If you’re looking for a soundproof window, one with triple glazing certainly fits the bill. You may have heard an awful lot about double glazing, and the benefits that two panes of glass can provide instead of one.

However, triple glazing takes those benefits to the next level, with three panels of advanced glass protecting and insulating your home. Triple glazing can help you make your living space warmer, meaning you could end up saving money on your energy bills. Not only that, but you can enjoy your more comfortable living space quietly.

That’s because triple glazing is more soundproof than old windows. In your home currently, you might be distracted by annoying sounds from outside. Often, you can hear the commotion through thin windows. Single-glazed glass doesn’t block out a lot of sounds, and the frame of the window could be a cheap plastic which lets noise rush into your home.

Triple glazing, on the other hand, can reduce noise in your home noticeably. In some cutting-edge designs, you can expect noise insulation that takes away more than 40dB for your home.

As a result, hearing unwanted noises from outside will become a thing of the past. Not only that, but you can get triple glazing inside a brand-new window design. Instead of plastic or timber, you can choose a uPVC or aluminium frame that only adds to the peace and privacy.

Additionally, new models have leading security hardware, and they’re fully weatherproof. That way, you can rely on them to protect your home from anything the world can throw at it. With soundproof triple glazing, you’ll be able to block out your worries in a living space that’s calm and quiet.

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Does Triple Glazing Reduce Noise?

So, how does triple glazing reduce noise? The answer is to do with physics. Sound waves travel through the air, vibrating against anything that they hit. The louder the sound, the more vibrations the wave will cause.

When noise goes through a single-glazed window, the thin layer of glass will only cause some tremors, meaning the vast majority of the waves get through. However, with triple glazing, you can put three layers of glass inbetween sound and your home.

When you do that, the sound wave has to deal with three vibrations. Also, with each one, the sound gets weaker, meaning every layer takes more of the noise away. Because of this, you won’t hear any commotion from outside nearly as loudly as you could with your old windows.

You can also enhance your glass with a laminate coating. The laminate adds more mass to the windows, which is the most crucial part of blocking out sound. Additionally, you can outfit your window with a thick aluminium frame, which helps to reduce noise from every angle.

Modern windows are also air and water-tight. Not only does this mean you can prevent draughts, dampness and condensation from developing, but you can also block out more sound. There’ll be no design flaws that sound waves can bend between, meaning there’ll be no space for distraction to get into your home.

And, with all of the technology inside triple glazing windows, you can save a lot more money on your running costs. Triple glazing can save up to 50% more energy than even double glazing, meaning you can cut your household bills down every day.

Is Triple Glazing More Soundproof Than Other Windows?

In your current home, you might have single-glazed windows. These old designs, over time, grow weaker and more fragile. Weather can affect the frames, cracking timber designs, while rust, wear and condensation can all creep in throughout the years.

Because of this, your old windows will only get less and less soundproof over time. Triple glazing can help you get back control of your living space, blocking out unwanted commotion from outside. That way, you can enjoy a quiet living space that’s warmer and more comfortable as well.

Triple glazing windows will also feature modern frames. With a choice of uPVC and aluminium, you can get a weatherproof window for your home. Because of these durable frames, your window won’t wear down nearly as quickly. The internal components won’t rust, the frames won’t crack, and the structure of your window will hold together for much longer.

That way, your window can perform at its peak for decades, and you won’t have to maintain it regularly. You won’t have to worry about condensation, and you’ll have the choice of colours and finishes to create a unique look that doesn’t fade over time.

Double glazing is fast becoming the most popular option for windows in the UK. However, if you want to create a soundproof home, it may not be the best option. While double glazing is less expensive than triple to invest in, it doesn’t offer quite as much sound insulation. Additionally, it isn’t as efficient for your home.

With two panels instead of three, you won’t have as robust of a thermal barrier in your window, meaning cold air can enter more quickly, and warm air can escape. As a result, you won’t save as much money on your energy bills, and your living space won’t be as comfortable as it could be.

On the other hand, though, you could end up making a more cost-effective investment. Double glazing costs 30-40% less than triple glazing to install per window. However, it isn’t that far off of triple glazing in how it can reduce noise in your living space. Because of this, you might end up saving more to get similar results.

But if you want to get the complete package for a window, triple glazing sets the benchmark. Not only will you block out more sound, but you’ll also enhance your home’s security, with a more robust window and internal security like multi-point locking systems.

Soundproof triple glazing does have one rival when it comes to keeping your home quiet. One of the best ways to reduce sound is to put more space between the inside and outside. However, while triple glazing puts more glass there, secondary glazing ensures noise has further to travel.

Secondary glazing is an alternative to replacement glazing, as you don’t have to switch out your old windows. Instead, you can install a new window on top of your old one, protecting it from the weather and preserving it for years longer.

However, secondary glazing may not be the best investment. That’s because, after all, you won’t be replacing your window. You’ll only be preserving it, and the materials can still weaken, even if that’ll take more time. As a result, you could always end up having to replace the new design within a few short years.

With a new soundproof window that uses triple glazing, you’ll reduce hassle as well as noise. While you’ll have to spend more initially to get the window, you can pay the cost of your investment back over time too with the amount you’ll save on heating your home.

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Soundproof Triple Glazing Costs

Soundproof triple glazing does cost more than most new windows. For example, if you live in a detached house, you could expect to pay around £6,000 on average for twelve new triple glazed windows. Roughly, that comes in at £500 per window.

However, there are plenty of ways you can cut the cost further. For example, you can stick to casement windows, the UK’s most popular and affordable style. A uPVC casement window with double glazing can cost as little as £150, with triple glazing adding around a 30-40% mark-up on that price.

Also, if you’re planning to replace multiple windows with soundproof triple glazing, you can often save buying in bulk. Many local providers will be willing to negotiate a cheaper rate the more windows you buy, so you get more bang for your buck.

Choosing a local installer to fit your new triple glazing windows is also a wise move. Unlike a national brand, a local provider is less likely to charge excessive premiums, and you won’t have to pay as much in travel costs or wait for them to get to you. However, finding a local installer is notoriously risky and time-consuming, meaning it isn’t usually worth it.

Soundproof Triple Glazing Prices

Getting soundproof triple glazing is worth it with Double Glazing On The Web, though. That’s because you don’t have to waste time finding a supplier on your own or risking a rogue trader. Instead, through our network of trusted companies across the UK, you can find a company in your area that’ll treat your home like their own.

They’ll treat your installation with the care and courtesy you deserve, and they’ll charge less than a national brand. Many of these companies also have accreditation from FENSA and CERTASS for added peace of mind, and they’ll provide a lower triple glazing cost.

It’s easy to find prices for soundproof triple glazing that’ll make for a brilliant investment. Start by using our online quote builder to get an estimate for any unique window, and customise it with colours, hardware and accessories to suit you. Then, we’ll provide an instant baseline quote based on your choices, and refer you to our network.

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