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Patio Door Security: How Secure Are Sliding Patio Doors?

Despite their frame being taken up mainly by glass, a patio door has outstanding security. Your sliding door will not only give you security against any outside force or attempted entry, but also just against general day-to-day life and exposure to the elements.

The glass used in a sliding or patio door, like many home improvement products, are double glazed for improved security.

They can also be triple glazed to make sure they are both hard-wearing and thermally efficient.

Because of this, patio doors make for an excellent investment – and, with Double Glazing Quoter, you can save money on a sliding door or patio door with advanced security features.

That way, you’ll have peace of mind inside your home and on the deal you get. Why not start your patio door quote today to get security for your home?

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Patio Door Security & Glass

Certain types of glass, such as laminated or safety glass, are specifically designed to prevent shattering. They work by holding the shards in place if the glass is broken, stopping any potential intruders from climbing through the frame. As a result, these glass types are perfect for sliding door and patio door designs with security at their heart.

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Most installation companies with patio door and sliding door options offer a multi-point locking system for your security. However, it is important that you check with your chosen installer first.

Simple latches can be easily tampered with, so getting a strong locking mechanism can help improve your sliding door security.

If you are looking for more sliding or patio door security, then you will also be given the option of obscure or patterned glass. This type of glazing allows for natural light whilst upping your privacy – no one will be able to peek inside.

If you would still like a view, blinds, shades and even easily-installed privacy film can also be bought for even better patio door security.

How Can I Improve My Sliding Door Security?

In order to keep your home safe and well protected, you have to ensure every entry point has secure locks.

It can take less than one minute for a burglar to break into a home. Even if you have already taken the time to reinforce your doors and windows, your home could still be vulnerable.

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Sliding glass doors in particular, are often left unsecured. While there is no burglar-proof option, though, modern sliding door and glass door designs have security hardware that is proven to limit intrusions and break-ins.

When it comes to patio door security, keeping an eye on the maintenance and any pre-existing security features, can help you spot any flaws.

Aluminium Patio Door Frames

Metal frames are incredibly durable and sturdy against anyone trying to force the frames rather than the glass, while timber and uPVC can be bent and broken under an excessive amount of force.

If you are worried about sliding or patio door security, there are many different security options available to you.

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Like all locks, a weak latch can be forced by a canny intruder, allowing them to easily enter your home. Getting a secure lock is very important, especially to make sure your patio door gives you proper security.

Changing your old lock to a more secure one, often to one made of steel and with anti-tampering features, can go a long way to preventing thieves from trying to force your lock.

If you are worried about the potential security risks of getting a new set of patio doors installed onto your property, speak with your chosen installer for more information about sliding door security.

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Multi-Point Locks

A mulit-point locking system means a door cannot be forced along the tack once the lock is engaged. An anti-jacking system will also ensure the patio door panels cannot be lifted out of the frame for your security.

Patio Door Security Bar

Pushing a sliding door off of its tracks can be done with enough excess force against it – a security bar stops it. A protective security bar against the bottom or top of the patio door also provides a visual warning to intruders that this home has advanced security.

Sliding Door Glass

Another way to improve sliding door security is by obscuring the view through your glass with either frosted or patterned glass, or with blinds of curtains, to stop people from viewing any valuables you have on show inside the house.

A security alarm is also a practical and fool-proof solution, alerting you and the authorities of an illegal trespasser on your property.

If you are still concerned, speak with a locksmith about the potential sliding or patio door security risks.

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Sliding Door Security vs French Door Security

French and Sliding doors are two different options most commonly chosen as exterior, back doors.

Both being made predominantly with glass, French and sliding offer their own security flaws, but are also more secure in different ways.

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Patio doors do tend to have more window per frame, meaning that it is potentially easier to smash the glass and climb through, with French doors commonly featuring Georgian bars which break up the glass; however, patio doors offer a far more secure seal than French doors.

However, these potential sliding door security issues can be easily fixed with some of the above-mentioned security enhancers, meaning that the real difference between them really does just come down to personal taste.

Priceless Patio Door Security

If you’d like a sliding door or patio door with advanced security hardware, look no further than Double Glazing Quoter. We can help you compare prices from local installers in your area which have approval from bodies such as FENSA, meaning you always get the best deal for your new doors. Our prices are also accurate and up-to-date, meaning they’ll reflect any changes caused by COVID-19 and Brexit.

You can start your free online quote today to get personalised patio door prices in minutes! Alternatively, use our online form or call 0800 015 5679 today to find out more.

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