Aluminium vs UPVC Windows

Aluminium vs UPVC Windows


Looking for new windows? You’ve likely seen plenty about aluminium and UPVC options. They’re the two most popular substances for window frames nowadays. But what’s the difference? And which one is proper for your property? In this newsletter, we’re going to explain the whole thing you want to understand about aluminium vs UPVC windows, including:

  • What each material is
  • Pros and cons of aluminium
  • Pros and cons of UPVC
  • Key elements to do not forget
  • How to find the nice charges

By the cease, you’ll be geared up to select the appropriate home windows for your desires and finances. Let’s get started!

What is an Aluminium Window?

Aluminium Window

Aluminium is a steel utilised in all styles of merchandise, along with window frames. It’s very robust, but also light-weight. Aluminium windows are made with the aid of placing aluminium frames across the glass. The frames are available in different hues and finishes.

Here are a few quick information approximately aluminium home windows:

  • Been around for lots a long time
  • Frames are handled to prevent corrosion
  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • Low preservation
  • Give houses a present day appearance

What is a UPVC Window?

UPVC Window

UPVC stands for “unplasticized polyvinyl chloride.” That’s a mouthful! Basically, it is a hard plastic used for all styles of constructing products like pipes, siding, and yes, window frames.

UPVC windows have plastic frames as opposed to metallic ones. They’ve come to be very popular in recent years. Here are some key things to understand:

  • Made from rigid, durable plastic
  • Great at insulating houses
  • Very low preservation
  • Come in many colours and finishes
  • Generally less expensive than aluminium

Aluminium Windows: Pros and Cons

Aluminium Windows Pros and Cons


  • Super robust and sturdy
  • Can remaining 40+ years
  • Lightweight and smooth to open
  • Won’t rust or corrode
  • Thin frames allow in extra mild
  • Look high-quality on contemporary houses
  • Frames are recyclable


  • Pricier than UPVC
  • Don’t insulate quite as well
  • May get small dents or scratches
  • Can feel cold to touch
  • Less noise discount

UPVC Windows: Pros and Cons

UPVC Windows: Pros and Cons


  • Strong and lengthy-lasting
  • Great insulators
  • Keep houses quiet
  • Won’t rust, warp, or rot
  • Hardly any preservation
  • Lower cost than aluminium
  • Can be recycled


  • Thicker frames mean less glass
  • Not as robust as aluminium
  • Limited frame styles
  • May fade a tiny bit over decades
  • Some see as much less attractive

How to Choose Between Aluminium vs UPVC Windows

So which type of window ought to you get? It relies upon on a few key matters:

How to Choose Between Aluminium and UPVC

Look and Style

Think approximately the style of your home. Aluminium windows appear more modern-day and smooth. UPVC can appear more traditional. But there are masses of colour and end alternatives for both.

Strength and Durability

Both aluminium and UPVC home windows are very tough. Aluminium is a stronger standard. It might not bend or flex, even in tough weather. UPVC is a bit less robust but nonetheless very long lasting. It may not dent like aluminium can.

Energy Efficiency

If saving electricity is a pinnacle priority, UPVC is a chunk higher at preserving warmth in. Aluminium is greater conductive. But brilliant aluminium windows are still energy efficient.


UPVC home windows are usually cheaper than aluminium ones. Expect to pay about 30-50% much less for UPVC. Exact costs rely upon your vicinity, window length, and features. But in general, aluminium costs more prematurely. It can also upload a chunk of extra cost to your own home, though.


There’s hardly any difference in maintenance among aluminium and UPVC. Both simply want occasional cleaning with cleaning soap and water. Check that the moving parts are lubricated. Replace the weatherstripping as needed. That’s about it!

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Windows

Now you already know the primary differences between aluminium and UPVC home windows. So how do you get the high-quality price for your perfect pick? Here are our top suggestions:

  • Get prices from several nearby suppliers. Prices can range a lot!
  • Use a carrier like ours to without problems examine rates in a single vicinity. Just deliver a few challenge details and we’ll shape you with vetted window pros in your location.
  • Consider a mixture of window kinds. You may want to splurge on aluminium for the front of your home and keep with UPVC in the return.
  • Look for providers that offer decent warranties. You want your investment to be included.
  • Don’t just recognize the rate. Quality topics for long-lasting, trouble-free windows. Cheap UPVC or aluminium can price you greater in the end.

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The Bottom Line

There you’ve got it! The key differences between aluminium and UPVC home windows. They’re both wonderful options with unique execs and cons. Consider your price range, domestic style, and performance needs to pick out.

When you are geared up to shop for, be sure to evaluate costs from dependent on window suppliers. Using a provider like ours makes it easy. You may want to save huge and come to be with windows you may love for many years!


Are aluminium home windows more stable than UPVC windows? 

Both aluminium and UPVC home windows may be very steady. It depends more on the pleasantness of the windows and the locks used, as opposed to the fabric.

Can I paint UPVC home windows? 

You can paint UPVC windows, but it’s not a good concept. They’re designed to be low preservation, and painting them can void your warranty. If you need a particular coloration, it’s pleasant to shop for UPVC home windows which are already that colour.

Do aluminium home windows rust? 

Aluminium home windows are very proof against rust and corrosion. Unlike metallic, aluminium paperwork a shielding layer when uncovered to the factors. This stops similarly corrosion and makes aluminium home windows a durable, long-lasting choice.

How long do UPVC windows close? 

UPVC home windows can remain 20 to 30 years or more in case you cope with them. How long they finally rely upon the pleasantness of the windows, how well they may be mounted, and the climate situations they face.

Can I combine aluminium and UPVC home windows in my home? 

Absolutely! You can blend healthy aluminium and UPVC windows. This may be sensible if you have extraordinary needs for unique rooms. For instance, you might need aluminium home windows at the front for a present day look, and UPVC home windows in the bedrooms for better insulation and sound reduction.

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