uPVC Stable Doors

If you are looking for a door that offers great looks and superb functionality, then the beautiful yet practical stable door is the perfect choice.

Combining quaint, country charm with durable and low maintenance materials, today’s stable doors are as stunning as they are practical. A country door with all the benefits of modern materials.

stable door

A window and door in one, the stable door gives you split level access. Two separate panels operate independently from one another, allowing for excellent flexibility when using the door.

It is particularly beneficial when you want to let in more natural light into your home. Opening the top half of the door also allows you to ventilate your home whilst keeping children and pets safe.

How To Open Both Doors

Maintain Privacy

With the bottom half of the door kept locked, you can ventilate your home whilst keeping the main part of the door closed. This allows you to keep a close eye on loved ones and maintain the privacy of your home.

Available in either inward or outward openings, you can choose an opening configuration to suit your needs.

Are uPVC Stable Doors Secure?

Security is a common concern among homeowners and uPVC stable doors are no different to standard doors when it comes to security. Renowned for their solidity and security, these doors have been designed to ensure the highest standards of security.

High security locks combined with effective weather-sealing means these doors perform just as well as your standard back door. The lower half also accepts cat and dog flaps, making the stable door ideal for the family home.

Keeping Up Appearances

Give your home a taste of the traditional with a charming entrance that suits any home, old or new. These uPVC back doors are available in a wide range of colours, finishes, hardware and glazing. A stable door can be personalised to fit almost any type of property and will make for an eye-catching and stylish feature.

uPVC Stable Doors Are Low Maintenance

Stable doors are an incredibly popular choice. A seamless addition that brings a country charm, these doors utilise contemporary designs to ensure they suit a wide range of homes.

Unlike their wooden counterparts, external uPVC stable doors are incredibly low maintenance. This means they won’t rot, warp or discolour over time – even in face of extensive use or extreme weather.

Composite Stable Doors

uPVC stable doors can be specified in a wide choice of woodgrain finishes but if you are looking for something a little more authentic, then a composite stable door will perfectly capture that country look.

These doors are made using a variety of high performing materials that result in a durable, yet authentic looking entrance. You will be able to have the perfect door for your home whilst also benefiting from enhanced security and energy efficiency.

External uPVC Stable Door Prices

You find that stable door prices will vary between installers and there will be many factors which will affect your price such as size, configuration and style.

You will also have to factor in the price of installing your stable door, Double Glazing On The Web always recommends you get your products installed by a professional.

Stable Door Prices (9100 x 2100mm)

Door Material Glazed/Solid Guide Price
uPVC Stable Door Glazed £1060 – £1180
Composite Stable Door Glazed £1325 – £1475
uPVC Stable Door Solid £1000 – £1120
Composite Stable Door Solid £1250 – £1400


Online Stable Door Quote

Double Glazing On The Web offers free online double glazing prices. Choose from a variety of stable door styles and get an instant cost online –  start your stable door quote today.

We have a wide network of recommended companies, allowing us to put you in touch with a local and trusted installer for a free, no obligation door quote.

When you choose a stable door from one of the Double Glazing On The Web’s installers you also benefit from:

  • Approved installers. We only put you in touch with approved and accredited stable door installers. They are trained to provide the perfect finishing touches to your door, with expert sealing and finishing.
  • The latest door furniture. Your installer will provide you with a range of stylish door furniture allowing you to choose what best suits your home.
  • Low thresholds. Your installer will offer a low threshold option in accordance with Building Regulations.
  • High security locks. Your installer will provide you with high security locks as standard with a choice of additional security upgrades.
  • Weather resistant uPVC frames designed for strength and durability.