Wooden and aluminium window frames have similar purposes. However, the way they go about them could not be more different. As time has gone by, wood has begun to be replaced by aluminium in most modern windows.

Wooden windows have a classic design, sturdy insulation, and plenty of strength. However, aluminium offers a sleeker frame, a dense structure, and full weather resistance. Because of this, it’s becoming the ideal replacement for wooden windows.

While wood is the material of choice for traditional homes, it has issues. Because of this, wooden window frames aren’t as suited to the modern homeowner. For example, in wind and rain, water can get into cracks in the structure.

When it does, the cracks expand, creating gaps for cold air and dampness to play havoc with your living space. Over time, these issues only grow worse as well. That means you end up having to repair the window, again and again, costing you money and stressing you out.

An aluminium window, though, can withstand these problems. Not only that, but the material offers greater security and privacy. You’ll have a window that can resist forced entry attempts, and protects internal hardware.

As a result, the locks in the design won’t rust or wear down, so you can always rely on your windows. Not only that, but aluminium has more thermal efficiency than wood, and it can keep up its performance without regular upkeep. That means you can save money on energy bills for decades to come!

Wooden Window Frames

Wooden window frames used to be the option of choice for window designs. Nowadays, though, materials like aluminium are replacing it. So, why would you get a timber window? Firstly, wood offers an authentic look you can’t get with any other option.

If you live in a traditional home, the wood will blend in seamlessly with the classic charm of your property. Not only that, but you can customise modern wooden window frames with unique colours and styles, such as cedar, oak and mahogany.

Another benefit of wooden windows is that planning authorities love them. If you live in a listed building or a conservation area, you may already know that there are limits on the windows you can install in the space. However, wooden windows fit the bill for authorities, as they have the timeless design quality to preserve your home’s style.

As a result, you can install these windows without having to go through any red tape. And, with advanced double glazing as standard in modern wooden windows, you’ll still enhance your home’s performance.

Over time, though, wooden windows can become a challenge. Firstly, they are difficult and expensive to maintain. Wooden window frames can wear away quite quickly, and can visibly damage when wind and rain hit them. To solve this, the only thing you can do is repaint or revarnish the window.

Additionally, wooden windows cost a lot for the hassle they cause. Wooden window frames are pricier than both uPVC and aluminium ones, and they wear away more quickly. Because of this, they might not be the best investment.

aluminium window frames

Aluminium Window Frames

Aluminium is a stunning replacement for wooden window frames. Aluminium is a precious metal, meaning it has superb strength and structure. As a result, the frame is hard to break through, meaning your windows will be incredibly secure.

However, it combines this strength with a slimline design. Because of this, an aluminium frame is much thinner than a wooden one, leaving a more extensive section of advanced double glazing. That way, you’ll get gorgeous views of the outside world and stunning natural light too.

Another benefit of aluminium over wooden window frames is their weather resistance. While water plays havoc with timber, an aluminium design has no trouble. Wind and rain don’t affect the structure at all.

Not only that, but the frame protects multi-point locking systems and shootbolts from damage. That way, you get reliable security and peace of mind. You’ll have more privacy as well, as aluminium has exceptional sound insulation. With fewer decibels in your home, aluminium can become a straightforward decision.

Finally, aluminium is a much more long-lasting material. While wooden window frames begin to wear down after only a few short years, aluminium window frames perform for decades. You won’t have to repaint them either. All you’ll need to do is wipe the window down to clear any dirt or debris.

That way, you’ll maintain a vibrant colour in your windows for years to come. Additionally, if you’d still like the look of timber, you can get it! Aluminium frames can come with authentic woodgrain finishes, so you get a timber look with none of the drawbacks!

Wooden vs Aluminium Window Styles

Wooden and aluminium window frames are versatile. Because of this, you can fit both to any style of window. So, how do these materials compare when in the most popular window styles? Wooden designs provide superb visual impact, while aluminium window frames have a sleeker look.

However, in any windows, aluminium offers a longer-lasting build and a higher standard of thermal efficiency. That way, you can make an investment that pays itself back with savings on energy bills.

wooden vs aluminium window frames

Wooden vs Aluminium Window Styles

Casement windows are the UK’s most popular design. But a crucial reason why they can perform so well is down to the frame. With wooden window frames, you’ll have a bulkier design, which limits the amount of light entering your space.

Also, the frame will weaken over time, risking the structure of the whole window. An aluminium frame, on the other hand, keeps its strength while being a slim design. That means you’ll get more natural light in your living space, helping it to feel more natural and welcoming.

Tilt and turn windows have multiple opening systems. Because of this, you can tilt the window inwardly and outwardly, depending on how you want to use it. Wooden window frames can weaken with repeated usage and strain, and cracks can emerge from regular tilting.

However, aluminium window frames can withstand this usage easily, and they’ll protect the internal hinges from rust to keep them moving smoothly too. Not only that, but the window tilts for straightforward cleaning, ideal for aluminium!

Sliding sash windows are an excellent option for your home, open or closed. When you open them, you push the window upward for superb ventilation and natural light. Alternatively, the frame of the design protects your home from the elements when you close it.

With a wooden window frame, though, the weather can cause cracks in the design, leaving more space for draughts and damp spots to develop. An aluminium window frame is fully weatherproof, preventing these problems and helping you keep warm inside your home.

Finally, bow and bay windows are a classic design, updated for the homes of today. These traditional options are ideal for listed homes and properties in conservation areas. With a timber frame, you’ll meet planning rules, and also complement the expansive, multi-panelled design.

However, even these windows could benefit from aluminium window frames. The aluminium frame is slim, so you have less obstruction in the window. Not only that, but aluminium is also more secure, so you can open your home to the outside world without feeling exposed.

Wooden vs Aluminium Window Frames Customisation

Wooden and aluminium window frames are both fully customisable. You can choose from unique wood styles like oak, cedar and more. That way, your wooden window can provide an authentic look that’s bespoke to your living space.

Alternatively, though, an aluminium frame is what you make it. You can choose bold RAL colours, muted options like a stunning anthracite grey, or even a woodgrain finish. Because of this, you can create the window of your dreams with aluminium window frames.

wooden vs aluminium window frames prices

Wooden vs Aluminium Window Frames Prices

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