Who is the best double glazing company?

Having double glazing installed in your home is now standard practice for most homes across the UK. The thermal efficiency achieved helps modern UK homes become energy efficient in line with the government regulations that have been implemented to achieve net-zero by 2050. By having thermally efficient installations throughout the home, the heat produced by your internal heating systems will work to a much greater effect, keeping your home warmer for longer so that you don’t have to spend inordinate amounts of money on your energy.

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The government is making a massive push for this to become the norm for houses around the UK because of the potential dangers of climate change and to save British households money on their energy because of the spikes globally in the cost of oil.

For those still thinking about having the double glazing installed in their homes, or those who are looking to update their installations, we wanted to take some time today to look over the top companies out there at the moment who are providing double glazing installations and break down the pros and cons of each! Here at Double Glazing on the Web, we want to make sure that our customers are as informed as we are when purchasing home renovations.

The main contenders we’ll be going through today are Safestyle, Everest and Anglian. We’ll be using each company’s Trustpilot rating as a rough guide and identifying the main strength of each.

Safestyle4.1Offers Price Match Service
Anglian3.8Highest Window Quality
Everest4.3Best Warranty Period



Safestyle produces a variety of uPVC window styles and uPVC and composite doors, all fitted with modern double glazing. Don’t let the noisy nature of the website and the fact that David Seaman is plastered all over it. This company is a reputable and well respected double glazing installer and has provided its services nationwide for over 25 years. Safestyle provided the double glazing installations in 2021 (as verified independently by FENSA) and has a high customer satisfaction rating along with the number of customers they serve. Maintaining such a high satisfaction rate is quite impressive whilst also serving so many customers across the country. Here is what one reviewer said:

Brilliant Service

“Had a new back door fitted today. The fitter was very police. Turned up at the agreed time and was very clean and tidy. Could not fault the service. Would definitely recommend.” – Susan Neale (Trustpilot, 12/05/2022)

Many of the reviews echo this statement and it can take a while perusing their Trustpilot before you find a wholly negative review. They do exist however, with every company but they are in the vast minority when compared to the sheer amount of positive reviews.

Safestyle’s main positive is their price matching service in which they will match any like for like quote that you get from any other company for your services including sales prices. Here’s what they’re site says on the topic:

“At Safestyle we pride ourselves on being an affordable national installer. Our lowest price guarantee means that you always get the lowest possible price by choosing us rather than one of our competitors… We even promise to beat sale prices too so there is no doubt that you’re getting the very best deal with Safestyle.”

There’s very little to say against Safestyle on this matter. They offer the best price, so long as you provide them with the price offer from their competitor, and they’re local capabilities are excellent. They have Safestyle installers stationed all over the country in all major cities. As a national pick, Safestyle is an excellent choice.


Anglian provides an extensive range of double glazing products, from windows, doors, conservatories, and more outside of double glazing. The website is well designed and offers a selection of pages that provide various pieces of information about double glazing and the other products that Anglian provides.

Anglian windows offer an energy efficiency rating across the board of A to A++, which is higher than most other companies’ B average. With this extra level of energy efficiency comes Anglian’s higher price point than the other major double glazing installers.

The Trustpilot reviews for Anglian are lower on average than Safestyle, which connotes a potential issue with customer service. Here is an example of one:

Was ok but the sales talk was far too…

Was okay but the sales talk was far too long didn’t need all the info on the website gone through again. 14 weeks before installing was far too long to wait.” – Chris Palmer (Trustpilot, 12/05/2022)

It is concerning to see a recent review that states a 14 week waiting period however this review was a four star review which suggests that the quality of the window was up to snuff. It is also worth pointing out that the majority reviews are rated excellent at 57%, showing that Anglian are still an excellent choice for high quality windows across the country.


Like Anglian, Everest provides a wide variety of windows and doors fitted with double glazing. It is also fair to say that Everest is likely the most recognisable brand name of double glazing fitters in the United Kingdom. They have a wide network of local installers who take over the projects early in the planning stage so that customers feel that they are getting a local builder backed by a nationwide business.

All their products are made in Britain, and they claim to be at the forefront of double glazing products in the UK. There is little evidence to suggest that that claim is unfounded. They have many years of history and have become a household name.

Everest also has the highest Trustpilot score from our options today and is looking at 4.3. The vast majority of their reviews are rated excellent at a whopping 70%, much higher than Safestyle and Anglian. Here is one of their most recent reviews:

              Excellent Product and Service

“Good all round service from start to finish. Everest kept me informed at all stages of my order. The goods are well made and fitting was excellent and completed on time. Would recommend checking out Everest.” – Ian Miller (Trustpilot, 12/05/2022)

A lot of the reviews ring true, with this one showing consistency of service despite the nationwide nature of the company. However, a few reviews come in at four* that suggest some issues with administrative tasks, such as paperwork issues. Nevertheless, most of the reviews are rated excellent, as mentioned.

Everest’s greatest strength, however, is its exceptional warranty period. They offer three warranty levels, which is two more than both Safestyle and Anglian. These come in at the ten-year guarantee standard for most double glazing companies; the 20-year guarantee is their leading offer that most of their customers take up. And there is the lifetime guarantee which is their premium service that ensures their installation for life. These options give the customer a level of freedom and security that they know Everest’s windows will go the distance.

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