Aluminium Windows

Aluminium WindowsAluminium windows are modern, stylish and extremely slim-line in appearance, making them a highly popular material.

Most commonly seen in commercial buildings or shopfronts, aluminium provides exceptional strength and durability in the face of everyday use.

However, they are no stranger to the residential property market either, with many aluminium windows now being incorporated into new build properties.

Their limitless design options make them a homeowners dream. They can be specified in almost any colour or finish, allowing for an exact match and can be manufactured to fit almost any window style of shape.

This is something other window materials such as uPVC or timber have yet to achieve.

Powder Coated Aluminium Windows

Powder coated aluminium window frames provide a superior finish compared to the wet paint process used in timber or the coloured foil process.

The powder coated paint is baked on which provides a very rough and resilient finish which will never flake or fade.

They also give more coverage, ensuring every surface of the window profile is covered – unlike foils which are unable to coat the internal faces of window profiles and eurogrooves.

Aluminium WindowsAluminium RAL Colours

The aluminium RAL colour chart presents endless colour options for your home. If you aren’t impressed by the same White and Woodgrain options then the RAL colour chart has over 200 different colour options for you to choose from.

Better For The Environment

Aluminium windows are environmentally friendly and highly sustainable and recyclable. The life-span of an aluminium window can be measured in decades rather than in years, these eco-friendly windows provide a long lasting performance.

Aluminium Window Prices (Fixed Window)

 Casement Window Size   Colour  Guide Price
 500mm x 500mm  White  £150 – £175
 500mm x 500mm  Wood Grain  £175 – £200
 1000mm x 500mm  White  £175 – £200
 1000mm x 500mm  Wood Grain  £200 – £250
 1000mm x 1000mm  White  £200 – £250
 1000mm x 1000mm  Wood Grain  £225 – £275
 1200mm x 1200mm  White  £225 – £275
 1200mm x 1200mm  Wood Grain  £250 – £300

Aluminium Window Cost (1 Opener)

 Casement Window Size   Colour  Guide Price
 1000mm x 500mm  White  £250 – £300
 1000mm x 500mm  Wood Grain  £300 – £350
 1000mm x 1000mm  White  £275 – £325
 1000mm x 1000mm  Wood Grain  £325 – £375
 1200mm x 1200mm  White  £300 – £350
 1200mm x 1200mm  Wood Grain  £350 – £400
 1200mm x 1500mm  White  £350 – £400
 1200mm x 1500mm  Wood Grain  £400 – £450