Bifold Windows

Bi-fold windows enable you to fully open one side of the room whilst allowing you to retain valuable wall space. These popular windows will enhance any type of property with their versatile and stylish design.

Bifold Windows
High Security

Bifold windows are fitted with high security locks for superior home protection. Additional upgrades are available so ask your double glazing installer what security locking systems are available to you.

Sculptured & Chamfered Options

Bifold windows are available in either a sculptured suite for a decorative finish or chamfered option for a cleaner, contemporary appearance. These styles are able to complement both modern and traditional properties.

Unrestricted Views

The bifold window provides beautiful, unrestricted views making them ideal for conservatories or orangeries and any properties in the commercial sector such as restaurants and cafes.

Slim Sightlines

Enjoy ultra slim sightlines that open up your home to more sunlight as well as providing you with a stylish, sleek finish. The bifold window will not look out of place when it blends seamlessly with your existing brickwork.

Lots of Light

Bifold windows offer complete versatility with their super sleek design and wide openings which results in lots of natural light. Maximum sunlight means a more attractive window as well as a brighter home.


Cills are available in a choice of sizes which can be foiled to colour match other products as well as your existing property’s aesthetics. You are guaranteed a perfect match when you choose from your installer’s wide range of uPVC colour options.

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Bifold Windows

Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazed windows offer superb energy efficiency, security and noise insulation. Find out more about triple glazed windows.


Open uPVC Bi-Fold Windows


These practical windows are ideal for use in conservatories and orangeries as they give you the option to be able to fully open up on side of the room. They provide maximum space whilst still allowing you to retain lots of wall space.

Heat Loss


All uPVC bifold windows are fully weatherproof thanks to their weather seal gaskets and continuous seal. Cold spots and draughts are prevented thanks to their weather resistant design.

Cleaning Window

Low Maintenance

uPVC bifold windows are a low maintenance alternative to timber and aluminium. These windows will never rot, rust, warp or require re-painting. These windows take care of themselves.

Window Handle


A window is not complete without a stylish handle. You can choose from a wide range of handles to match any interior. Your double glazing installer will provide you with a choice of stylish handle options to complement your property.

Green Bi-Fold Windows

Bespoke To You

Your uPVC bifold window is bespoke to you. Designed and built to your size and colour specifications, your bifold windows are unique to your property. Don’t forget to ask you double glazing installer about additional window options available to you.

Solar Panels

Energy Efficient

Superior efficiency is offered as standard with any double glazed bifold window. These windows are capable of achieving extremely high energy ratings to keep your home warm and comfortable.

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What Are Bifold Windows?

Bifold windows fold back upon opening in a concertina-style system. This means you get a full-width opening, enhanced air, and lots of light. They’re a classic window style that has been modernised with new materials and processes, so you get the best of both worlds.

Bifolding windows are perfect if you are looking for modern windows that need to make the most of the space available. Natural light can make any room feel bigger, and the folding system of bifold windows makes sure you don’t lose that feeling when they’re open.

What Do Bifold Windows Cost?

A lot of factors can influence what bifold windows cost, such as size, colour, material, style, and more. All of these factors, as well as any extras you want to include, will impact the price of your bifolding windows.

When budgeting for your bifolding windows, keep these things in mind:

  • Do you want specific design features or elements?
  • Do you want a decorative glass or a sidelight?
  • Do you want additional thermal efficiency features?
  • Do you want to include additional security features?

With these answers, you’ll be able to work out what budget you need to get the perfect bifold windows for any room in your home.

What’s Included In A Bifolding Windows Quote?

Your quote for bifolding windows should be transparent and competitive. This means a single number isn’t enough – you want a full breakdown of what’s involved, from materials to installation. You can then compare this to other quotes to make sure you’ve got the best bifold window cost available.

To make the process of getting your bifold windows simple, we make sure the quotes you get from us are completely open and broken down. When meeting with the installers we recommend, you can then ask the right questions and make sure you know what to expect. This includes:

  • A full technical survey
  • The style, size, and colour of the windows
  • The energy efficiency rating (whether A, B, or C WER)
  • Your security features
  • The glass chosen (standard, toughened, or obscured)
  • Handles
  • Installation costs

Registration with an industry body, such as FENSA or Certass, and relevant certification

bifold windows prices

Why Choose Bifold Windows?

Bifold windows are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. That means you’ll be able to bring a personal touch to every room through your windows. Other reasons to choose bifolding windows include the unique opening system that saves on space, and the materials available.

Enhance Space

Bifold windows allow you to make the most of the space in your home. The folding system used when the windows are open is perfect for smaller rooms or where the windows are in confined spaces, but you still want windows that can open fully. This is great for better ventilation and natural light.

uPVC bifold windows are popular options for conservatories or orangeries, too. This window style gives you plenty of ventilation in the summer months, while providing unrestricted views, creating a seamless connection between inside and out.

Natural Light

Bifold windows have a slim and sleek profile that is sturdy, but also ensures as much natural light as possible streams into your home. This contributes to making your home feel more spacious and inviting. During the winter especially, when there’s less light and warmth, this can make a big difference to how you feel at home.

Thermally Efficient

With uPVC bifold windows, you can enjoy greater thermal efficiency, which means your home is warmer with the heating switched on for less time. The construction process and uPVC make it easier to trap pockets of air as a barrier against the cold, while looking smart and being easy to clean.

The cost of bifold windows might be a large upfront cost, but you’ll more than make this money back in the amount you’ll save with your monthly energy bills if you opt for double glazed glass. This makes bifolding windows an investment that has functional use, energy efficiency, and represents good value for money.


Bifold windows combine premium materials, high-security locking systems, and professional installation to ensure they can withstand anything. They’re structurally sound and prevent intruders from getting inside your home. Combine this with double glazed glass and you’ll have secured every possible entrance point for peace of mind, whether you’re in or out.

Your installer will be able to tell you what materials and features offer the best security for your bifolding windows, and make sure the installation is carried out properly. This is especially important for locking systems, so you know how to use them correctly.

Low Maintenance

uPVC bifold windows are easy to maintain, which is why they’re a popular choice. This material, when compared to others like aluminium or wood, can be cleaned in just a few minutes. This keeps performance levels high and your windows looking great.

uPVC bifold windows means you won’t have to worry about any problems usually associated with older materials. Your bifold windows won’t rot, warp, crack, discolour, fade, bow, or twist out of shape when the weather turns on you. That can happen when temperatures change through the seasons, or when your windows get wet during a downpour.

Bifold Windows Cost UK

Get The Best Bifold Windows Prices

With our bifold windows cost calculator, you can get the best prices for the bifold windows you want in your home. It’s simple and easy to use, giving you an estimate of the costs to expect. You can then continue the process by meeting with trusted, local installers who can go into everything in more detail.

Get in touch with the team at Double Glazing On The Web and we’ll answer any questions you have on bifold windows. You can learn more about the different options and what to expect from uPVC bifold windows, small windows, and much more.

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