Bespoke Composite Doors

When you invest in bespoke composite doors for your home, you can transform it into one that reflects your personality. Your front door is the first thing most people see of your home.

With a composite door, you can make sure their first impression of your home is a lasting one. You won’t only be able to add an advanced design to your entrance, but you can customise it in almost every way to suit you and your needs.

Composite doors are a remarkable design that can make an enormous difference to your home. While most doors use one material, the composite design combines several of them.

Also, while timber doors are becoming increasingly outdated, composite doors are bringing wood back into fashion. These doors feature a solid timber core but use uPVC and GRP in the design to protect it from wear and tear.

Because of this, composite doors get the best out of timber, and all the other materials in the blend. You’ll get an authentic wooden look, which you can complement with a woodgrain finish, as well as timber’s terrific insulation.

You’ll benefit from uPVC and GRP as well, which are flexible materials that are weatherproof and efficient, protecting your home from cold and wet weather.

Crucially, however, composite doors give you more options than any other door to style it as you choose. You’ll have an endless range of colours and finishes to pick from, as well as a plethora of additional features as well.

If you want a modern design or period styling with detailed handles and accessories, you can achieve it. No matter the bespoke look you choose, you’ll be investing in composite doors you can rely on too.

Benefits of Bespoke Composite Doors

When you add bespoke composite doors to your home, you’ll feel the difference straight away. For a start, these doors are an innovative design that can help stop heat from escaping your home.

In your current space, you may have an older front door. As older front doors begin to wear down, cracks can appear that let more of your home’s heat escape your living space, particularly if you have a timber entrance.

With a composite design, you’ll get a blend of materials that work together to stop heat leaving your home. There won’t be any gaps in the design, as your doors will be bespoke and made-to-measure in your opening to minimise this.

Also, composite doors are a robust structure, putting more in the way of your home and the outside world. As a result, you can stay warm while using less central heating, saving you money on bills.

Composite doors improve on other designs in many areas. These doors are exceptionally durable, and won’t rot, twist or crack in adverse conditions. Not only that, but composite doors are impact-resistant.

Because of this, intruders won’t be able to get through your doors through brute force alone. However, your entry will feature reinforced locks and internal hardware that’ll keep you and your family safe.

Composite doors are also ideal if you have a busy schedule. Unlike timber doors, which require regular repainting and revarnishing, composite doors aren’t high maintenance. That’s because the blend of materials is durable enough to last for decades, without even fading.

As a result, you can choose a unique look for your door with confidence that it’ll last for years to come.

Composite Front Doors

Customise Your Composite Door

Investing in bespoke composite doors lets you refresh your home’s style. When you choose composite, you’ll be giving yourself an endless amount of choice to style your new door.

From the size to the accessories, from the handles and locks to the glazing, you’ll be in control of your new door’s look. That way, you can give your home the welcoming entrance that it deserves.

Ways To Create Bespoke Composite Doors

Firstly, there are loads of sleek colours and finishes available. These include vibrant RAL colours that shine for years, as well as stylish finishes. You could choose woodgrain options for a traditional look, or anthracite grey for a more modern approach.

You can add new colours around your door, by adding cladding or columns that either match or contrast your entrance.

One benefit of adding these colours to composite doors is that they won’t fade. Composite doors use a blend of materials, including GRP, in their design. GRP acts as a weatherproof coating, stopping dirt and dust staining the door.

Not only does that mean you won’t have to perform as much maintenance, but it means that your colours will stay vibrant and bold.

If you’ve ever wanted a more dramatic entrance, then you can make it happen with bespoke composite doors. You can change the shape of them by adding side panels, columns, or maybe a porch with lighting to hang over the entrance.

Side panels make a huge difference, as they let natural light into your landing, and it can flow into your living space as well, brightening your whole home.

Adding a porch can also create a chic feeling for your entrance. You could hang floral baskets from it to add colour and nature to the front of your home. Also, you’ll be able to add features around your door that work exactly when you need them to.

You can add sensor-activated porch lights that help you enter your home in the dark, and you can connect your door to your home security system as well.

Finally, doors don’t have to close off your home to natural light, even when you close them yourself. In your bespoke composite doors, you can add as much double glazing as you like to the design.

That way, you’ll be able to light your home as you choose, or even give you and your family an extra bit of privacy. You can choose clear glass that provides a lovely view of the outside world, or obscured glass for added seclusion.

As well as side panels, you can also choose different shapes for your glazing. You could convert the top of your door into one glass panel, similarly to a stable door.

Alternatively, you could go for a design classic by adding a geometric shape with stained glass, similar to 1930’s art deco doors. Either way, you’ll be able to let more light and warmth into your home through your new entrance.

Composite External Doors Prices

Ideas for Composite Doors

With your bespoke composite doors, there are plenty of design ideas that you can choose from to style your design. One way that composite doors are unique to other advanced options is in how they faithfully recreate timber design.

Because of this, you can achieve an elegant and traditional look with your composite doors. You could add detailed handles and knockers for an old-school touch that stands out.

However, you’ll be able to get a modern look for your door as well. You can customise your door with plenty of glazing, side panels and even artificial lighting for a bold and dramatic look.

You’ll have a vast selection of RAL colours that pop against the rest of your home too so that you can draw attention to your entrance. With all of these options, you can ensure your front door becomes a beautiful focal point.

Also, investing in the right hardware for your door is crucial. While your doors will come with advanced internal equipment as standard, the exterior handle and knocker designs are up to you.

Brass suits traditional homes perfectly, but nickel and bronze are lighter materials that suit modern properties. But bespoke composite doors with the right hardware can make a genuine impact, and even increase your home’s property value!

Bespoke Composite Door Costs

A fully-fitted composite door can cost around £1000 to add to your home. However, the cost can rise depending on how you’d like to customise your new entrance.

For example, colours and finishes can affect the overall price. A woodgrain finish can cost around £50 more compared to a regular coloured one, but it does provide an authentic timber look for your home that makes your door timeless.

Also, the handles you add to your door can raise the price, as well as your choice of glazing. However, there are some ways to cut the cost of your composite doors.

One way is to fit your doors with the help of an installer from your local area. While many homeowners decide to choose national installers for their build, they end up paying a lot more in travel costs, and the fitting can take much longer as well.

With a local specialist, you can avoid the hassle and disruption and fit your doors quickly. Not only that, but they’ll offer you the same build quality for a lower price.

Because of this, Double Glazing On The Web is the ideal service to use to find bespoke composite doors. We have an extensive network of local companies we can put you in contact with, taking the risk out of your investment and making it more affordable.

There are multiple factors that can affect how much your bespoke doors cost, so you’ll want to make sure that you have compared the options and made the right choice. Using our form to get a competitive quote is the ideal first step.

Bespoke Composite Door Prices UK

Use our bespoke composite door cost calculator today to get the door of your dreams. You can compare the prices of several customisable options, and choose colours, accessories and much more.

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Many of these specialists are Which? Trusted Traders and Checkatrade members, so you can be confident in the quality of their service. They’ll also install your doors for free as part of your quote, and you can get a vibrant colour for your design at no extra cost as well.

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