Aluminium windows vs uPVC window – which product wins overall?

Both aluminium and uPVC windows offer durable frames and advanced double glazing so you’ll be investing in a window of stunning quality. Not only will it look beautiful, but these windows can give you increased light, warmth and even savings.

In this blog we will take a look at each of their features and benefits so you can decide, which material is best for your home.

Why Should I Invest in Aluminium Windows and uPVC Windows?

Aluminium windows and uPVC windows are a superb way of refreshing your living space. If you have an older home, you may have older windows that use single-glazed glass and wooden frames. These designs often have poor performance, and let heat escape your home with ease.

Wooden frames are sturdy and can insulate your home to a degree. However, timber wears away over time and loses its performance quickly. That’s because wood isn’t a weatherproof material. Cold air and water can cause cracks in your frame to expand, meaning there’ll be more room for draughts to develop over time.

Because of this, you may find that you’ll be compensating for the cold by using your central heating. With more energy usage, you’ll be driving up costs in your home and losing money on household bills day by day. As well as that, you may find that you’ll have to shell out for repairs as the wood continues to wear down.

Wooden frames also don’t sit as comfortably with your glass. With single-glazing, you have less protection from cold air, and it can quickly enter your home through gaps between the glass and the frame. Because of this, your living space can become increasingly uncomfortable in the colder months.

However, aluminium windows and uPVC windows solve all of these issues and then some. Investing in these cutting-edge materials will save you money every day, and pay themselves back. Additionally, you’ll have a more comfortable home for you and your family to spend quality time.

What Are the Differences Between Aluminium Windows and uPVC Windows?

While both aluminium windows and uPVC windows can transform your home, they have some crucial differences. Chief among them is the cost of the materials. Aluminium windows cost slightly more than uPVC windows, although this is because of a few differences in performance.

Aluminium is, of course, metal and therefore has more strength and robustness. That way, it can make your home far more secure. In aluminium windows, the frame conceals internal security hardware. As well as that, your locks will have an aluminium coating as well, making your home a nightmare for intruders.

uPVC, on the other hand, is based on plastic, which is slightly less powerful. However, uPVC is lighter and slimmer, meaning you’ll get more natural light for your home. Additionally, the material is incredibly flexible, and in sliding or tilting windows can ensure a smoother operation for longer.

uPVC and aluminium are both fully weatherproof too, meaning that wind and rain won’t be able to get into your living space. However, aluminium does offer more protection thanks to its robust insulation. Aluminium provides a solid barrier for your home, keeping it warm without wearing down.

Aluminium windows can start from as low as £150, slightly more than their uPVC counterparts. However, you get enhanced security and protection, and you can save more money on your energy bills. uPVC has many of these benefits though, as well as better light. The choice is yours, and it’s a decision you can’t get wrong.

What Styles of Aluminium Windows and uPVC Windows Are There?

With Double Glazing On The Web, you can search the whole market to get aluminium windows and uPVC windows in a variety of styles. These materials are available across the range, so you can be sure of enhancing your home with any window type. With our network, you’ll also benefit from market-leading design.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the most prominent style across the UK. These straightforward designs blend innovative glass with slim frames to give you a window to the world. They offer beautiful natural light and open sightlines. With aluminium or uPVC, they also provide you with outstanding performance.

When you fit a casement window with an aluminium frame, you won’t have to worry about it wearing away. Aluminium can continue to perform for decades, without regular maintenance. The durable frame is perfect for people with busy lives, as they can save money for your home in the background.

Alternatively, you can select smart uPVC for your windows. With its slim design, it’ll provide you with natural light that brightens up your living space. But while uPVC is also a long-lasting material, aluminium can outlast it by up to 10 years. That way, you’ll make your investment last longer with an aluminium frame.

French Casement Windows

An alternative option to the standard design, French casement windows open both sashes by 90 degrees for a wider aperture. They give your home a touch of European flair, and the centre mullion is isolated from the outer frame like in a French door. Their wide opening makes them a great option as a fire escape, ideal for safety.

Aluminium frames make these windows even better. An aluminium frame can increase your home’s insulation, making your living space warmer. That way, you and your family can enjoy a more comfortable home throughout the year, without needing to use your central heating as much.

However, uPVC can make these windows perform for longer. That’s because the material is flexible and takes the strain off of the window sashes. Because of this, the window can function more smoothly for longer, and you won’t need to spend money on repairs for faulty hinges.


Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows can light up even the smallest spaces in your home. That’s because they use an inventive opening system that allows you to tilt them in a variety of ways, meaning they can work around spaces other windows simply can’t. As well as that, their design helps them ventilate your home with fresh air too.

With aluminium frames, these windows also offer stunning security benefits. Because you can open the window inward, you can limit the amount of space intruders can use to break through your window. As well as that, aluminium’s strength complements the locks and shootbolts, making your window almost impenetrable.

uPVC can also make your home safer with its durable shape. Unlike timber, it won’t wear down in bad weather or lose its strength, ensuring continued performance. Because of this, your new window can give you and your family essential peace of mind for years to come.

Sash Windows


Another bold design that can complement any home, sash windows open vertically for an elegant addition. Their opening mechanism allows the glass to slide upward, giving your home stunning light and ventilation, keeping it fresh in the warmer months. With advanced double glazing as standard, they’ll also keep you warm in the winter.

Aluminium frames can modernise these windows while preserving their timeless touch. The material will also protect the internal hardware, ensuring ease of access and safety too. The suppliers in our network only fit sash windows with spiral balances and springs that prevent you from getting your fingers trapped, making them essential for families.

A uPVC sash window is slightly most cost-effective but still provides you with much of the benefits of an aluminium frame. For example, uPVC has an air and water-tight fit, ensuring that your sliding sash window maintains its shape. That way, you’ll also prevent wind and rain from getting into your space.

Flush Sash Windows

Flush sash windows give you a design inspired by traditional timber joinery, but with the advanced performance of aluminium windows and uPVC windows. These windows sit flush within the frame for a sleek look. That way, they blend in seamlessly with the rest of your property and give it a timeless quality.

With an aluminium frame, you can make your flush sash windows appear subtle and discrete. Aluminium has a professional style and sheen that can elevate your home. Aluminium can also provide the strength of timber but with none of the drawbacks, giving you a frame that makes a difference.

uPVC, on the other hand, can make your flush sash windows appear brighter and slimmer. That way, you can bring more light into your home, making it warmer and more comfortable. Because of this, uPVC can help you to stop relying on your central heating, and save you money on your energy bills.

Bi-Fold Windows

Bi-fold windows provide your home with a stunning opening that stands out. They use multiple panels of double glazing that fold in on each other, meaning that they can fold away when you open them. Then, you’ll have a stunning open view that makes your home feel closer to nature.

The bi-fold design is perfect both for aluminium windows and uPVC windows. With aluminium, you can choose a chamfered finish for your new window that gives it a contemporary look. Aluminium will enhance this with its sleekness, and make it blend in more seamlessly with your home.

A uPVC bi-fold window will also guarantee you easy usage and a gorgeous design. You could select a sculptured profile that makes your new window appear more traditional, giving your home a decorative touch. uPVC also helps you get even more light and warmth from your new windows.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a classic design that can give your living space a focal point. Unlike other windows, these extend a wall of your home outwards to fit their angled design. That way, you’ll get more space, more light and far more energy-saving benefits with this stunning window.

Aluminium bay windows are incredibly energy efficient. That’s because aluminium is more robust, providing your home with more insulation and protection from the cold. Because of this, you’ll feel much warmer in your home, and you can cut down on your energy usage, saving you money from day one.

uPVC bay windows, on the other hand, provide you with stunning, unobstructed views on three sides. That’s because the material perfectly complements the angled design, which concentrates natural light into your home. Thanks to slimline uPVC, you can get a beautiful vista wherever you look in your living space.

Bow Windows

A variation on the bay window, bow windows use a fantastic curved design. They combine four or more window units of similar size to create this edge, giving you control of just how wide you want your new addition to be. With a choice of aluminium windows and uPVC windows, you can have total freedom to choose your frame too.

Aluminium complements bow windows by offering a sturdy frame to surround a soft-angled design. Because of this, you get a blend of subtlety and strength. You’ll also give your home enhanced security and protection, ensuring that intruders won’t get anywhere near the things that matter most to you.

uPVC, on the other hand, can allow you to add even more of a personal touch to bay windows. With many of our trusted suppliers, you can customise the frame with a range of colours and finishes. You can also do this with aluminium too, meaning that you can ensure a bespoke design for your home no matter which window style you choose.

Which Windows Are Right for Me?

When you choose between aluminium windows and uPVC windows for your home, you want to make sure they suit your home. As these materials are available with all window styles, you can make sure you get a window that is unique to your space. At Compare Companies, we put all the options at your fingertips, so you remain in control.

You’ll also be in control of your budget with Double Glazing On The Web. Aluminium windows do cost slightly more than uPVC, meaning that you should factor this into your plans. However, by working with us, we’ll put you in contact with a range of trusted suppliers and installers who’ll offer you these windows at much better deals.

Therefore, you can take the risk out of an investment in aluminium windows and uPVC windows with us. The choice is up to you: aluminium offers enhanced insulation, performance and security, but does come at a premium. uPVC provides much of this performance but for slightly less, meaning you can still get a brilliant material whatever your budget.

Am I Making A Worthwhile Investment?

Absolutely. With Double Glazing On The Web, you’ll be making a worthwhile investment that rewards you instantly. Rather than risking it by going direct to a supplier, we only put you in touch with approved local installers. That way, you’ll be sure to benefit from top service and top build quality too.

That way, you won’t have to deal with a rushed fitting or any underhanded sales tactics. Instead, our network will work for you, ensuring that they install a brilliant window while causing you as little disruption as they can. Because of this, you can install a new window with total peace of mind and no stress.

With aluminium windows and uPVC windows, you’ll also be able to get your investment back quickly in energy-saving benefits. With advanced double glazing with market-leading A++ u-values, your windows can help your home save more than a hundred pounds a year. With this significant reduction, investing in these windows is the responsible choice.

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  • Which window is right for me?
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These materials offer your home performance and energy-saving benefits that bring it into the future.

With these windows, you can protect and secure your home, reduce your energy usage, and even make your home more environmentally friendly. Because of this, an investment in these advanced windows is a no-brainer.