Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are modern, stylish and extremely slim-line in appearance, making them a highly popular option for bringing a modern flair to any home. They are most commonly seen in commercial buildings or shopfronts, aluminium provides exceptional strength and durability in the face of everyday use. This makes them a worthwhile investment for any home, proving to bring lasting quality long after they have been initially installed.

However, they are no stranger to the residential property market either, with many aluminium windows now being incorporated into new build properties. Their limitless design options make them a homeowners dream. They can be specified in almost any colour or finish, allowing for an exact match and can be manufactured to fit almost any window style of shape. This is something other window materials such as uPVC or timber have yet to achieve.

Powder Coated Aluminium Windows

Powder-coated aluminium window frames provide a superior finish compared to the wet paint process used in timber or the coloured foil process. The powder-coated paint is baked on which provides a very rough and resilient finish which will never flake or fade. They also give more coverage, ensuring every surface of the window profile is covered – unlike foils which are unable to coat the internal faces of window profiles and eurogrooves.

aluminium windows

Aluminium RAL Colours

The aluminium RAL colour chart presents endless colour options for your aluminium windows. If you aren’t impressed by the same White and Woodgrain options, then the RAL colour chart has over 200 different colour options for you to choose from.

Better for The Environment

Aluminium windows are environmentally friendly and highly sustainable and recyclable. The life-span of an aluminium window can be measured in decades rather than in years, these eco-friendly windows provide a long lasting performance.

How Much are Aluminium Windows?

As a general rule, aluminium windows are going to cost you around £150 – £450. However, this should only be seen as a guide price that is subject to change. This is because there is a wide range of factors in play that will affect the final cost. This includes the size, style, colour, and hardware that you opt for. Your installer of choice may be able to offer you different prices too depending on the specification that you choose.

So, you may now be wondering how to get the best cost when it comes to aluminium windows?

Bringing the best of aluminium windows to your home doesn’t have to be something that causes you any undue stress. A fantastic place for you to start is our aluminium windows cost calculator. This free to use tool will enable you to receive a guide price based on your exact specifications, all made possible through a simple to follow step by step process.

This tool is a great way to see your aluminium window come to life in the comfort of your own home, as each step enables you to specify a different part of the window design. Alongside this, using our cost calculator enables you to enjoy competitive pricing as you’ll be receiving a guide price based on your exact window build.

When considering your aluminium windows prices, keep these things in mind:

Any design or styling changes, like the colour, size, or accessories, will add to the end aluminium windows cost.

Do you want a decorative glass or a sidelight?

Do you want additional thermal efficiency features?

Do you want to include additional security features?

Be prepared to pay extra for those!

Just like other home improvements, the size of aluminium windows also plays a huge role in determining aluminium French doors prices.

Aluminium Windows Prices 2019

How Much Do Aluminium Windows Cost?

As discussed, there is a range of variables that are going to change your final aluminium windows price. This is why there isn’t a clear-cut answer to this question. Aluminium windows prices are going to differ from installer to installer.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be left in the dark, though. At Double Glazing On The Web, we offer aluminium windows prices online. You can use our aluminium windows cost calculator to get an instant aluminium windows quote. It’s a quick, simple, and easy tool to use!

Comparing Local and National Aluminium Windows Installers

Due to their popularity, aluminium windows are no stranger to the offering of national and local installers alike. With this in mind, it is important that you compare both of them to ensure you get the best price possible to suit your budget.

This is a highly recommended step for bringing high-quality aluminium windows to your home because it enables you to enjoy the confidence that comes with a researched choice. It also means that you’ll be able to explore seasonal and bulk deals that the installers may be offering, which will play a really important part in bringing your overall aluminium windows prices down.

As their popularity has increased over the past few years, aluminium windows have become a highly competitive option. Keep this in mind when you’re exploring any potential aluminium windows installers, as they may be more flexible when it comes to exploring different aluminium windows prices with you.

Aluminium Windows and Energy Ratings

Aluminium windows have undergone a range of innovations over the years to ensure they can outclass their traditional designs, often fitted with a polyamide bridge to ensure they achieve an impressive standard of thermal efficiency. This means that you’ll be able to keep the winter winds at bay without having to miss out on style. Not only does this ensure comfort, but it will also have an effect on your final aluminium windows price!

To see how thermally efficient your desired aluminium windows are, all you have to do is view where they rank on the Windows Energy Rating scale. This is a simple to understand, colour coded scale that runs from an ‘A-G’ range. The higher up on the spectrum your door is (A being the highest), the more heat retention the window will be able to offer. Also, the higher up the scale the window is the more you could be expecting to pay as a result.

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Aluminium Windows Glass and Colours

Aluminium windows are available in a wide range of glass and colour options, which means that you’ll be able to bring a customised new addition to your home. Not only does this enable them to stand out against their uPVC and timber counterparts, this also stands as a factor that could determine your aluminium windows prices. You’ll be able to choose from a range of standard colours, as well as woodgrain foils that enable you to capture the look of timber without the chores.

You can see the example aluminium windows prices online. Use our aluminium windows prices cost calculator to compare prices. If you are interested in different colours other than white, then you can select these when creating your quote. You’ll have the freedom to choose from a wide spectrum of colours to ensure you get something perfectly suited to you.

Alongside their colour options, aluminium windows also offer a range of hardware options for you to choose from too! This means that you’ll be able to customise your window with a selection of handles, locks, and hinges. Not only will these have aesthetic benefits, but they could also change the performance of your window too! Again, these factors will play a role in your final price so keep this in mind to avoid any surprises.

What are The Best Aluminium Windows?

As the popularity of aluminium windows has grown over the years, so has the range of designs that are available on the current market. With this in mind, it’s hard to pin down the ‘best’ aluminium window design. This is mainly because it’s going to be dependent on what you’re after and what design best suits your home.

You can, however, rest assured that the aluminium windows you receive through our network of installers will be of market-leading quality. This means that it won’t matter what design you end up with, it is sure to be a worthwhile investment for your property. Simply speak to your installer of choice to see what options they have available for you to choose from.

It is important to note that there are differences between aluminium windows. However, it’s also important to note that all aluminium windows will revolve around the same core principles. This includes thermal efficiency, security, durability, efficiency, weatherproofing, and design. All in all, they will work to keep your home a safer and more comfortable place to be.

Aluminium Windows: Will Size Effect the Price?

Aluminium windows are available in a range of sizes, which not only offers you more freedom it also means that the prices will differ too. The bigger your aluminium windows, the more you should be expecting to pay. This is because the materials and labour cost will increase as a result of the bigger frame! You can view our price tables or visit our online aluminium windows cost calculator to get an instant competitive price.

Aluminium Windows Cost Calculator

The differing prices that come with different sizes are accommodated in our aluminium windows cost calculator, which means that you’ll be able to explore how much you could be paying by changing the sizes at your fingertips. This is a quick and easy way for you to customise your prices without having to spend too much time! Once you’ve got your final guide price, we can then put you in touch with three of your accredited, local installers to get things moving on getting them fitted!

Further to this, you’ll also be emailed a link to your quote so you can refer to it at a later date. Don’t worry, the quote isn’t something that can’t be changed at a later date. If you need to amend or add to your needs, you can do so. Feel free to take your time to get the best price for you.

It is important to note that the aluminium windows prices you receive from our cost calculator are accurate to a high degree, they are also subject to change when it comes to the installer you choose. However, they’ll still offer you a fantastic foundation to work from when it comes to getting a competitive price for your door and budget.

Aluminium Windows Quote: What’s Included?

Hidden costs are something that can affect aluminium windows prices. Unfortunately, they seem to be involved in lots of things. However, there is a way to avoid them! Our online cost calculator covers all bases, so you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises catching up on you.

With this in mind, all you have to do is follow a simple, free, and easy to use step by step process to determine your aluminium windows specification. The guide price you receive will include:

A full technical survey

The style, size and colour of the product

Energy efficiency rating (whether A, B or C WER.)

Security features

Glass (a choice of standard, toughened or obscured.)


The full installation which includes all colour matched trims, fixings, silicones and sealants.

Registration with an industry body such as FENSA or Certass and relevant certification.

What are the Benefits of Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium windows are a cutting-edge alternative to the uPVC and timber alternatives, having been refined over the years to achieve unrivalled standards of performance, appearance, and design. They enable you to enjoy all the best of modern innovations without having to miss out on the core character of the window design that you choose.

Alongside this, aluminium upholds an impressive standard of inherent structural integrity. This means that they are able to achieve a much slimmer frame than other materials, all without compromising on security or performance. Consequently, this means that you’ll be able to enjoy a larger glazed area that will let in larger amounts of natural light. In turn, this means that aluminium windows can make your home a brighter and more spacious place to be.

Aluminium windows not only offer you functional benefits for your home, they also offer an impressive degree of practicality. This is because aluminium windows are low maintenance by design, which means that they won’t rot, warp, crack, discolour, or bow out of shape when they get wet or are exposed to the elements.


How Do You Get Cheap Aluminium Windows?

With the scope of aluminium windows prices in front of you, it’s no wonder you’re looking to see how to bring things down to earth. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help do this. The first step of this comprises getting a free, instant, and competitive guide price through our aluminium windows cost calculator.

Once you’ve settled on a price and you’re happy with it, we’ll then put you in touch with three of your local and accredited installers. From here, you’ll be able to compare the prices that they offer to see which one best suits what you’re after. Just take your time and explore your options with each installer before you make your final price.

Another thing to consider when you’re looking to bring your prices down is to not settle for the first price that you get. This is because sales teams will often try and get you on the initial price, which is sometimes the most expensive! Feel free to delve deeper into the prices that you could be getting, because you could be shooting yourself in the foot.

Will Aluminium Will Aluminium Windows be Suitable for My Home?

Aluminium windows offer incredible versatility in their installation and customisation options, which means that they can be tailored to suit a wide range of properties. Whether your home is modern, traditional, period, heritage, or new build you’ll able to customise your aluminium windows to suit exactly what you’re after. Even if you’re after something more traditional, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the modern innovations that aluminium windows the go-to choice.

Aluminium windows are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, which means that they can be tailored to suit your personal tastes. You can even opt for woodgrain foils that emulate the look of timber without having to worry any of the maintenance problems that come with the material. This means that you can bring harmony between modern standards and traditional charm to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Visiting our aluminium windows cost calculator is a fantastic way for you to see your dream aluminium window come to life. Through this tool, you’ll be able to choose your size, styling, colour, hardware options and more to get a guide price that is based on all of the details. With your next home improvement sitting at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? It’s never been easier for you to bring your dream aluminium window to your home from the comfort of your home.

Aluminium Window Prices (Fixed Window)

 Casement Window Size   Colour  Guide Price
 500mm x 500mm  White  £150 – £175
 500mm x 500mm  Wood Grain  £175 – £200
 1000mm x 500mm  White  £175 – £200
 1000mm x 500mm  Wood Grain  £200 – £250
 1000mm x 1000mm  White  £200 – £250
 1000mm x 1000mm  Wood Grain  £225 – £275
 1200mm x 1200mm  White  £225 – £275
 1200mm x 1200mm  Wood Grain  £250 – £300

Aluminium Window Cost (1 Opener)

 Casement Window Size   Colour  Guide Price
 1000mm x 500mm  White  £250 – £300
 1000mm x 500mm  Wood Grain  £300 – £350
 1000mm x 1000mm  White  £275 – £325
 1000mm x 1000mm  Wood Grain  £325 – £375
 1200mm x 1200mm  White  £300 – £350
 1200mm x 1200mm  Wood Grain  £350 – £400
 1200mm x 1500mm  White  £350 – £400
 1200mm x 1500mm  Wood Grain  £400 – £450