Patio Doors

Increase accessibility in your home whilst letting in large amounts of natural light with stylish and secure uPVC sliding Patio Doors.

uPVC Windows and Doors
Practical and Attractive

uPVC patio doors are a practical, attractive and affordable home improvement. Patio doors are extremely versatile, as these doors occupy far less internal room space than hinged doors.

Patio Door Blinds

Panel blinds and patio door curtains and are ideal for use in conservatories, orangeries or in rooms where floor to ceiling glass panes are common.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors offer a large doorway making it easier for carrying big items in and out of your property. They have no swinging hinges, and instead operate by sliding upon a rail with Patio door rollers creating an expansive width.

Patio Door Styles

Patio doors are available in numerous styles to match the look of your property. Popular designs include bi-folding, sliding and French patio doors.

Patio Door Locks

Patio door security options include multi-point locking systems to prevent intruders breaking into your home. Most Patio doors are also internally glazed to further improve the security of your property.

Low Level Thresholds

Low level thresholds and ramps are available for Patio doors, ideal for wheelchair access accommodating a variety of wheelchair widths.

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Cleaning Window

Low Maintenance

uPVC requires very little maintenance. A simple wipe with a damp wet cloth with make your Patio doors sparkle as good as new.

how do you open a upvc door when the upvc door won't open


Replacement patio doors ensure your home is kept safe. uPVC patio doors are available with a wide range of high security locking systems.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Improve the energy efficiency of your home by replacing your patio doors designed to improve your homes insulation and reduce your carbon footprint.

Green uPVC Patio Door

Colour Options

uPVC Patio doors are also available in a wide range of different colour options including white, wood-grain as well as various colour foils.

Patio Door

Noise Reduction

Like all double glazing, uPVC patio doors offer great noise reduction which is invaluable should you live near a busy road or beneath a flight path.

uPVC Patio Door


Gain quick, easy and extra access to your home, whether it’s wheelchair use, moving objects or family BBQs requiring instant access to your garden.

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uPVC Patio Doors

Increase accessibility and let in large amounts of natural light with stylish and secure uPVC sliding patio doors. The attractive uPVC sliding patio door is both secure and durable, with a smooth opening action that gives you instant access to the outside. One of the main benefits of these doors is their ability to help you to save space in your home through the way that they open. This is because the rolling system removes the need for you to accommodate a swing space, which in turn will enable these doors to be installed into a wide range of property sizes and room styles.

With their light-enhancing capabilities and robust system, the patio sliding door is perfect for today’s contemporary home. They are a fantastic option for bringing a bright and spacious feel to your home, with their slim frames enabling a generous glazed area that lets in large amounts of natural light allowance. You can also choose from a wide range of customisation options to ensure they suit both your tastes and personal preferences. This means that you won’t have to miss out on all that these doors can offer you.

To get a free, instant, and competitive patio doors price, you can visit our online patio doors cost calculator. This free to use and simple tool will enable you to get an instant price that has been based on your exact specifications. Once you have this accurate and obligation free quote, we can then put you in touch with three of your local installers to help you get the ball rolling. Keep in mind that this is a guide price only and could be subject to change when it comes to the final evaluation from your installer of choice.

Patio Sliding Doors

The majority of homes in the UK now feature the versatile sliding patio door system. Every homeowner wants to bring more light and space into their home and the uPVC patio door offers these qualities and more. One of the reasons that they are so popular is the fact that they can be so customisable in their installation. This means that you won’t have to worry if your home is modern, traditional, period, heritage, new build, or anywhere in between. You’ll be able to get something that is going to be the perfect fit. Simply speak to your installer of choice to see what they can offer you.

Beautiful Glass Patio Doors

Wall to ceiling glass captures sunlight and allows it to flood into rooms. These expansive glass panes give you a wonderful view of your garden, allowing you to appreciate the outside from the comfort of your home. They are a fantastic option for letting the outside in without actually letting the elements in too. This means that you’ll be able to open up your home without compromising your safety or your comfort. A well designed and installed patio door is going to offer you the best of both worlds. This is why it’s important that you take the time to find one that is going to suit exactly what you’re after: otherwise, you could find that you’re disappointed by the final fit.

Smooth Sliding Action

Our sliding patio doors operate on a smooth sliding rail which prevents the need for any swinging hinges. This also allows the patio doors to slide right back, giving you a larger opening – perfect for carrying objects in and out of your property. The operation of these doors is made easy through a modern design that enables them to open and close in a really easy way. Not only does this ensure simple use for you, it also means that wear and tear is going to be reduced on the hardware options. All in all, getting a modern patio door is going to prove to be a worthwhile investment for your home.

Patio Doors Costs

There is going to be a range of factors that are going to come into play when it comes to your patio door costs. This is going to include the size, style, colour, panel count, and material that you opt for. Keep these things in mind when it comes to specifying your patio door build, as it’s easy to get carried away with things. Take a look at our price tables below to see how the size and colour of the door can change the price.

uPVC Patio Door Prices (2 Panel)

Patio Doors Size Colour Guide Price
1500mm x 2100mmWhite£975 – £1075
1500mm x 2100mmWood Grain£1225 – £1375
1800mm x 2100mmWhite£1000 – £1100
1800mm x 2100mmWood Grain£1250 – £1400
2000mm x 2100mmWhite£1050 – £1150
2000mm x 2100mmWood Grain£1300 – £1150

Patio Door Cost (1 Panel)

Patio Doors Size Size Colour Guide Price
2100mm x 2100mmWhite£1375 – £1525
2100mm x 2100mmWood Grain£1800 – £2000
2500mm x 2100mmWhite£1450 – £1600
2500mm x 2100mmWood Grain£1875 – £2075
3000mm x 2100mmWhite£1550 – £1700
3000mm x 2100mmWood Grain£2000 – £2200

Thermally Efficient Patio Doors

Alongside their aesthetic appeal, patio doors can also work to make your home a warmer and more comfortable place to be across the course of the year. This is made possible by combining a thermally broken profile, high-performance weather seals, and thermal glazing. These three factors work to drastically reduce the amount of heat loss in your home, which means that you could find that your home both gets warmer and stays warmer for a longer period of time. Consequently, this means that a modern patio door could help you to save money on your heating costs as you rely less frequently on your heating to keep your home the right temperature.

Professionally Installed Patio Doors

Getting the right installer for your patio doors is going to ensure that you don’t have to worry about a poor fit reducing the overall quality of the door itself. To help you with this, we have a wide network of professional installers that will be able to offer you the highest standards of professionalism, reliability, efficiency, promptness, and respect for your home. Once you have your guide price from our patio doors cost calculator, we can then put you in touch with three of your local specialists to help you get things moving along.

Instant Patio Doors Prices

Visit our online patio doors cost calculator to get a free, instant, and competitive guide price that has been based on your specifications. All you will have to do is follow the simple step by step process to cover every aspect of the patio door build. This guide price will serve as a fantastic frame of reference for you to use when you approach your installer of choice, who will be able to give you a final price based on it.

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