Are There Disadvantages Of Triple Glazing?

Are There Disadvantages Of Triple Glazing?
Are there any disadvantages of triple glazing? If there are, the advantages most certainly outweigh them. While triple glazing can perform for your home more effectively than double glazing, not a lot of houses use this design. It could be because of the initial cost. After all, a window that uses triple glazing will cost around 30-40% more than the same window with two panes of glass. As a result, it is a slightly steeper price tag, and it can put some homeowners off. However, if you’re prepared to spend more, you’ll save even more in the long run. While one of the disadvantages of triple glazing is how much it costs, you can pay the cost of your investment back more quickly. In a triple glazed window, you get three panes of advanced glass working to keep your home warm rather than two. Because of this, you get more effective insulation for your living space. Triple glazed windows let even less cold air through, and they are fully weatherproof as well. Your air and water-tight windows will also be durable, helping them last longer than a double glazing design would. That way, you can save more money, for longer. And you’ll be able to save a lot more than you would with double glazing. Triple glazing windows could save you as much as 50% on your home’s energy bills when you compare them to their two-paned counterparts. That means you’ll be able to pay the cost of your investment back more quickly, and you’ll save more money every day that you have them. Not only that, but triple glazing lasts for years longer than double glazing, meaning you can keep saving for decades to come. As a result, you can outweigh the disadvantages of triple glazing.
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Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing

So, what are the differences between triple glazing and double glazing? The most obvious is that triple glazing uses three panes of glass instead of the two in a double glazed window. Because of this, you get more protection from the outside world, and more control over your home feels inside. When the temperature drops, triple glazing can deal more effectively with cold air. With each pane of glass, you can reduce the impact of cold temperatures with layers of argon gas. That way, you can turn cold air into a problem of the past, and capture more of your home’s natural heat too. Not only that, but triple glazing is much harder to break. While double glazing is pretty tough, it can sometimes crack from a surprising impact, or crack from within because of contrasting temperatures. Triple glazing, on the other hand, is an almost bulletproof option. You can choose a tempered glass from some suppliers in your windows which is four times tougher than standard designs. With three panes of that, you’ll never have to worry about your windows breaking out of nowhere. Additionally, the three-panel design reduces the risk of temperature pressure cracks.

The Disadvantages of Triple Glazing

While triple glazing has plenty of advantages over double glazing, the cost isn’t one. You’ll have to pay between 30-40% more if you’d like to get a new window with three panes of glass over one that uses two. That means its, initially, a less affordable investment. If you want to get multiple windows for a large home, then you could be spending thousands of pounds more initially. However, because triple glazing is 50% more efficient than double glazing, you’ll end up saving more money in the long run, if you’re prepared to make that initial investment. Another disadvantage is the weight of triple glazing. Triple glazing, naturally, puts more of a strain on window frames than double glazing. Because of this, internal components in the design might function less smoothly over time, and your window could be more likely to creak and open poorly. However, you can protect against this with regular cleaning and a few maintenance checks a year. You won’t have to do it very often, as triple glazing windows can maintain their stunning looks for decades, as they’re fully weatherproof, as well as air and water-tight.
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Secure Triple Glazing

While you could save more money with triple glazing, there are some things you can’t put a price on. One of them is feeling safe and secure inside your home. Your windows are the second most likely place an intruder or burglar will attempt to break into your home through, meaning getting designs that keep them out is invaluable. With triple glazing, you can strengthen your windows, making them resistant to forced entry attempts. Multi-point locking systems will hold your glass in place and attached to either a uPVC or aluminium frame, materials which are both highly durable and robust. One of the disadvantages of triple glazing, it’s weight, becomes an advantage here as well. With a heavier window, you’ll get more resistance against burglars. Not only that, but your new window will use the latest features to keep you safe. For example, you can get handles that resist picking and snapping attempts, and anti-tamper locks to stop any shady handiwork. Finally, within your windows, there’ll be shootbolts that lock your windows in place, with frames and glazing that protect them from rust and wear. Because of this, triple glazing can give you the security you can rely on, and peace of mind you will cherish.

Quiet Triple Glazing

One of the disadvantages of double glazing is that it doesn’t block out as much sound as triple glazing. It’s always irritating when traffic is keeping you awake, or commotion from outside gets in the way of your relaxation. Fortunately, with a triple glazed window, you can get noise reduction that turns the world quiet. Your design will have three panes of glass. Because of this, when sound waves travel and come into contact with each pane, the glass weakens the waves. By the time they get to your home, their vibrations will have been reduced, turning the sound into one you can barely hear. Because of this, you could turn even the loudest noises into more manageable sounds for your home. If you live near an airport, for instance, triple glazed windows can turn planes into problems of the past. Additionally, if you live on a busy road or an area with a lot of noise, triple glazing is ideal for you. One of the disadvantages of triple glazing is that it’ll let less of the outside world into your home. While you won’t let quite as much natural light through into your living space, you can outweigh it with ease by creating a peaceful living space for you and your family.

Long-Lasting Triple Glazing

Finally, triple glazing can last a lot longer for your home. When you invest in new windows, you’re often only making a purchase that’ll last you a decade or two. However, windows that use triple glazing could last you a lifetime. Coupled with the durable uPVC or aluminium frame that protects from rust and wear over time, your glass will be highly durable. That means it’s less likely to break, shatter or weaken over time. Because of this, no gaps will emerge through the years for wind and water to get into your living space. As a result, your windows will protect you for as long as you need them to. Also, while one of the disadvantages of double glazing is that it’s common in most homes, triple glazing stands out. Because of this, people will pay more to get these fabulous windows when they decide to move into a new home. That means you won’t only save money on energy bills over time with a window that uses triple glazing. You’ll be able to raise your home’s property value, meaning you could benefit from increased offers at higher prices when its time to move on. That way, moving could become less stressful, and you could move into an even better home for you and your family down the line.
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Outweigh The Disadvantages of Triple Glazing with Double Glazing Quoter

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