French Casement Windows

Open up your property with classic French casement windows. The beautiful, uPVC French casement window will provide you with enhanced views, effective ventilation and a traditional aesthetic.

uPVC French Casement Windows
Fire Egress

The French casement window can open wide and when opened fully, the French casement window is large enough to double up as a fire escape. Ideal for keeping you and your family safe in case of an emergency.

Wide Opening

French casement windows provide a wide opening. Both sashes open to about 90 degrees and when both windows are opened simultaneously, one casement carries the central mullion providing rapid ventilation and unrestricted space and views.

Controlled Ventilation

The window opens independently from the slave sash, providing effective ventilation. Both vents can be opened fully as well as independently which allows you to control the level of ventilation within your room.

Low Maintenance

uPVC French casement windows are very low maintenance and will never require re-painting. A simple clean with a damp cloth will be all that’s needed to keep these windows looking as pristine as when you bought them.

Centre Mullion

The centre mullion is isolated from the outer frame – similar to a French door. When the French casement window is opened fully, the sash carries the central bar which provides a wide and unrestricted view.

High Security Locks

French casement windows come with a choice of high security locks so whether your window is on the ground or upper floor, your property will remain safe and secure. There is also a choice of locking upgrades for the particularly security conscious.

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French Casement Windows

Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazed windows offer superb energy efficiency, security and noise insulation. Find out more about triple glazed windows.


Solar Panels

Energy Efficient

Double glazed French casement windows provide high levels of energy efficiency. They offer superior heat retention and are capable of achieving high energy ratings. Ask your double glazing installer about the energy ratings they offer.

changing windows

Unobstructed Views

Enjoy unobstructed views with the French casement window. Imagine opening your window and looking out over your garden on a particularly sunny morning. These windows are ideal for those wanting to look out onto scenic views.

Cleaning Window

Easy Clean Hinges

The French casement window is available with easy clean hinges for simple cleaning and maintenance. Remember to ask your double glazing installer about all the additional window options available to you.

French Casement Window Handles

Stylish Handle Options

You can choose from locking and non-locking handles as well as a push-button system – ideal if you intend to use the window as an emergency exit. Your chosen double glazing installer will offer you their handle options including a choice of handle colours.

energy efficient windows

Durable Design

The uPVC French casement window has been designed to give a lasting performance. Their uPVC material means they are robust, durable and highly resistant to weathering. This is why they make such a terrific investment for your property.

endurance door colours

Bespoke Colours & Finishes

Your double glazed French casement window can be designed to your requirements. You get to choose from a stylish choice of colours and finishes to match your home. uPVC windows come in virtually any colour.

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Why Choose French Casement Windows?

Open up your property with classic French casement windows. The beautiful uPVC French casement window will provide you with enhanced views, effective ventilation, and a traditional aesthetic. The French casement window gives you the same benefits as the classic casement window but gives a little more versatility.

Expert engineering is paired with a classic design to provide a beautiful window which doesn’t compromise on performance. The French casement window has no ‘centre vertical post’ with both side vents able to open fully. This means it opens just like a French door, giving you a wide and unobstructed view.

The French casement window also doubles up as an emergency fire exit – perfect for smaller openings. This is made possible through fire egress hinges that enable the French casement to open out to sit against the outside wall. This means that they are a fantastic safety feature and ideal as a bathroom window replacement without losing out on the inherent style that makes them a popular option.

French Casement Windows Designs

These French-style uPVC windows can be personalised in various designs to suit your property. If you wish to maintain a traditional appearance, either woodgrain finishes or Georgian bars will help you achieve the classic look you are after. There is a wide range of options for you to choose from when it comes to customising your French casement windows.

Or if you are looking for a more contemporary design, keep things sleek and stylish in white with chrome handles. The great thing about modern French casement windows is their flexibility when it comes to getting them installed. Your chosen installer will be on hand to help you get something that is going to suit your home and your tastes.

French Casement Windows

French Casement Windows Frame & Beading Options

French casement windows are available in two types of distinctive frame and beading: chamfered and ovolo sculptured beading.

Chamfered beading is chosen to achieve a more contemporary, straight-edged style whilst sculptured beading allows you to achieve a more traditional and decorative finish. With these options in place, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom that comes with greater choice. This will make it easier for you to get a French casement window that is going to suit what you’re after.

Both of these options are available across a range of uPVC windows, giving you complete flexibility over design. Whether your home is modern, traditional, period, heritage, new build, or anywhere in between, you’ll be able to find a uPVC French casement window to suit exactly what you’re after.

French Casement Windows Thermal Efficiency

Feeling comfortable in your property is important when it comes to feeling at home, especially when those cold winter winds roll in. This is why the modern French casement window comprises a design that achieves an impressive degree of thermal efficiency. This means that you’ll be able to keep the elements out of your home without having to worry about missing out on the style and charm that makes French casement windows recognisable.

This is made possible by combining a thermally broken profile with high-performance, integrated weatherseals. Both of these elements work in harmony with each other to trap in pockets of warm air, allowing the heat from your central heating to stay in your home for a longer period of time. This means that French casement windows will work to make your home a warmer and more comfortable place to be across the course of the year.

Bringing this standard of thermal efficiency to your home will do more than just increase your comfort, it could also help you to save money too! This means that French casement windows will continue to bring value to your property long after they have been installed. By keeping the warmth from your central heating in your home for longer, you could find that you use it less frequently throughout the year. In turn, this could result in a lower annual heating bill.

French Casement Windows High Security

Getting the right French casement window installed into your property is going to do more than just offer you aesthetic appeal, they can also offer you complete peace of mind too. This is because the modern French casement window design comprises a range of features that ensures they offer exceptional security from the ground up. At a glance, this includes premium grade materials, high-security, multipoint locking systems, and professional installation.

Due to the fact that modern French casement windows are manufactured using premium grade materials, they are able to achieve an impressive degree of structural integrity from the ground up. Whether you opt for an aluminium, uPVC, or timber French casement window you can rest assured that they’ll be able to offer you an impressive degree of base security. This means that the French casement windows that you choose will be able to withstand a modern attack.

This standard of structural integrity is then enhanced further through high-performance, multipoint locking systems that engage at different parts of the frame to ensure security is kept consistent across the whole build. The importance of getting a proper installation with these locks is important, because if they aren’t integrated into the frame then they can be used as a leverage point to gain access into your property.

Low Maintenance French Casement Windows

One of the main advantages that modern French casement windows have over their traditional counterparts is how little upkeep they require to keep looking their best. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy a new addition to your home that is going to last the test of time without creating a range of headaches for you to deal with. With this in mind, French casement windows are sure to be a worthwhile investment for your property.

As the French casement windows avoid any of the maintenance pitfalls of older designs, you won’t have to worry about any bowing, twisting, warping, cracking, or discolouring that is going to have a negative effect on how the window looks and performs. In fact, all you’ll have to do is give them a quick wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them looking as good as the day that they were installed. It’s never been easier to enjoy lasting quality when it comes to your windows.

Not only is a low maintenance French casement window design important when it comes to convenience, but it’s also important when it comes to ensuring you’re getting the best for your money. If your window starts to rot or twist out of shape, it isn’t going to perform as it should. Not only does this pose problems with opening and closing, but it also could offer a security problem as a rotting frame will have weak spots that can be used as a point of leverage to enter your home.

How Much Are French Casement Windows?

On average, French casement windows are going to cost you between £450 and £725. However, this is only a guide range and shouldn’t be taken as set in stone. This is because there is a wide range of factors that can have an effect on the final price, which includes the size, style, colour, and hardware options that you opt for. Simply speak to your installer of choice to see what they can offer and how it’s going to change the price at the end result.

So, how do you get the best cost when it comes to French casement windows?

We know that the best scenario for you is to be able to explore competitive French casement window guide prices in the comfort of your home, all without obligation to buy. This is why our French casement window cost calculator is the ideal place for you to visit. Through this free, simple, and easy to use tool you’ll be able to get a French casement window cost that has been tailored to suit your exact specifications.

Through this calculator you’ll be able to explore a wide range of French casement window options, all at your fingertips. By following this process, you’ll be able to go through each part of the window specification, including size, style, accessories, panel count, and more. With this in place, you’ll be able to get a competitive price that covers all bases. Once you have this price, we’ll put you in touch with three of your local installers to help get things moving.

When considering your French casement windows prices, keep these things in mind:

Any design or styling changes, like the colour, size, or accessories, will add to the end French casement window cost.

Do you want a decorative glass or a sidelight?

Do you want additional thermal efficiency features?

Do you want to include additional security features?

Be prepared to pay extra for those!

Just like other home improvements, the size of French casement windows also plays a huge role in determining French casement window prices.

uPVC French Casement Windows

French Casement Windows Quote: What’s Included?

Unfortunately, avoiding hidden costs isn’t something that is always easy to do. That is, unless, that you go through Double Glazing on the Web for your French casement windows prices. This is because we are committed to offering you honest and transparent prices through our online cost calculator. By following the comprehensive process you’ll be able to accommodate all stages of the window cost so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.

The guide price you receive will include:

A full technical survey

The style, size and colour of the product

Energy efficiency rating (whether A, B or C WER.)

Security features

Glass (a choice of standard, toughened or obscured.)


The full installation which includes all colour matched trims, fixings, silicones and sealants.

Registration with an industry body such as FENSA or Certass and relevant certification.

Getting French Casement Windows Installed

Bringing the benefits of French casement windows to your home shouldn’t be a stressful or drawn out affair, which is often a thought process that puts people off. This is especially true to those who have been exposed to the horror stories of ‘cowboy builders’ and all of the stress that comes with it. However, through Double Glazing on the Web you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get a smooth and easy process.

We have done the hard work for you when it comes to finding a reputable French casement window installer, as we have accrued a wide network of installers that operate across the nation. Not only does this mean that we’ll be able to find an accredited company near you, it also means that you can rest in the peace of mind that you’ll be investing in a product and service that offers the bet in quality. Through us, you’ll be able to enjoy the best in professionalism, reliability, and promptness.

To start this process, all you have to do is visit our French windows cost calculator. Once you’ve got your guide price through this easy process, we’ll then be able to put you in touch with three of your local and accredited installers to get things started for you. As you’ll have the guide price as your reference point, you can then compare the final price that these installers offer you to make sure you’re getting the best price to suit your budget and expectations!

French Casement Windows Colours

French casement windows serve as the ideal canvas for you to bring a personal touch, which will help to make your house feel more like a home. They are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to reflect your personal tastes, including woodgrain foils that reflect the look of timber without any of the maintenance problems. You can also choose from a selection of understated classic colours or more modern designs through the aluminium range.

Keep in mind, however, that different colours are going to come at a cost. Some colours are going to be more expensive than others. Talk to your installer of choice to see what they can offer you and how much it is going to cost you. You can also visit our French casement windows cost calculator to see how the colour is going to affect the cost through the guide price that you receive. Also, due to modern application techniques, the colours that are applied to the French casement windows of today are able to achieve an impressive lifespan so they can bring lasting quality to your home.

Types of French Casement Windows

As the popularity of French casement windows has endured over the years, there are now a wide range of options for you to choose from when it comes to getting a window design for your home. Each one of these window options will offer their own charm and benefits for your property, which we’ll run through with you below so you can see which one will best suit what you’re after:

uPVC French Casement Windows

As a timeless classic, uPVC French casement windows have become one of the go-to options for homeowners when it comes to enhancing their home. This is because the uPVC option combines cost-effectiveness and performance to offer the best of both worlds. They are able to offer modern standards of performance while still maintaining all the charm of the original French casement window, all with low maintenance and high-performance at their core. This is a beautifully well-rounded option to bring to your home.

Aluminium French Casement Windows

Aluminium French casement windows stand at the forefront of window design, which means that they are able to bring a cutting-edge flair to this classic window design. Due to the impressive structural integrity of aluminium itself, these French casement windows are able to achieve a slimmer and sleeker frame without compromising on quality or performance. In turn, this means that aluminium French casement windows are able to offer a larger glazed area for increased natural light allowance. In turn, this means that you’ll be able to enjoy a bright and spacious feel.

Timber French Casement Windows

Timber French casement windows are the ideal option for homeowners looking to echo the traditional window design. However, don’t fear that you’ll be investing in an outdated window. Modern timber French casement windows are manufactured using treated wood that prevents them from possessing any of the maintenance problems that are usually associated with the material. This means that you can enjoy the core essence of the original French casement window without having to worry about any of the problems that they used to have.

French Casement Window Prices

French casement window costs will vary between double glazing suppliers and is dependent on many other factors including style, size and material. The most popular window material is uPVC because of its affordability and low maintenance benefits.

Double Glazing On The Web gives you the opportunity to make a free online window quote – completely tailored to your requirements. Just enter your window measurements to receive an average windows cost. You can also use this tool on your mobile for on the go!

Get An Average Window Cost

casement windows design

Watch How To Measure Your Windows

To ensure more of an accurate cost, watch our helpful video on how to measure your uPVC windows. Alternatively, you can read a short guide here.

French Casement Window Prices

Casement Window Size Colour Guide Price
500mm x 500mmWhite£450 – £500
500mm x 500mmWood Grain£575 – £625
1000mm x 500mmWhite£475 – £525
1000mm x 500mmWood Grain£600 – £650
1000mm x 1000mmWhite£500 – £550
1000mm x 1000mmWood Grain£625 – £675
1200mm x 1200mmWhite£525 – £575
1200mm x 1200mmWood Grain£675 – £725

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