Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are an alternative way of expanding your home. Modern garden rooms work like conservatories or extensions do now, providing a warm extra room in your home.

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Garden Room Glazing

Garden rooms all feature advanced double glazing, with two panes of glass creating a thermal barrier that works all year round.

Garden Rooms Insulation

Many garden rooms feature super-insulated columns rather than brick piers, meaning better insulation across the board.

Garden Room Roofing

Garden rooms can come with a mix of modern and traditional roofing options, including solid and tiled builds and those with cornices and crestings.

Bespoke Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are freestanding, meaning you can place them almost anywhere you want and design them to suit your home’s needs.


You can use garden rooms for a wide range of purposes, and they work well as home offices, home gyms and even social spaces in the summer and winter.

Old & New Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are a traditional design, but they can be updated with modern features – the choice will be yours when it comes to your design!



Reduced Glare from Sunlight

Those with South facing properties can really benefit from an Orangery extension. Orangeries provide ample protection from the sun whilst allowing you to enjoy a bright and great looking space.


Use All Year Round

Today’s modern style orangery combines the light and airy feel of a conservatory with all the great practical benefits of a sunroom. Orangeries provide you with a versatile, stylish and practical room to use all year round.

Edwardian Conservatory

A Seamless Extension

An orangery is built to be a seamless extension of your home and be designed to match your existing brickwork, providing extra living space as well as lots of light.


Sound Insulation

An orangery has greater acoustic properties than a conservatory because of their insulating brickwork. This also makes them very energy efficient and provides a great place to carry out lots of activities and hobbies.


Temperature Control

Orangeries offer great temperature control as they give you a solid wall construction which allows for cavity insulation. You can enjoy all year round comfort whilst still benefiting from plenty of light from a beautiful, open glass ceiling.


Valued Investment

An orangery will add lots of value to your property. Not only does it provide an extra room within your home but it will bring much added light and depth to your property. Compared to a complete extension build, the orangery is much more cost effective and offers all the qualities of a conservatory and extension combined.

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What are Garden Rooms?

Garden rooms are an alternative way of expanding your home. Modern garden rooms work like conservatories or extensions do now, providing a warm extra room in your home. However, the difference is that your new space will not be connected to your home. Garden rooms are freestanding structures, meaning you’ll get a separate space that feels like a little paradise just away from your home.

As a result, garden rooms are the perfect places to unwind. Rather than cutting off some of your garden to extend your home, your new space can sit inside it, with stunning views of the outside world. However, modern garden rooms are also versatile designs. By installing one of these builds, you could use it for several purposes, such as a garden home gym, social space or even a garden office.

And, with Double Glazing on the Web, it’s never been easier to save money on garden rooms prices. You can use our garden rooms cost calculator today to compare prices from trusted local installers in your area. Accredited, trusted and close to your door, they’ll be able to offer lower travel costs, faster lead times and more competitive quotes than the big national brands! Install modern garden rooms in your home for less today.

Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms Design

Garden rooms are separate spaces for your home, making them a more unique expansion. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t feel like your living space does. It’s because modern garden rooms are intelligently designed, and they come with leading technology in every corner. Most market-leading designs come with advanced double glazing, durable and slimline profiles, along with a solid roof to keep you warm and dry all year round.

Additionally, garden rooms are fully customisable for your home. You could opt to design your new room in a traditional way, opting for classic features like Georgian-style roofs or cornices to add old-school style. However, garden rooms can also be modern, and you can fit them with unique windows, doors and roofing to your tastes. Either way, our network of trusted local installers can provide a made-to-measure fit.

Thermally Efficient Garden Rooms

One of the benefits of installing garden rooms is that you can enjoy nature in comfort. When the weather is against you, your garden turns into a space you don’t use, meaning it can become an afterthought in your home. However, our modern garden rooms are fully weatherproof and warm all year round. Because of this, you can enjoy nature throughout the year, and you’ll always do it at the right temperature.

Modern garden rooms are thermally efficient designs. As a result, these builds are able to capture more natural heat in the summer, and they also have superb insulation to keep you comfortable in the winter months. Double glazing and a solid roof both work to reduce glare and the greenhouse effect as well. Our garden rooms, then, are able to keep warm at all times, meaning you can enjoy nature however you want to.

High-Security Garden Rooms

By installing garden rooms, you can create a secure new space for your home as well. Modern garden rooms come with advanced security hardware as standard, meaning you can fill your new room with the things you value without having to worry. All modern garden rooms have advanced double glazing with multi-point locking mechanisms. Not only that, you can choose windows and doors with durable handles and hinges for your design.

You can also be sure that the structural integrity of modern garden rooms will last. By using modern materials in the design like aluminium, a precious metal, garden room designers are able to create highly durable spaces that will stand the test of time. Because of this, garden rooms can perform for decades in your home. And, with a fully weatherproof design, they’ll look their best without the need for regular maintenance.

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How Much Do Garden Rooms Cost?

Garden rooms have differing costs depending on several factors. Your garden room’s size, shape, style and additional features will all play a role in how much you pay for your brand-new space. However, one method of saving money on garden rooms is comparing quotes. And, with Double Glazing on the Web, you can get multiple quotes from trusted local suppliers and installers you can rely on in your area.

You can visit our online garden rooms cost calculator today get a guide price based on your specifications, and you could find out how much you might save in minutes. Alternatively, why not get in touch with our friendly team via our online contact form or by calling us on 0800 015 5679? We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you get a garden rooms quote that is fully bespoke to your specifications at Double Glazing on the Web.

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