Front Doors For Homes

In the market to sell? Set out the welcome matt and install a new front door. It’s one of the quickest and simplest upgrades.

As the first thing your visitors see, your front door style says a lot about you. Good to know then, that front doors for homes come in a wide range of styles, colours and materials.

As the touch point between your interiors and the outside, your front door sets the tone and character of your home.

Replacing your front door can be one of the easiest ways of reviving the look of your property and adding a stamp of colour or adding a bit of personality.

Your front door needs to look good, be secure and reliable. Replacing your front door is a substantial home improvement.

A well-designed front door will look just as great from the inside as the outside and will complement the existing aesthetics of your home. It will also provide your home with enough warmth, security and weather protection.

A well-designed front door will bring value to your home and as the most used door within the home, it pays to fit the best.

Front Doors For Homes: Setting The Tone & Character

If you are looking to replace your front door one of the first things you must consider is the style of door.

Make sure your front door design has been well considered. That the design is of high quality and works with your building setting. Your front door design will make a far bigger impact than you would first imagine so when choosing your door, make sure you attend to the details.

You will want to choose a front door that is in keeping with the rest of your home. You will want to try and stick with sympathetic designs – designs that look like they belong. Consider any key architectural details.

Take a step back to review the exterior of your house. Keep note of all the elements you can’t change such as the period style of your property, as well as existing brickwork. You don’t want to choose a colour that will clash with the existing tones of your property.

UPVC External Doors

Modern UPVC front doors can be just as vibrant in colour as period front doors. Available in a wide range of colours and dual colours, your new door can be specified in virtually any colour of your choosing.

The door of choice for millions of households up and down the UK, UPVC external doors have long proven themselves as durable and reliable.

front doors for homes

Why are they so popular? Well along with their benefits of low maintenance and high security, they are also 100% recyclable. Probably the biggest appeal of UPVC doors though, is their affordability.

Timber, aluminium and composite front doors tend to be more expensive. UPVC doors are by far the more affordable choice when it comes to fitting a new front door.

They will never rot, crack or warp and have been designed to overcome the common failings of timber.

Composite doors allow you to have traditional looks and modern efficiency, without the worry of the inherent problems of wood. However, they are still a higher priced option.

If you have a tight budget, then you will want to stick to a UPVC door design. UPVC external doors are versatile and can be used on all types of homes so you won’t have to settle for less.

Remember, how you dress your front door will have a major impact on how it looks. Take time choosing your UPVC door accessories such as the door knocker and letter box. They can make all the difference.

Front Doors For Homes: Composite Doors

Composite front doors are made from a mix of materials and either have solid wood core or a core of insulating foam. They are usually build with a wooden inner frame and an outer skin made from GRP or UPVC.

front doors for homes

Designed to look and feel exactly like wood, composite front doors provide homeowners with traditional aesthetics, without the hassle of upkeep. You get all the benefits of a modern-looking, energy efficient door but with the beautiful look of traditional timber.

These low maintenance doors are lighter than wood and won’t warp, expand or shrink. They can be specified in a variety of colours too.

Weather Resistant

Composite doors keep your home better protected against the weather. These doors will never rot, rust, peel or flake.

High Security Doors

Composite doors have a door frame that is fully reinforced with galvanised steel. For extra peace of mind, look out for the Secured By Design accreditation, the official police security initiative.

Aluminium Front Doors

Contemporary front doors such as aluminium doors, are generally quite simple in design. They fit well into any surrounding thanks to their clean and slimline profiles.

Extremely robust and durable, aluminium is an ideal choice for a front door.

Aluminium entrance doors provide high thermal insulation, enhanced security and exceptional acoustic insulation. Their attractive aesthetics and high security profiles make them the perfect combination for inviting houseguests into your home whilst keeping unwanted intruders out.

They can also be specified in virtually any colour, making it easy to find an exact colour match.

aluminium front doors

Coloured Front Doors

Whether you opt for an understated neutral, soft pastel or bold hue, your installer will provide you with a wide choice of colour choices.

Your front door gives you the perfect opportunity to go wild with colour. This is your chance to make use of colours you wouldn’t normally choose for your internal walls. Impress your favourite shade on your home.

If you have an inner craving for colour, then this is your chance to express yourself with bright yellow, green or deep red.

Let White take a backseat and perhaps opt for a sophisticated hue instead.

Pale shades of green are fresh, natural and airy. These shades create an open, tranquil and welcoming atmosphere for all those who visit.