Front Door Security Features

front door security features

A modern front door will have security features that can help to keep you safe. But which one gives you the most protection? There are plenty of front doors out there promising total security and peace of mind.

But only some will offer you that feeling of complete calmness and peace inside your home. A lot of factors go into the security attributes of a front door. For a start, there are the features it uses, but the material – or materials – inside the door are also crucial.

Also, while many doors claim they have innovative security, it’s hard to work out how secure they are. You may see, for example, that your new door could have a ‘multi-point locking system’, which sounds great but doesn’t tell you much about how that helps you stay secure.

The internal hardware of the door can also have a bearing on safety. For example, the inner hinges of the door and the glass inside the panels can make a significant difference too.

At Double Glazing On The Web, though, we’re committed to keeping you safe. We believe that, before anything else, you should get an entrance that protects what matters to you. After all, the front door of your home is the most likely place for an intruder to enter it.

That’s why we put safety first throughout our process. You can work with us to find lower prices for secure front doors from trusted and fully accredited local suppliers. That way, your front door will make your home’s security water-tight.

front door security

Front Door Security Glass

Front door security and glass never used to get on. Secure front doors used to try and eschew glass as much as possible, as single-glazed designs are easily breakable. Because of this, an intruder could shatter through an older glass panel with force quite quickly.

However, nowadays, front doors have made an innovation that allows them to let more natural light through into your home, without sacrificing any of their security.

Security glass is much more durable than single-glazed options. That’s because it features multiple panes (usually two), laminated, and bound together with a layer of plastic. The design puts a barrier between your home and any threats from the outside world.

If an intruder does try and break in, the glass is much more likely to crack rather than shatter. Not only that, but glass panels in front doors today often have a multi-point locking system to stop a burglar prising the glass away from the door.

With security glass, you’ll get a secure front door that enhances your home too. The double glazing lets natural light into your living space without exposing it, and it also helps improve the insulation of the door.

Not only that, but you can get security glass in doors with several materials, including uPVC, aluminium and composite models. You’ll be able to enjoy a warmer, brighter, more comfortable living area, knowing nobody else will be able to get into it.

Secure Front Door Handles

When it comes to front door security, the handle can often be a pressing concern. Your handle is one of the weakest parts of any door and is often a burglar’s target. An intruder could try and break it with brute force, or also pick it to release the catch.

Due to this, investing in a door with a durable handle is vital. Fortunately, modern entrances come with robust handle designs. If you’re looking for a secure front door in your home, one of these can help you handle it with ease.

Some of the crucial things to look for in a door-handle include the material it uses, and whether it features any internal hardware. It would help if you searched for a door with a solid-cast metal body handle, further secured by hardened metal bolts.

A design like this can deal more effectively with forced break-in attempts. Another piece of hardware that can help is a chamfered backplate. With one of these, you’ll make it almost impossible for an intruder to use mole grips or clamps to break the handle away from the door.

You can also get handles with cylinder guards and shields. A cylinder can cover the handle, giving it more strength. It can also rotate, making lock drilling and picking a nightmare, even for the most crafty of burglars. With a durable handle, you’ll get a door that meets and exceeds British security standards too.

One helpful way of finding out how secure your new front door might be is to check if the hardware meets PAS24 standards, and if it has the Secured By Design accreditation.

secure front doors

Front Door Security Hinges

The hinges in secure front doors also have an immense impact on security. There are three things a burglar can look for in the hinges of an entrance to identify whether it’s fragile or not. If they’re damaged or worn, then a burglar can use brute force to break them.

Additionally, they can tell whether your entrance has poor-quality hinge design. Finally, if you have an out-swinging door, then your hinges may be outside of the house. As a result, anyone trying to break into your home gets much more explicit access to the hinges.

However, a new and secure front door will have security hinges to give you the right protection. Modern designs have innovative features that help you take back control of your home’s security.

For example, some models have interlocking security studs, which lock into slots on the opposite side of the hinge when they come together. Because of this, the hinges effectively huddle together, giving all of them more strength and resistance. That way, you can prevent a burglar lifting your door and getting through underneath.

That’s not all you can get in durable hinges, either. Many have a secured hinge pin, which enhances front door security by ensuring nobody will be able to unlock the pin from out of the design. These highly secure designs also come with a set screw, which keeps the pin in place and ensures your hinges can continue to protect your home reliably.

Many front doors also use weatherproof materials. Because of this, wind and rain won’t cause the hinges to rust and wear down, stopping your door becoming more fragile over time.

Front Door Multi-Point Locking Systems

You may have already heard the term ‘multi-point locking systems’ when it comes to front door security. However, there are several designs, each with differing levels of protection. The lowest-security option is a system that utilises a night latch, sometimes known as a rim automatic deadlatch.

This lock is a secondary one, mounted to the inside of the design, and it locks automatically when you close the door. However, you can find systems which provide a lot more protection.

For example, many front doors now feature a five-latch mortice deadlock. These designs are prominent in sturdy wooden doors, and homes in rural areas. However, these systems are becoming superseded at a rapid rate, so it’s best to avoid them.

A more modern alternative is the Euro profile lock (sometimes known as a cylinder lock). These doors can meet standards for Kitemark accreditation. A brilliant way to examine the quality is to look for a three-star rating, to confirm the door passes snapping and drilling tests.

However, if you want to get complete front door security, the gold standard is a BS3621 deadlock. The BS3621 British Standard confirms that your door can meet the highest levels of protection for homes in the UK.

While the design of this system is similar to a standard deadlock, but it has a more robust, reinforced deadbolt and the lock has a drill-proof casing surrounding it. With one of these multi-point locking systems, you’ll get the kind of total front door security you need for your home.

front door security prices

Secure Front Doors with Double Glazing On The Web

To invest in a front door with robust security for less, contact Double Glazing On The Web. When you install a new entrance for your home with us, you can be sure we have your security in mind. Instead of supplying designs of our own, though, we put you in contact with several trusted suppliers who only stock leading options for lower front door prices.

As a result, you can negotiate with trusted professionals in your area. That means you’ll get a lower quote, a quicker installation, and a friendly, more personalised service too.

We have an extensive network of suppliers across the UK. Many of them also have FENSA and CERTASS certifications, and supply doors that meet PAS24 hardware criteria. That means you’ll get tried and tested quality for your home with us.

Also, you can create a unique front door with additional hardware and customisable colours. Use our innovative online quote builder today to compare all of the options for your new front door, and choose a high-security design that suits your home perfectly.

To find out more about Double Glazing On The Web, give us a call today on 0800 015 5679, or fill in our online contact form today.


Investing in a stable front door is vital for shielding your private home and family. By choosing a door with robust safety glass, long lasting handles, bolstered hinges, and superior multi-factor locking systems, you could appreciably reduce the risk of ruin-ins. When looking for a new front door, search for certifications like PAS24, Secured By Design, and BS3621 to make certain you’re getting the highest stage of protection. Working with trusted suppliers through platforms like Double Glazing On The Web permits you to find an appropriate balance of safety, style, and affordability for your home’s entrance.


What is the difference between unmarried-glazed and safety glass in the front doors? 

Single-glazed glass is greater without difficulty breakable, even as security glass functions multiple laminated panes certain collectively with a plastic layer, making it more proof against shattering and tougher for intruders to penetrate.

How can I tell if a front door handle is stable? 

Look for handles made from strong-cast metal with hardened metal bolts, chamfered backplates, and cylinder guards or shields. These capabilities make them more resistant to compelled entry tries like breaking, choosing, or drilling.

Why are out-swinging the front doors considered much less steady than in-swinging doorways? 

Out-swinging doors have their hinges on the exterior of the residence, giving burglars simpler access to them. This makes it simpler for intruders to goal the hinges and probably raise the door off its frame.

What is a BS3621 impasse, and why is it considered the gold general for front door safety? 

A BS3621 impasse is a sort of multi-point locking gadget that meets the best British Standards for home protection. It features a strengthened deadbolt and a drill-evidence casing across the lock, providing superior safety towards damage-ins.

How can I discover a trusted provider for securing the front door? 

Platforms like Double Glazing On The Web join house owners with a network of relied on, certified suppliers across the UK. These suppliers offer excessive-protection front doors at aggressive charges, in conjunction with personalised providers and brief set up.

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