Aluminium French Doors

Aluminium French doors are a superb addition to any home. They combine attractive good looks with high quality hardware for strength, security and ease of operation. Arrange a free no obligation aluminium French door quote online.

Aluminium French Doors
Contemporary Style

Add a touch of contemporary style with beautiful Aluminium French doors. These aluminium doors are super sleek, modern and can be designed to suit almost any style of home.

Durable Colour and Finish

Aluminium French doors are polyester powder coated to provide a durable and strong finish. This attractive and versatile finish is also weather resistant so will retain its classic good looks.

Slim Sightlines

The innate strength of aluminium French doors means they can be designed with ultra slim sightlines, resulting in more glass and more natural light.

Low Threshold Options

For wheelchair users low thresholds can be specified so that your aluminium French doors comply with Part M of Building Regulations.

Tailored To You

You can make your French aluminium doors unique with a wide range of aluminium RAL colours for your door as well as a stylish choice of handles. You can even opt for a dual colour option of having different colours on the outside and interior.

High Security

Aluminium French doors are made to measure with a high security locking cylinder to keep your home secure.


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Aluminium French doors look great and are known for the security they offer your home. They can come in a range of colours to be a perfect fit for any property.

What Are Aluminium French Doors?

Aluminium French doors offer a great alternative to uPVC and wood doors, featuring the best of modern materials and processes to make your home a safer and more comfortable place. Metal French doors provide the modern standards and quality you want without missing out on the classic French door charm.

Aluminium French doors are a fantastic option for bringing a sense of the continental to your home, comprising a dual sash design that enables you to operate each side of the door separately from each other. When combined with a low threshold, you get an easily accessible entrance to the property.

What Are The Benefits Of Aluminium French Doors?

Aluminium French doors come with a sleek frame. This means they offer a large glazed area that lets in large amounts of natural light without compromising on structural integrity. This is because aluminium is a lighter, more durable material when compared to wood or uPVC.

Aluminium is easy to maintain, giving them an instant advantage over wooden doors. Metal French doors are secure, so they won’t suffer from warping or rot caused by the elements, and with the right locking system they provide excellent security and peace of mind – whether you’re at home or not. Your aluminium French doors are also available in a range of colours and finishes.

Are Aluminium French Doors Suitable For My Home?

Aluminium French doors can be tailored to suit a wide array of properties without compromising on the charm the style brings. Whether your home is modern, traditional, period, heritage, or new build, you’ll find French doors are the perfect fit.


What Do Aluminium French Doors Cost?

You can expect an aluminium French doors cost around £2,500 – £2,800. Aluminium French door prices depend on a range of factors, though, with size, style, colour, and more having an effect on the final cost.

You can get an estimate of what your aluminium French doors will cost by using our door cost calculator. It’s an easy to use tool that provides an estimate on what your metal French doors will cost, and you can try a number of different options to find out what is best for you.

What Affects The Price Of Aluminum French Doors?

There are plenty of features that make aluminium French doors appealing to homeowners – but some of these can greatly affect the final price you’ll pay for your new doors. This includes the number of doors you need, their size, energy efficiency, and the finish – such as whether you want white aluminium French doors or another colour.


Aluminium French doors are available in a wide range of sizes, and this can impact the price you pay. The bigger your aluminium French door is, the more money you could end up paying as a result – but this is only one factor.

Many doorways are set sizes, meaning it’s easier to find metal French doors that fit your opening. If the sizes are unique to your property, this can make the production more expensive as companies produce less during manufacturing to save on costs.

Energy Rating

Aluminium French doors are fitted with a high-performance polyamide bridge that works to trap in pockets of air. This protects against heat loss in your home, allowing you to use your heating system less and save money on your energy bills. This will offset the cost of your doors in the short term before providing long term savings.

You can use the Door Energy Rating scale to see how thermally efficient your aluminium French door is going to be. This is a simple to understand, colour coded scale that runs from an ‘A-G’ range. The higher up on the spectrum your door is (A being the highest), the more energy efficient the door will be.

Glass And Colours

Aluminium French doors can be customised to suit your style and property. This includes different types of glass and the colour of your doors, and this flexibility is one of the main reasons they’re so popular.

The glass and colours you choose will have an impact on the aluminium French door cost, however, so it’s worth thinking about what your budget is and what your home really needs. Whether it’s a white aluminium French door with privacy glass, or another combination, using our door calculator can give you an idea of what you can expect to pay with different options.

The Installer

Aluminium French doors are incredibly popular across the UK, meaning you won’t have a problem finding an installer to fit them for you. What you’ll find, though, is that each installer will charge different prices, so it’s another factor to keep in mind.

We recommend comparing prices from multiple installers to get the best aluminium French doors cost. This should be both local and national installers, as they will offer different deals that can suit your situation better depending on your needs.

Local installers can offer a personal service, as well as provide reviews and references for similar work they’ve done in your area. This is a great way to build trust when it’s for the work to be done. National installers, however, can offer deals and discounts because they buy materials in bulk, and often have a large network of people ready to do the work, which can cut waiting times.

Aluminium French Doors

What’s Included In Your Aluminium French Doors Quote?

Getting quotes for your new aluminium French doors tells you what you can expect to pay, what’s involved in the work, and the kind of budget you need to have for everything to be done.

These quotes should be transparent so you can make the right choice for your home. A single number doesn’t tell you what’s involved, but a full breakdown can show you the expensive aspects of the work and compare them with other quotes more accurately.

Quotes from Double Glazing On The Web are transparent and broken down, so they include:

  • A full technical survey
  • The style, size and colour of the product
  • Energy efficiency rating (whether A, B or C WER)
  • Security features
  • Glass (a choice of standard, toughened or obscured)
  • Handles
  • The full installation which includes all colour matched trims, fixings, silicones and sealants
  • Registration with an industry body such as FENSA or Certass and relevant certification

Aluminium French Doors Quote

Aluminium French doors add charm and style to any property, so it’s no wonder they’re a popular choice for homeowners. With so many customisable options, there’s a style and a fit for everyone, and they do an amazing job at keeping your home safe and secure.

Use our aluminium French door calculator to find out just how much your perfect doors might cost you. You can then meet our installers with no obligation to continue further, but you’ll be able to find out exactly what your new doors will cost. Get in touch with the team at Double Glazing On The Web to find out more about your new aluminium French doors.

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