Modern Composite Door Trends

modern composite door

Make a modern composite door look bang up-to-date by following the latest trends with your design. There are many ways you can style a unique composite door to suit your home. You could select from a range of bold RAL colours, classic woodgrain finishes, or invest in bespoke accessories.

However, if you want to make your door stand out on the street, some trends are emerging this year that’ll make sure you make it happen. That way, you can pair the right door with the right style for your home.

The beauty of a modern composite door is its versatility. Unlike timber doors, composite designs only use wood at their core. They surround it instead with more advanced materials, like uPVC and GRP, which protect the timber at the door’s centre.

As a result, the door retains a classic, impactful timber look, but is fully weatherproof. That means the door won’t rust, it’ll perform more effectively for longer, and any colour or finish you add won’t fade away over time.

Because of this, you can invest in a composite door colour in complete confidence. Whether you want a vibrant new entrance that draws the eye or a muted finish that oozes professional class, there’s a composite door out there for you.

And, if there isn’t one, you can make it! With Double Glazing On The Web, you can take advantage of our interactive quoting tool to pick every component of a modern composite door individually. You can create a design that nobody’s seen before and get lower front door prices with us today!

grey composite doors

Anthracite Grey Composite Doors

Grey: it’s a colour that never seems to have positive connotations. However, on a brand-new composite door, it’s becoming the must-have option. That’s because you can outfit a modern composite door with a stunning anthracite grey finish.

This design turns dull grey into a classy, subtle coating for your composite door which comes alive when light hits it. Anthracite grey has more depth than a regular grey finish, with hints of blue and green that emerge subtly in the sunlight.

With a grey composite door, you can do so much more than enhance your home. If you run a business or a commercial space, then anthracite grey works just as well.

You’ll be able to create a feeling of professionalism and authority when somebody visits your business and sees a grey composite door standing in their way. Additionally, grey can help make the door appear more discrete, while the dark tones of the finish help it absorb heat more effectively.

And, with a grey finish, your modern composite door will look fantastic while retaining its performance. Composite doors are the market-leaders when it comes to saving energy for your home. The multi-layered blend of materials is dense, creating a thermal barrier for your living space with outstanding insulation.

As a result, the door can keep the cold out and warmth in, helping you keep your living space comfortable. You won’t have to rely on your central heating to do it either, meaning you’ll cut the cost of your energy bills.

Modern Composite Door Colours

You could choose an understated look for your modern composite door. However, another trend is to do the exact opposite. Bold reds, vibrant blues and classic greens are becoming increasingly popular door designs, and they can help your home stand out anywhere.

Each design pops out from your home, and you can choose a colour match for a seamless blend to your property too. No matter the colour you want, you can also be sure it won’t fade for years to come either.

A modern composite door is fully weatherproof and durable. Even when the worst conditions roll around, your door can withstand them without a scratch. These doors feature a layer of GRP, which is scratch-resistant.

Because of this, your doors won’t suffer from visible damage for years to come. Decade after decade, your colourful door will retain its strength, its shape, and its vibrant colour. That means blues, greens and oranges won’t chip and crack, meaning you won’t be seeing red.

Not only that, but you won’t have to work to keep your doors looking their best. The durable design of a modern composite door means it won’t need regular maintenance. Unlike a wooden door, which you have to repaint and revarnish regularly to maintain its look, you can enjoy the same colour on your composite door for decades.

All you’ll have to do is clean the door once every month or two to wipe off any dirt or leaves. Then, you’ll have an entrance that can perform for your home for 50 years, or even longer.

modern composite door costs

Modern Composite Door Finishes

In your home, you may already have a wooden door. These entrances have a beautiful, classic look, which can be hard to replace. However, a modern composite door lets you switch out your outdated design with one that retains the same authentic appeal.

With your new door, you can stay on trend with a stunning woodgrain finish. There are options like cedarwood, solid oak, mahogany and even more, so you get the impression of wood without the drawbacks.

You’ll preserve a classic home’s style, and you can add a timeless quality to a modern space too. Also, if you live in a listed building or a conservation area, you may be able to install composite doors with a woodgrain finish.

Thanks to the fact they have a solid timber core, planning authorities may approve a composite design, as they’ll blend in with the building more than other modern entrances. You can also install period-accurate features, like detailed handles and knockers, to make your door feel like a gateway to the golden years.

With a woodgrain finish, you’ll create an impactful, on-trend design. However, a modern composite door can also make an impact when it comes to keeping you and your family safe. Because of the blend of materials, composite doors have superb strength and resilience.

These doors can withstand forced entry attempts, and come with durable handles and locks that resist picking and snapping. And, even if they think they can break through the glass in the door, an intruder will find that a challenge too, thanks to multi-point locking systems.

Modern Composite Door Glazing

The right glazing can make or break a door’s style. However, large sections of glazing are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they look superb, but they solve a genuine issue inside your home.

Often, your home’s landing doesn’t get a lot of light, so it feels drab even though it’s the welcoming spot for your home. However, with a larger glass panel inside the door design that uses advanced double glazing, you’ll be able to light up your landing and make it feel fresh.

Unlike single-glazed glass, double glazing helps with your home’s insulation too. With two panes in the design instead of one, you can trap heat inbetween them to create a heat barrier for your living space.

Therefore, they’ll work with the rest of the door in keeping cold air out and natural warmth inside your home. Also, the glazing panels come made-to-measure and have an air and water-tight design. As a result, wind and rain won’t seep through, and you can protect the door’s frame from harm.

And, when it comes to choosing the glazing you add, you’ll have an endless choice. You can select a patterned or stained glass section to give your door an art deco feel, or side panels to surround your entrance with light. Also, you can get more privacy in your home with the option of obscured glass, keeping prying eyes away from your home.

Finally, even your glazing can get a splash of colour, with the choice of tints. With all of this, you could create a modern composite door that’s on-trend – or you could make one on-trend for your style.

modern composite door prices

Modern Composite Door Prices

Whether you’d like a modern composite door in anthracite grey, a woodgrain design or something else entirely, there’s one place that helps you get it for less. With Double Glazing On The Web, you can get quotes from a range of trusted suppliers in your area with ease.

Going local is often cheaper, as you don’t have to pay excessive travel costs or the product premiums national brands charge. Working with us, though, you can take the risk out of finding a supplier yourself.

We extensively review our network so you work with ones you can trust, many of whom are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders for total peace of mind.

To get a quote, all you have to do is use our online quote builder to find the unique door that’s right for you. Once you compare every feature in our interactive tool, we’ll give you a baseline price within seconds and refer it to our network.

Then, you can speak to several companies in your area so you can negotiate the best possible deal, giving you complete control.

Find out more by using our online contact form, or by calling our friendly team today on 0800 015 5679 to speak to us directly!


In conclusion, cutting-edge composite doors provide a wealth of design opportunities to fit any domestic or private fashion. From the trendy and sophisticated anthracite grey to ambitious, colourful colorings and conventional wood grain finishes, there’s a composite door to fit every taste. Not only do those doorways provide a lovely visible effect, however in addition they provide advanced performance, electricity efficiency, and security as compared to traditional wood doorways. 

By investing in a modern composite door, you can decorate your private home’s curb appeal, lessen power bills, and enjoy a low-upkeep, lengthy-lasting front in an effort to stand the test of time. With the assistance of Double Glazing On The Web, locating the appropriate composite door at an aggressive charge has by no means been easier.


How do contemporary composite doors examine traditional wooden doorways in phrases of sturdiness and upkeep? 

Modern composite doorways are tremendously durable and require minimum upkeep as compared to timber doorways. The combination of materials utilised in composite doors, consisting of uPVC and GRP, protects the timber centre from weathering and damage, ensuring the door stays in tremendous condition for decades without the need for normal portray or varnishing.

Can I personalise the colour and end of my present day composite door? 

Yes, one of the finest advantages of modern-day composite doors is the wide variety of customization alternatives to be had. You can choose from plenty of bold hues, conventional wood grain finishes, or maybe create a bespoke design to suit your particular preferences. The coloration and finish you pick out will stay vibrant and fade-resistant for years yet to come.

Are modern-day composite doors power-efficient? 

Yes, contemporary composite doors are fantastically power-efficient. The multi-layered production of those doorways creates a dense thermal barrier, providing incredible insulation for your house. This means that your own home will stay warm in the iciness and cool inside the summertime, supporting you to lessen your energy payments and maintain a snug dwelling environment.

How stable are current composite doorways? 

Modern composite doors offer an excessive degree of security for your private home. The sturdy, rigid construction of those doorways makes them resistant to forced entry tries, while multi-point locking structures and robust handles and locks provide additional safety against selecting and snapping. The glazing alternatives for composite doors also are designed to be steady, with features like toughened glass and anti-drill, anti-select locks.

How do I locate the best charge for a present day composite door? 

To locate the high-quality rate for a contemporary composite door, don’t forget using a web carrier like Double Glazing On The Web. Their online quote builder lets you to layout your ideal door with the aid of selecting from various styles, colours, and functions. You’ll receive a baseline fee within seconds, and your quote will be cited by a community of local suppliers who will compete on your business, making sure you get the quality feasible deal.

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