Triple Glazed Windows Cost: What You Need to Know to Save Big

How Much Does Triple Glazing Cost?

What Are Triple Glazed Windows?

Triple glazed windows contain three panes of glass rather than the usual double glazing with two panes. The extra pane provides an additional layer of insulation and protection. This makes triple glazing more energy efficient, quieter, and safer compared to standard double glazed windows. In this article you’ll know about the triple glazed windows cost.

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Benefits of Triple Glazing

Improved Energy Efficiency

The additional pane of glass creates another layer of air trapped between the panes, improving the window’s insulating ability. This greatly reduces heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Triple glazed windows have a much higher R-value than double glazing.

Reduced Noise

The extra glass helps block exterior noise from entering the home. Triple glazing reduces noise by up to 50% compared to double glazed and even more over single glazed windows.

Enhanced Safety

With three panes instead of two, triple glazed windows are harder to break and provide improved security. The outer panes effectively protect and strengthen the inner pane.

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Triple Glazing Cost Considerations

Several variables affect triple glazed windows cost including frame material, types of glass, and window design.

Frame Material


UPVC (vinyl) window frames are inexpensive, durable in various weather conditions, and provide good insulation. UPVC is the most budget-friendly frame option for triple glazing.


Aluminium frames are extremely durable, weather-resistant, and maintenance-free. But aluminium conducts more heat than other materials. It costs more than UPVC but is still relatively affordable.


Timber window frames provide a classic appearance but require regular maintenance like staining or painting. They also conduct more heat than UPVC or composite materials. This makes timber the most expensive frame choice.

Glass Type

Clear Glass

Clear float glass without any coatings or films is the most basic and affordable glazing material. But it offers no insulation or solar protection.

Low-E Glass

Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass uses a microscopic metal coating to improve insulation. This is crucial for energy savings and comfort with triple glazing. There are different types of Low-E coatings available.

Self-Cleaning Glass

Self-cleaning glass uses a specialised coating that breaks down dirt and residue so the glass stays cleaner with less maintenance. The coating adds some cost but saves cleaning time and expense.

Window Size and Design

When selecting triple glazed windows, larger sizes, specialty shapes like arches, and more complex window designs can increase the triple glazed windows cost by adding more materials and labor costs versus standard rectangular windows. As you balance aesthetics and efficiency, unique shapes and custom designs may add to the overall triple glazed windows cost, so consider whether the extra expense fits within your budget. Going with standard shapes and sizes helps control costs, while still allowing you to get the performance benefits that make triple glazing a smart investment over single or double paned windows in many homes. Carefully weighing design aesthetics and the “triple glazed windows cost” impact of custom options can lead to good decisions.

Triple Glazing Installation Costs

Other triple glazed windows cost beyond the window itself include:

  • Removal and disposal of old windows
  • Prepping window openings
  • Hauling and lifting heavy triple glazed units
  • Securing windows into place
  • Sealing around windows properly
  • Interior and exterior trim work
  • Clean up

With extra large picture windows or a full window replacement project, labour costs can be significant.

Total Triple Glazing Window Costs

Per Window Cost

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, triple glazed windows cost range from 15% to 30% more than double glazed windows or between $60 and $80 per square foot installed. For a standard 30″ x 48″ window this equals $900 to $1,200 per window.

As a high-performance specialty window, triple glazing sits at the top end of the pricing spectrum. Initial purchase and installation costs are greater than other glazing options. But the future savings pay off this premium cost over time.

Whole House Costs

For a full home window replacement using triple glazing for every window, total triple glazed windows cost typically fall between $15,000 and $30,000. The final amount depends significantly on house size, number of windows, window types and sizes, accessibility issues, choice of frames and glass, and the quality of installation.

Many homeowners stagger the switch to triple glazing over years to spread out costs. Replacing only poor performing windows first provides the best return on investment.

Ways to Save on Triple Glazing

Here are some smart ways to get lower triple glazed windows cost:

  • Shop sales and look for promotions on triple glazed windows at local or online retailers
  • Choose affordable and energy efficient frames like uPVC instead of premium wood frames
  • Select standard Low-E glass instead of specialty self-cleaning glass
  • Use grid patterns instead of expensive custom window shapes
  • DIY removal of old windows before installation
  • Hire one installer for the entire project
  • Go with simple rectangle windows over arched, angled, or curved windows when possible
  • Install triple glazing only where it matters most like the northern side of the home to save costs

Evaluate each room and window location when deciding between double or triple glazing rather than defaulting to triple everywhere. Strategic triple glazing placement balances performance gains with overall price.


The upfront investment for triple glazed windows runs higher than standard double glazing. But the boost in energy savings, noise reduction, comfort, and security make triple glazing an upgrade worth the cost. Over the decades-long lifespan of high quality triple glazed windows, the energy savings compound to recover initial expenses multiple times over.

Proper installation also ensures triple glazed windows operate efficiently at their highest potential. Consider triple glazing a long-term asset that adds value and appeal to any home or building.


How long do triple glazed windows last?

High performance triple glazed windows have a lifespan of around 30 years. With proper maintenance to ensure moisture seals remain intact, triple glazing lasts over decades.

Do triple glazed windows reduce noise?

Yes, effectively. Triple glazing decreases noise transmission by 42-50 decibels compared to double glazed, and even more over single glazed windows. The extra pane helps block unwanted exterior sounds.

Do triple glazed windows pay for themselves?

In most climates, triple glazed windows do pay for themselves over time through substantial energy savings. In the hottest or coldest regions, the investment pays back even quicker in as little as 3-5 years.

Are triple glazed windows worth it?

For those focused strictly on the bottom line, triple glazed windows may not seem worth the upfront costs. But for homeowners concerned about energy efficiency, noise, comfort, and environmental impact, triple glazing provides incredible value over decades of use.

Should I go double or triple glazed?

In regions with extreme weather, choosing triple glazing may be the wiser option especially on the coldest, hottest, or noisiest sides of the home. Adding triple glazing only where needed helps balance benefits against the higher costs when retrofitting existing windows.

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