What’s the difference between exterior French doors and exterior double doors? It turns out there actually isn’t much that changes between the two designs. However, those differences can make a noticeable impact. In your home, you may want to get doors that open out more broadly, making your garden more accessible and letting fresh air into your space.

One choice is to go with exterior double doors, which open out in two separate directions for your home. As a result, you get a broad entrance to your living space, conservatory or garden that allows you to access the outside world in style. However, most exterior double doors aren’t fully glazed, meaning you could feel disconnected to the outdoors when they’re closed.

That’s why French doors are such a popular option for homes. French doors open in the same way, but they have a far larger glass section in their design. Because of this, more natural light can flow from the outdoors into your home, warming it up during the day. Not only that, but you’ll get gorgeous views even when your doors are closed.

With modern French doors, you’ll get advanced double glazing and durable uPVC frames, with the option of aluminium as well. That means your new doors will also be the ideal exterior doors for your home. Exterior French doors are fully weatherproof, meaning they won’t wear down in the worst conditions.

So, exterior French doors could be a better investment for your home than double doors. But, with Double Glazing On The Web, you can improve it even more. That’s because we can help you find low prices for doors from a range of trusted local suppliers near you. You’ll save money and time, and get a high-quality set of exterior French doors with ease when you compare double glazing prices with us.

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Why Choose Exterior French or Double Doors?

Exterior French and double doors both have broad openings. Because of this, they’re a brilliant option for making your home feel more spacious and welcoming. When you open doors like these, the two sections will come apart to create a more expansive entrance to your garden. As a result, you’ll also let more fresh air into your home, helping with ventilation and circulation.

If you have a garden you’d like to use more, exterior French and double doors are perfect, too. The wide-open entrance means it’s easy to pass from your indoor space to your outdoor one. And, as exterior doors, you’ll get a durable design. Modern exterior French doors often use uPVC, which is fully weatherproof and scratch-resistant.

With exterior double doors, you can get doors that have that broad opening. However, these designs are older and less sleek, meaning that they can feel cumbersome in your living space. If they use timber materials in their design, then your double doors might also wear down quickly. Wood isn’t weatherproof, meaning it could crack and twist over time.

Exterior French doors, on the other hand, add a touch of European flair to your home. These designs blend traditional and modern seamlessly for your home, with a classic look that comes with the latest materials. As a result, these doors not only look smooth, but they operate more smoothly for your home as well.

The Differences Between Exterior French Doors and Double Doors

So, what changes between exterior French doors and double doors? There’s only one crucial difference between the two, but it makes a considerable impact. That difference is the way these doors use glass. You get a set of doors in double doors that don’t have a full glazing section, meaning they don’t open your home up to nature when they’re closed.

On the other hand, French doors have a large glazing area that allows natural light and warmth to travel into your home. Not only that, but the glazing works with the uPVC or aluminium frames in your doors to keep you warm. That way, you could find that you make your home more comfortable with exterior French doors.

The type of glass is also important. While some old double doors might only have one pane of glass, modern French doors use double glazing as standard. Double glazing gives you two panes of glass, meaning you get better protection against cold temperatures. The glass can create a thermal barrier for your home, insulating you from the cold and trapping your home’s natural heat.

As a result of this, modern exterior French doors are energy efficient designs. Because of this, you can cut the cost of your energy bills while staying comfortable, helping you reduce your carbon footprint as well. And, with the weatherproof design of exterior French doors, they’ll keep their shape in the outdoors for years to come.

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The Benefits of Exterior French Doors

Because of their open, elegant design, exterior French doors have become a wildly popular choice across the UK. French doors have a more open design, inspired by homes in Europe. As a result, you can add a touch of continental living to your home, with a door that has slim sightlines and delicate stylings.

However, while French doors look stylish, it’s what’s underneath them that makes them shine. That’s because your new French doors will feature the latest hardware to make sure your doors keep their strength for longer. You’ll get resilient hinges, multi-point locking systems for the glass, and many offer multi-chambered uPVC profiles. As a result, your door can protect you from intruders and cold weather for decades to come.

Exterior French doors will last without hassle, too. While some exterior double doors can wear down after only a few years, your French doors will still be performing at their best by then, and for years longer. The uPVC and aluminium frames keep their shape, style and colour in all conditions, meaning you don’t have to repaint the doors at all!

You’ll only have to wipe your doors down with a damp cloth to clear dirt every few weeks. That way, you’ll get a door that looks brand-new for years and years. You’ll also get a broad opening that is smooth and elegant the whole time, as the weatherproof materials protect the hardware inside from rust and wear.

Are Exterior French or Double Doors Right For Me?

How do you know, though, if exterior French or exterior double doors are right for you? Each one is slightly different, and that can affect the price you end up paying too. More modern French doors are likely to be a more expensive investment for your home. However, with their modern materials and efficient design, you could pay the cost of your investment back.

While old double doors can lose energy for your home, modern French doors capture it with ease. As a result, they can help you stop relying on your home’s central heating to stay warm and comfortable. You’ll be able to save on your energy bills for years to come, slowly recouping the money from your initial investment.

You’ll also be in control of how much you pay for your new French doors. That’s because, with many companies, you can fully customise French doors to suit your home! You can choose the size, shape, and the opening direction of the doors to make sure they work for your home. And, with a range of unique colours, they’ll stand out on the exterior of any home.

Your exterior French doors will keep their looks for decades, too, thanks to the lasting uPVC frames. You’ll even be able to choose durable accessories for the door, too, such as sleek handles with a range of finishes. That way, you can invest in quality that lasts for your home with doors that will be right for it with a bespoke design.

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Exterior French Doors For Less

If you want to add exterior French doors to your home, then there’s one way you can get them for less, too. With Double Glazing On The Web, you won’t have to spend days searching for a company to fit your new doors. Instead, we can put you in touch with a trusted door company near you who’ll offer high-quality French doors with a professional installation too.

With local installers, you could save a lot of money on your doors. That’s because, unlike the big national companies, they don’t have to cover large overheads or travel far to reach you. You’ll be working with a door company on your doorstep, meaning shorter wait times and more competitive prices. You can be sure an installer that’s part of our network will offer high-quality designs too.

We extensively review our network to make sure you only work with the best. That way, you’ll get an excellent set of exterior French doors that are bespoke to your home and your budget. Also, for added peace of mind, many of the installers we work with are members of Checkatrade and Which? Trusted Traders. As a result, you can get peace of mind on the installation of your doors.

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