uPVC Back Doors

Are you looking to have uPVC back doors fitted? Our double glazed back doors and uPVC external doors are available in a wide variety of attractive designs. We are confident you will find the perfect choice from our selection of modern and traditional uPVC doors.

Back Doors For Homes

The rear of your property should benefit from the same careful consideration as the rest of your home.

Back doors are thought to have less aesthetic value compared to front doors so they often get overlooked.

However, uPVC back doors can be successfully used to improve the appearance of your home, as well as aiding security.

Back Door Security

It is very important that emphasis is placed on safety and security. A back door is hidden from sight which gives even more reason to ensure your back door is equipped with the necessary reinforcement to protect your home.

back door security

Fortunately, most uPVC doors on the market are available with high security locking mechanisms as well as comprehensive choice of colours and styles.

Thanks to modern enhancements, there is no reasons to compromise on security or appearance!

Back Door Styles

Combining style with security, uPVC back door styles can include glazed and panelled options as well as materials ranging from composite and uPVC.

There is a huge range of back door designs for your property, from uPVC stable back doors to composite back doors and double glazed back doors.

There is a uPVC door for every type of home, with each design bringing its own unique benefits and style.

Composite Back Doors

Composite back doors are extremely durable, weather resistant and strong. Designed to match the appearance of traditional timber doors, a composite back door is the perfect option if you are looking to maintain a classic appearance.

Double Glazed Back Doors

Double glazing the front of your house is often the first port of call but you shouldn’t forget to secure the back of your property also. When you partially replace doors in a home you won’t receive all the benefits that double glazing can provide you with.

As a result, you can lost precious heat by having it escape out the back door. This will subsequently increase energy bills and the risk of cold spots or draughts will be higher.

A double glazed door will provide increased energy efficiency and insulation. They also come in a choice of glazing styles and designs.

Bi-Folding Back Doors

A bi-folding patio door is designed to open up your home for a warmer, brighter and more spacious atmosphere. If you are looking for a modern back door then the uPVC bi-fold makes an excellent choice.

bi-folding back door

These doors fold back to just inches of opening creating a seamless entrance to the outside, opening up an entire wall of your property. Their stylish and sleek frames are extremely slimline, providing you with less frame and more glass for a truly panoramic view.

French & Patio Back Doors

French doors are mostly used to open up living areas within the home, creating a bright and open entrance between rooms. They also make for a classic and stylish back door, many homeowners use French doors as a sophisticated entrance to the outside.

french doors

uPVC Back Door Prices (900 x 2100mm)

Lock Type Glass Style Guide Price
Standard Roller Fully Glazed £550 – £650
High Security Fully Glazed £650 – £750
Standard Roller Half Glazed Flat Panel £550 – £650
High Security Half Glazed Flat Panel £650 – £750

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