Why Choose uPVC Bi-Fold Windows?

Bi-Fold windows are an increasingly popular choice and are perfect if you are looking for a modern home improvement that gives a stylish transformation.

If a bi-folding door isn’t an option for your property, then a uPVC bi-folding windows offers the same benefits whilst still allowing you to retain valuable wall space.

uPVC bi-fold windows fold right back to opening, in a concertina-style which offers a full-width opening, enhanced air and lots of light.

Enhance Space

bi-fold windowThese uPVC windows will enhance any type of property and enable you to fully open one side of your room whilst at the same time, allowing you save valuable wall space.

This is because these windows stack upon themselves and fold right back to opening.

uPVC bi-fold windows are very popular in use of conservatories or orangeries, giving you plenty of ventilation in summer months.

These windows are also ideal for use in the commercial sector, giving many cafés and restaurants an outside, open feel.

Welcome Lots Of Light

Slim sightlines provide maximum sunlight, resulting in beautiful looking windows and a light and brighter atmosphere.

Made To Measure

A bi-fold window can be made to measure and can be built up to 7 panes wide. You installer will be able to advise you of the best design choices for your home.