Aluminium Windows Prices: How to Get the Best Deal for Your Home

aluminium windows prices


Putting new aluminium windows in your home is a big investment. Aluminium Windows Prices can vary widely depending on the quality, features, and installation. This article will teach you how aluminium window pricing works and give tips for getting the best deal.

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Factors Affecting Aluminium Window Prices

Many things impact how much those sleek modern windows will cost you.

Frame Material

Pure aluminium frames fall on the high end. More affordable options use composites by blending aluminium with less costly materials whilst retaining strength and durability.

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Double pane glass is standard, with triple pane as an upgrade. More panes add expense but also boost insulation. Special coatings that reduce heat gain and loss also increase cost.


Basic hardware works fine, but upgrading to features like self-cleaning tracks and easy release mechanisms for cleaning come at a premium.

Installation Costs

Professional installation is often half the total project cost. The more customization and finish work needed, the more you’ll pay.

Energy Efficiency

The more energy efficient the windows, the greater the savings on bills. But improved performance comes largely from pricier components like glazings, gas fills and warm edge spacers.

Getting Quotes and Comparing Prices

Don’t decide based on price alone. Multiple quotes are essential to find the best balance of cost and value.

Get Multiple Quotes

Getting 3-4 quotes allows you to cross-compare. Make sure they cover the same exact products, materials, features and installation services.

Compare Quality as Well as Price

A cheaper quote may use lesser quality materials that won’t hold up over time. Make sure you compare warranties too.

Look for Special Deals and Discounts

Many retailers offer seasonal discounts since demand is lower in winter months. Ask about any current promotions.

Reducing Aluminium Window Costs

If your budget is tight, a few tweaks can reduce the pain to your wallet.

Shop at Discount Retailers

Big box home improvement stores sell decent quality at low prices thanks to bulk purchasing power.

Consider Vinyl or Wood Frames

Aluminium is premium. Quality vinyl or wood frames cost less. Durability may be lower over decades but warranties should cover it.

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Go for Double Pane not Triple Pane

Triple glazing adds cost for relatively little efficiency gain. Good double pane options prove nearly as efficient.

Install Them Yourself

Skipping hiring a contractor saves tremendously, if you’re willing to take on the challenge. Youtube provides guidance.


New aluminium windows can make a huge difference in any home’s appearance, comfort and resale value. But with smart planning and shopping techniques, you don’t have to break the bank to upgrade those outdated windows. Leveraging quotes, discounts and more affordable materials/features allow homeowners to achieve excellent results on limited budgets. Just focus on nailing down the right balance of quality and value upfront in the process. Those sleek modern windows will provide great pride and performance for decades to come.


What are the most affordable alternatives to aluminium windows? 

Quality vinyl and wood window products offer dramatic cost savings over aluminium. Durability may be slightly less but warranties often match.

Should I install new windows myself? 

Homeowners with solid DIY skills can save thousands by self-installing, but factor in complexity, time demands, and safety risks before deciding.

How much energy savings come from new aluminium windows? 

Depending on the efficiency upgrade over your existing windows, energy savings of 15-25% are quite realistic from modern aluminium window replacements.

Can new windows add home value? 

Yes, upgrading old inefficient windows can return over 70% of the project cost back in added resale value. Use energy efficient models to maximise value.

Should I get double pane or triple pane windows? 

In most climates, the extra cost for triple glazing is hard to justify as double pane options almost match performance at lower cost. Triple pane works best for extreme cold regions.

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