How Much is Triple Glazing?

Triple glazed windows cost about £2,000 for a 2-bedroom house on average.

Similarly, the cost of triple glazing a 4-bedroom house with 15 windows can be between £6,000 and £7,000.

For comparison, take a look at double glazing prices. A double glazed window that costs £350 will cost £485 with triple glazing.

triple glazing for better performance

What is Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing is a way of insulating your doors and windows, similar to double glazing. It uses three panes of glass, instead of two as double glazing does. The three panes are sealed, with gaps between them. These gaps are either filled with air or a neutral insulating gas like Argon.

The layer of air or gas acts like insulation. It prevents heat from simply being conducted out of the glass. Since glass is a good conductor of heat, this insulation makes a considerable difference. As a result, triple glazed doors and windows are excellent for retaining the heat in your home.

Studies have shown that windows can let out up to 20% of the heat in the house. As a result, your heating needs to work that much more to maintain a steady temperature. Older double glazed windows and doors, as well as single glazed fittings, are notorious for being extremely inefficient at insulating. Triple glazed window fittings, on the other hand, can effectively seal the heat inside.

As a result, your home stays at a comfortable temperature more efficiently and for longer. In fact, triple glazing is extremely popular in colder countries. However, the UK is slowly and steadily adopting it as well. The main reason for this is because it helps you save a considerable amount in heating bills. It is also quite effective at keeping unwanted noise out, so the initial triple glazing cost is a worthwhile investment for your home.

How Much Will it Cost Me To Triple Glaze My House?

There are several factors that affect the cost of triple glazing. The style of your windows and their sizes is a big aspect. Additionally, the number of windows, how many floors your property has, and the Windows Energy Ratings all play a part in the cost.

It’s safe to say that triple glazing is definitely more expensive than double glazing. For example, a window with double glazing might cost you around £350 to buy and install. The same that is a triple glazed window will cost you in the region of £485.

If you are looking for general price estimates, here is a rough idea of what you might spend:

  • For a 2-bedroom flat with four windows – £1,940
  • A 2-bedroom terraced property with 5 windows – £2, 425
  • In case of a 2-bedroom semi-detached house with 7 windows – £3,395
  • For a 3-bedroom semi with 9 windows – £4,365
  • A 3-bed detached property with 12 windows – £5,820
  • For a 4-bedroom detached house with 15 windows – £7,275

It is important to note that these are very general estimates. You can only get a more accurate triple glazing cost after a technical survey. Moreover, the size and style of your windows will affect the price as well. Additionally, other factors like the type of glass, colour and finish, and type of hardware also affect the cost of double glazing.

It is also interesting to note that the more windows you have, the more cost-effective your triple glazing total price will be. This is because the installer can earn a higher profit with more windows on the same property. It is easier for him to set up 15 windows in one property than 1 window in 15 properties.

triple glazing prices vary according to the size of the house and number of windows

What Kind of Savings Can I Expect With Triple Glazing?

If you had single glazed windows or even old double glazing, you can expect a considerable saving in energy bills. In fact, you may end up saving up to 50% in a year. For example, take a detached house with triple glazed windows. If you switch from single to triple glazed, you can expect to save around £175 on annual heating bills.

Let’s see some numbers. If you replace your single glazed windows with triple glazed ones, what can you expect?

A detached property with A++ rating can expect to save £135 to £175. With an A+ rating, you can save £130 to £170. Finally, an A rating gives you £120 to £160 in savings.


A semi-detached property with A++ rating can save anywhere between £85 to £125. Similarly, an A+ rating means you get a saving of £85 to £120. An A rating, on the other hand, gives you about £80 to £110 less in bills.


If you have a mid-terrace property, you can save £75 to £100 with an A++ rated triple glazing. An A+ rating will give you £70 to £95. Meanwhile, an A rating will save you about £65 to £90 in a year.

While these are only estimates, it is necessary to look at all the factors that will affect the cost of triple glazed windows.

Double Glazing Prices

What Are the Advantages of Triple Glazing?

Aside from the money you save on heating bills, triple glazed windows and doors give you quite a few advantages. The added insulation makes your home warmer. As a result, you get a more comfortable living space.

Triple glazing is less likely to get condensation build up between the panes. Double glazed windows can sometimes have this problem. It looks unsightly and can cause mould inside the sealed unit. You can avoid this with triple glazed windows.

The three panes of glass together can be stronger than two panes. As a result, your home becomes more secure. Finally, the three panes of glass are better at blocking out noises than two panes.

What Are the Disadvantages of Triple Glazing?

As with all home improvements, triple glazing has its own set of disadvantages as well as its many advantages. The first one is obviously the cost of triple glazing. Even though it gives you considerable savings, it comes with a very high price tag. This seems even more of a disadvantage when you compare it with double glazing prices.

In fact, double glazing can give you similar savings at a lower price. Moreover, the return on investment is quicker with double glazing. Triple glazed windows’ cost and their higher price mean you don’t really see a return for a while.

Triple glazed windows can also reduce the amount of natural light you get. The additional pane of glass may be transparent, but it can still obscure some of the light. The extra pane also adds to the weight. Glass, as you know, can be very heavy. The additional weight can damage your walls.

In addition, they are susceptible to condensation on the outermost pane. While this is not as bad as condensation inside the sealed unit, it can still cause damage.

save money in energy bills with triple glazing

How Does Triple Glazing Compare With Double Glazing?

The difference between double and triple glazing is more than just an additional pane of glass. There is a difference in performance as well. In fact, if you have double glazing, it might be unwise to replace it with triple glazing. As it is, triple glazing shows significant improvement in performance only if you have single glazing or old and malfunctioning double glazing.

However, if your property has single glazing, triple glazing can be beneficial. You will notice a change in the temperature almost immediately. Additionally, you will realise you don’t use your heating as much. Finally, you will see a significant drop in energy bills. However, that is dependent on the energy ratings you get for your windows. Higher the rating, the more you save.

How Much of a Price Difference is There Between Double and Triple Glazing?

If you compare the price of a double glazed window and a triple glazed one, you will find a difference of almost 30%. In hard numbers, a double glazed white uPVC window of size 1660mm x 992mm will cost about £320. The same window, if triple glazed, will cost about £412. This is just the supply cost, and does not include the installation.

The same dimensions but with a wood-grain finish will cost you £490 for double glazed. However, by comparison, triple glazing costs you £595.

When is it Worthwhile For Me to Buy Triple Glazing?

Triple glazed windows can be a good investment if you weigh your options wisely. For example, if you are replacing single glazing, you will definitely benefit from triple glazing. Your home will dramatically improve its performance. You will notice less noise, especially if you live near a noisy road or in a busy neighbourhood.

Moreover, the window will add to the security of your home as well. All in all, you will definitely see a number of improvements.

However, we must reiterate, you will only see a significant change if you replace single glazed or very old double glazed windows. If you have new double glazing, you will not see a drastic change either in performance or in savings. As a result, it is not worthwhile for you to change your double glazing for triple glazing.

In fact, you can get great results with minor and inexpensive changes. For example, heavy curtains can provide an extra layer of insulation over your double glazing. They are considerably cheaper than new triple glazed windows. Additionally, they will help insulate your home without any extra energy required.

Another alternative to triple glazing is secondary glazing. Secondary glazing is a single glazed pane and frame. You fit it over your double glazing. As a result, you get the extra layer of insulation that acts just like the third pane in triple glazed windows. While it is not as cheap as curtains, it is still a cost-effective solution to your insulation problem!

weigh your options before getting triple glazing

What Should I Look For in a Triple Glazing Installer?

Look For Accredited Companies

As it is with double glazing, Building Regulations apply to triple glazing as well. This means that you need to make sure that your installation complies with regulations. In order to be sure, you should always look for an accredited installer.

Installers registered with bodies like FENSA and Certass give you fully-compliant installations. Moreover, they also certify and register your installation for you. This makes the process so much easier for you.

Additionally, accredited companies give you better protection. Competent Person Schemes expect their approved installers to give you reliable and trustworthy service. As a result, you get deposit protection as well as insurance-backed guarantees on your installation.

Check Online Reviews and Testimonials

Another thing you can do is to check out the reputation of the companies online. There are several sites that show you reviews and testimonials. People who have used these companies let others know what sort of service and quality they gave. A large number of good testimonials suggests that they are more likely to give you a good installation.

Compare Prices and Behaviour

Moreover, you can get yourself a good deal by comparing quotes. If you get pricing quotes from multiple companies, you can find a better deal. In fact, we suggest you should get quotes from at least 3 different installers. While you get quotes, notice how they behave with you.

Any company that pressures you to make a quick decision is not trustworthy. They might use unscrupulous tactics like telling you that their low price is only for today. If you cave in, they will demand a hefty deposit upfront. Stay clear of such companies.

If they give you clear and transparent quotes, you can trust them. Additionally, if they give you ample time to decide, they are probably honest. Look for companies that behave morally and allow you time to make a wise decision. Avoid companies that try to hound you into making a bad choice and overpaying for the cost of triple glazing.

How Do I Find Reliable Triple Glazing Companies?

There are several ways of finding reliable installers for your triple glazing. One way is to check out websites of regulatory bodies like FENSA and Certass. They give you a list of local installers if you tell them where you live. These installers have been vetted by them. What’s more, they are constantly monitored for performance as well.

To receive a personalised quote instantly, use our online quote generator. This will give you a quick quote for your needs, as well as trusted installers near you.

Alternatively, you can ask us to give you a list of local installers that we trust. Contact us and we shall get back to you with this information.

Frequently Asked Double Glazing Questions

Frequently Asked Double Glazing Questions

What Are Triple Glazed Windows And Doors?

Triple glazed windows are made up of three glass panels instead of two. These panels of glass have double argon filled cavities that provide high insulation. Triple glazed windows are available in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit your home.

Are Triple Glazed Windows Soundproof?

Like double glazing, triple glazed windows are designed to provide excellent sound insulation as well as heat reduction. The third layer of glass adds another insulating layer great noise reduction.

What Are The Benefits of Triple Glazed Windows?

There are many benefits to triple glazing, the most obvious being a warmer home and cheaper energy bills. Designed to give an excellent thermal performance, triple glazed windows ensure cold spots are eliminated. The third layer of glazing also provides enhanced security, especially if the glass is laminated.

Is triple glazing better than double glazing?

In most instances double glazing will be an adequate upgrade to single glazed windows. Double glazing offers energy efficiency, noise reduction and security. If you live near a busy road or under a flight path you may want to consider triple glazing for the extra noise reduction that it can offer.

Does Double Glazing Block Sound?

Double Glazing not only provides heat insulation but it also provides sound insulation too. Double glazing is perfect for houses in busy areas and streets.

How much is a triple glazed window?

Triple glazed windows significantly more expensive than their double glazed counterparts. A triple glazed casement window will cost around £110 more than a double glazed window. Triple glazing is appropriate for people replacing single glazing or old double glazing as it will enhance your home’s warmth, security and soundproofing significantly. For those replacing modern double glazing, however, you may find that the benefits are not noticeable enough to justify how much more you are paying.

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