How to Remove Double Glazing Condensation with A Hair Dryer

Double glazing can suffer from double glazing condensation – but you could solve it with a hair dryer. You might mainly use a hair dryer for dealing with hair, but it can help you manage more things in your home than you may realise. One way you can use a hair dryer is to get mist out of your windows. With the intense, concentrated heat, you can cut through condensation.

Condensation can develop on windows for several reasons. If you have an old window, then the profiles might be letting cold air through into your home. As a result, it could clash with your home’s natural heat around the glass, meaning a mist builds up from it. It could develop on the outside panel, which is a sign your windows perform well, or inside and even between the glass panels.

With a hair dryer, though, you can fix the problem of condensation. All you have to do is plug it in, press the button, and point it at the misted up section of your windows. From there, the mist should clear, cleaning up your windows and restoring the views you have of the outside world. By doing this regularly, you could even help to make your windows last longer.

However, if your double glazing suffers from frequent condensation, a hair dryer is only a temporary fix. Although you’ll clear it away, you won’t be addressing the root problems. If your window is ageing, wearing down or fading, then condensation will only get worse. And, if it gets between the glass panels, it’s a sign that the double glazing seals have gone.

With Double Glazing on the Web, you can replace your old double glazing to stop condensation, rather than relying on a hair dryer. You can get it for less too!

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Why Does Double Glazing Get Condensation?

Over time, double glazing can weaken. Either the glass becomes less effective, the frames begin to wear away, or other components in the window start to fail. For example, windows with wooden frames can wear down quickly. Wind and rain can damage the timber and cause it to crack and twist, creating gaps for cold air and draughts to get through.

When this happens, cold air begins to collide with hot air inside your home, creating a mist that builds up on your window’s interior. Condensation can block natural light from entering your home, making your living space colder, less comfortable and less welcoming. However, there’s a difference between condensation on the inside and outside of the window. If it develops outside, then it shows that the cold air isn’t passing into your home.

However, both of these types of condensation can still be frustrating. Because of this, you’ll want to look for a fix. But options like improving air circulation with an extractor fan or opening the windows at night can be expensive or inconvenient. A hair dryer is a quick way of dealing with condensation and making sure your windows look their best.

With a hair dryer, you can also ensure that your windows’ condensation doesn’t develop into something worse. If left unchecked, condensation can weaken the glass, creating a higher risk of chips, cracks and fractures. Not only that, it can evolve into black mould, a harmful substance that could cause breathing difficulties if it passes into your lungs. Solving condensation, then, is vital.

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Stopping Double Glazing Condensation with A Hair Dryer

A hair dryer is one of the quickest ways to solve condensation in double glazing. Using one, you can clear away any mist that builds up on your windows, stopping it from causing further problems. It’s as easy as it sounds to do, as well: all you’ll need to do is point your hair dryer at the affected area of the window and clear the mist away with the concentrated heat.

You can use a hair dryer to clean away condensation outside your windows to make sure they look their best and that natural light can pass into your home. When the mist builds up on the inside panel, a hair dryer works as well. If you have the budget, though, improving your air circulation with an extractor fan or dehumidifier can prevent condensation from developing in the first place.

In some cases, though, a hair dryer won’t be as effective. If condensation begins to build up inside your window, then it could be a sign that the sealant has failed. Once this happens, the argon gas inside your double glazing escapes, meaning your window won’t level out the internal and external temperatures. Not only that, the collision of them happens inside the window itself, which could lead to internal shattering.

As a result, you’ll most likely need to repair the sealant inside your windows. However, that can be expensive if you hire an installer to do it and complex if you try and do it yourself to save money. Also, it may only be a temporary fix, as your old windows may have worn down and exposed the sealant to the elements. But there are much better ways to solve double glazing condensation.

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Replacing Double Glazing With Condensation

Using a hair dryer can stop condensation from developing on your double glazing for the time being. However, a brand-new window could stop it for decades. It could be time to switch out your old windows for several reasons – they may be wearing down, have clunky old designs, or they could be losing your home’s energy and causing your heating bills to rise.

In a brand-new window, you’ll get more durable profiles. Materials like uPVC and aluminium are fully weatherproof, meaning wind and rain won’t cause them to lose their shape. No gaps will emerge inside your windows for years to come, and your windows will be air and water-tight. Because of this, the cold air won’t be able to pass inside your home as easily, and condensation won’t develop on the inside of your window.

Because modern windows are thermally efficient, condensation could still build up outside your windows. However, that’s the perfect time to use your hair dryer to break it down. You won’t have to invest in any equipment for your home, as this kind of condensation shows that your windows are performing well. Using a hair dryer makes sure it doesn’t cause any problems for your home.

And, with a new window, you’ll benefit in so many other ways. You could invest in a brand-new design that’s bespoke to your home, with customisable hardware, accessories and colours. And, in any design, you’ll get advanced double glazing and profiles that help to insulate your home. Because of this, you can save money on energy bills and decrease your carbon footprint!

Prevent Double Glazing Condensation For Less

It’s easy to get windows that stop condensation. And, with Double Glazing on the Web, it’s even easier to save! We can help you find double glazing from local installers near you, and you can compare all of their offers to get the best possible deal. For added peace of mind, we review these companies as part of our network, and many of them have approval from bodies like FENSA.

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In conclusion, while the use of a hair dryer to put off condensation from double glazing is a brief and smooth brief answer, it no longer deals with the underlying troubles that cause the trouble. Condensation on home windows may be a signal of ageing or failing double glazing, and if left untreated, it may lead to more serious troubles like black mildew and damaged glass.

To correctly fight condensation and experience long-lasting, energy-efficient windows, changing your antique double glazing with new, outstanding home windows is the great course of motion. By making an investment in the present day, weatherproof materials and advanced double glazing era, you may keep your private home cushty, reduce your power bills, and experience clean, condensation-free views for years yet to come.


Can the usage of a hair dryer on double glazing cause any damage to the home windows? 

No, using a hair dryer on double glazing to put off condensation is generally secure and could now not cause any harm to the home windows, so long as you operate the hair dryer on a low warmth putting and hold it at an inexpensive distance from the glass.

How often do I need to use a hair dryer to put off condensation from my double glazing? 

The frequency of the usage of a hair dryer to cast off condensation depends on how frequently the condensation forms on your home windows. However, in case you discover your self desire to apply a hair dryer regularly, it may be a sign that your double glazing is failing and you wish to get it replaced.

Can I prevent condensation from forming on my double glazing without the use of a hair dryer? 

Yes, there are numerous ways to save condensation from forming in your double glazing, along with enhancing ventilation in your home, using a dehumidifier, or ensuring that your windows are nicely sealed and mounted.

Is it better to update my double glazing or restore the sealant if I have condensation between the glass panes? 

In maximum cases, if you have condensation among the glass panes of your double glazing, it’s miles more price-effective and green to update the whole window instead of attempting to restore the sealant, because the window might also have already suffered from put on and tear.

How long can I expect new double glazing to final without developing condensation issues? 

High-fine, current double glazing can close for several decades without growing condensation problems, furnished with miles nicely set up and maintained. Many manufacturers offer warranties of up to 20 years or more on their double glazing merchandise.

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