Why would double glazing crack? Sometimes, even with two panes of glass, your window can still chip and crack. When this happens, you can lose control of your home’s expenses and performance.

You’ll need to repair the glazing, meaning you rush around finding somebody to complete the job, and all the while your home grows colder and less comfortable. And, even if you repair the window, it might not be the end of the problems. Once a window cracks, you end up in a vicious cycle. The window becomes weaker, more likely to break, and repairs become more frequent, costing you more and more each time.

However, once double glazing cracks, it could be wise to replace it, rather than repair it. With a brand-new window, you can reset your home’s style and refresh the look and feel of your living space. You can get more durable double glazing, modern frames, and take preventative measures to reduce the risk of breakages.

Additionally, you’ll be able to benefit from market-leading performance from a new window. They’ll have spectacular insulation and robustness, meaning you can insulate your home against cold weather and save money on your energy bills. This makes new double glazing prices an excellent investment.

That way, you can end up finding the silver lining in what can feel like a chaotic cloud. You’ll regain control of your living space more quickly, and you’ll get years more out of it. If your double glazing cracks as a result of faultiness, you can also sometimes get the design replaced under warranty.

However, if an unforeseen break does occur, or the glass shatters out of nowhere after a few years, then it can leave you out in the cold. However, when you invest in new double glazing, there are ways you can avoid the same crack from appearing once again.

why would double glazing crack

Double Glazing Impact Crack

It’s a worst-case scenario. One day, you’ll be strolling around your home when, suddenly, you hear the unmistakable sound of double glazing shattering. Next thing you know, you look around and find that your double glazing has a massive crack in it.

Impact cracks are the most common double glazing break, and often the most unforeseen. Pretty much anything can cause them, such as an errant ball, a rock, or something else entirely. No matter the cause, though, the result is the same – a massive crack in your window.

When this happens, there’s usually errant glass on the floor. While you should clean this up as carefully as possible, you shouldn’t attempt to clean any of the glass still in the window. Instead, it would be best if you left this for the repair.

If you’ve had an impact break, you’ll quickly be able to tell if you see its distinctive starburst pattern, with cracks emerging from a central point. Unfortunately, the worst thing about impact breaks is that there’s almost nothing you can do about them – however, there are ways to turn an impact break into an impactful change for your home.

One way is to try and protect your window from the same issue. You can install a porch attachment above the window, removing the chance of impacts occurring from higher up. Also, a porch can provide extra shading for the window, giving you more control of the light in your home and also protecting the frame from any staining in the sun.

However, the best thing you can do to fix an impact break is to replace the window. That way, you can get a new, bespoke window for your home that perfectly captures your personality.

Double Glazing Stress Crack

Another reason that your double glazing could crack can come from stress breaks. Rather than impact breaks, you can often find the source of the problem inside your window if it’s underperforming. Stress cracks begin as a small chip but expand over time if left unchecked.

As a result, they can start overgrowing, encompassing your whole window eventually. Often, the cause of stress cracks is down to a window with poor insulation. If cold air rushes into your home, you usually crank up your central heating to make up the difference – this creates the conditions ideal for a stress crack.

When the temperature inside and outside your home is radically different, both pressures put a strain on double glazing. If your windows are suffering from condensation, that can also contribute to the problem.

As a result, if you’re using a lot of central heating on a bitterly cold day, your glass can buckle while trying to hold both radically different temperatures back. Another, more innocuous reason for a stress crack can be slamming the windows shut. On a cold day, the glass can become far more fragile, and a hard slam can sometimes cause an enormous crack out of nowhere.

It can be tricky trying to prevent stress cracks, too. That’s because, for the most part, the window itself is creating the conditions for cracks to occur. Stress can also cause your double glazing to start shattering in extreme cases.

Therefore, the best thing you can do to prevent this is to replace your window after the fact, or even before if you can tell the design is letting cold air into your home. Not only will you reduce the risk of a stress crack, but you’ll have a brand-new window that warms your home up all year round!

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Double Glazing Pressure Crack

If your double glazing experiences a pressure crack, then that can be a nightmare to fix as well. Pressure cracks often come out of nowhere, but the cause can come from the moment you install a new window. Often, not only do fluctuations in temperature cause it, but it can be where you fit the window.

If it’s too high or too low, then a window can experience more or less pressure than the glazing should be getting. Because of this, the glass is more fragile to sudden changes. A pressure crack is also more common in double glazing, as the pressure also builds up inbetween the panes.

A pressure crack is not only uncommon but uncommonly severe, as well. The break usually takes an hourglass shape, and it can grow across the entire glass section in some cases. Because of this, you’ll most likely be needing to get new glazing entirely. However, rather than repair, the more convenient option is to replace!

With a brand-new window, you can change where you fit the design and the materials you use. That means you can expose your new window less to fluctuating pressure systems, and your window will come with a durable uPVC or aluminium frame that provides another layer of protection.

Replacing Double Glazing

Replacing double glazing can reduce the risk of a crack, and shattering too. That’s because, if you have a slightly older window, you can switch it with a cutting-edge design that has leading durability. Modern double glazing is weather-resistant and robust, meaning that it can deal with changing temperatures more effectively.

Not only that, but you’ll get slimline frames that use uPVC or aluminium to protect the glazing even further. There is an air and water-tight seal between the glass and the frame, preventing condensation and pressure from building up in between the glass panels.

Also, you can add features that help to reduce the risk of your double glazing shattering. You could add a porch above the window to reduce the chance of an impact crack, or Georgian and Astragal bars to give your window another barrier.

Ventilation and air circulation can help you ensure condensation doesn’t build up as well, creating conditions where stress and pressure cracking is more likely to occur. One way to do this is to ensure your window uses trickle vents, meaning you’re always letting in a little bit of air even when the windows are locked and shut.

If you do decide to replace your double glazing, though, you may find that the cost could put a crack in your finances. If you work with a big brand, you could pay for significant premiums that aren’t worth the money. Also, if you decide to go local, you could work with an untrustworthy trader who’ll oversell their services.

That’s why Double Glazing On The Web can be such a considerable help. We have a network of trusted suppliers right on your doorstep, meaning you can find a local installer within minutes. That way, you can take the risk out of your investment and get a better deal.

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Double Glazing Crack? Double Glazing On The Web!

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