy to open, but that doesn’t mean your front door won’t have superb strength.

It also has terrific insulation as well, reducing the gaps which cold air can enter your home through, and letting natural warmth fill your space.

uPVC is also cheaper to install than other materials. However, you won’t have to worry about lacklustre performance. Your doors will be able to bring your home up to modern standards and set your home up for the future.

With energy bills on the rise, installing uPVC front doors helps you use your heating less, meaning you can cut the cost of running your home.

Alternatively, you can add modern front doors with a sleek aluminium finish. Aluminium is a precious metal and has a beautiful sheen, meaning it’ll give your doors a classy and professional look.

But looks aren’t everything with these doors. You’ll also be investing in remarkable insulation, full weatherproofing, and a door that’s almost bulletproof to keep you and your family safe.

Aluminium doors can cost more than uPVC ones, but the added price is more than worth it. These doors are thicker and more robust, meaning you’ll be able to trap more of your home’s heat and keep more of the cold weather away from your home.

Also, you can customise the doors with stylish colours like anthracite grey for a trendy look, and wood grain finishes for a traditional one.

uPVC and aluminium are both modern options for your front doors. However, they don’t recreate traditional looks. If you’re after a door that evokes classic design, but without the drawbacks, then contemporary composite doors are the ideal choice.

They recreate traditional timber doors but blend the wood with uPVC, GRP, insulating foam and other materials to protect the core.

Because of this, your doors will be fully weatherproof, preserving the wood and keeping draughts and damp spots away from your living space. That also means you won’t have to repaint or revarnish the doors, and they won’t wear away nearly as quickly.

With composite doors, you’ll make a lasting investment in a door that creates a lasting impact. These stunning designs prove that modern front doors can still be traditional.

Modern Front Door Ideas

You can take full control of the design of your modern front doors, and there are plenty of ways you can give them a contemporary look. For example, you could add more glazing into your doors, lighting up your living space and still insulating your home.

Additionally, you can accessorise your door to look even sleeker. You could add coloured cladding, so your walls and doors match, or create an eye-catching contrast.

You could make your front doors even more modern by adding other features around them. For example, you could add porch lights to the top of the door that are sensor-activated, lighting up when you get home in the dark.

Not only that, but you can design your front door with a bold and vibrant RAL colour that won’t fade, thanks to the durability of these stunning designs.

Contemporary Front Doors with Sidelights

Another beautiful way of opening up your home to light is to add sidelights to your contemporary front door design. Sidelights extend your door’s diameter, giving you a more expansive opening that makes more of an impression.

The sidelights let you light your living space, including your landing, with ease. Also, you can fit them with advanced glazing to ensure you won’t lose any more heat by adding these panels.

Trendy Front Doors

Because you’ll be in control of the design of your modern front doors, you can style them to suit the latest trends. For example, old-school entries from the 1930s are coming back into fashion.

These designs were years ahead of their time, despite originating 90 years ago. Also, you can still see plenty of inspiration in the doors of today. With an Art Deco design, you can blend the futuristic with the period effortlessly.

However, you don’t necessarily have to follow trends when it comes to your front doors. Instead, you’ll be able to style your door to suit your precise needs. You could follow modern trends and add minimalistic colours, expansive glazing, and more sleek features to your doors.

However, the design is entirely in your hands, and Double Glazing On The Web can help you realise your vision for less cost.

Modern Front Door Prices

To add modern front doors to your home with ease, talk to Double Glazing On The Web today.

Use our modern front door quote builder to choose from a range of materials and features for your new design. Input your dimensions and select what you want in your door, and we’ll give you an instant online quote for lower front door prices.

These quotes are free and no-obligation, and you can create several of them to compare the prices of different options.

If you’d like to go ahead with the investment, then we’ll refer you to our trusted network of local installers and suppliers. They’ll help you get the job done, and they’ll provide you with an immaculate front door that they’ll install precisely.

Many of these installers also have approval from bodies like Checkatrade and Which?, meaning you can rely on their service.

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