You can give front doors a new lease of life with side panels. If you have an entrance that is starting to get old or doesn’t have an ideal look for your home, then it could be time to invest in a sleek, modern design. And one way to achieve it with ease is adding side panels on each wing of your new entrance.

Side panels can solve problems, and create incredible benefits for your home at the same time. For example, if you live in a traditional home with a broad entry area, then these glass sections can fill this space out, giving you an entrance that feels endless.

Front doors with side panels can light up your living space. If you have an old, wooden door, then your landing might be dark and unwelcoming. However, side panels let natural light flood into your home, creating more genuine warmth and inviting guests inside.

Additionally, you’ll open up your home to the outside world without exposing yourself to it. That’s because you’ll get a durable front door with the option of weatherproof uPVC, aluminium or even a composite structure, and side panels that use advanced double glazing in their design.

Because of this, the possibilities for your new entrance could be endless. You’ll be able to customise every part of the door, and that includes the side panels too! You could choose tinted or obscured glazing, or patterned and stained designs with period quality.

Coupled with a front door in a unique colour or woodgrain finish that won’t fade for decades, your side panels will create a sleek entrance that stands out on the street. And, if you’d like to save on a spectacular new design from a local supplier, then Double Glazing On The Web is the ideal choice! Read our composite guide to find out how much doors cost – with or without side panels!

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The Benefits of Front Doors With Side Panels

Front doors with side panels can create a more impactful entrance to your home. These little glass sections give your door more space to breathe, drawing out the quality of the new design.

And quality will be the word on your guests’ lips when they walk towards your home – you’ll be investing in a modern front door that makes your home feel as good as it will look. You’ll have the choice of uPVC, aluminium and composite doors, all of which can help you save money on energy bills, and last much longer than old wooden designs too.

Even the side panels will use advanced technology in their design to keep you warm. You’ll get advanced double glazing as standard, which uses two panes of glass to trap more heat inside your home. With two panes of glass instead of one, you can block out more cold air from entering your home, and more natural warmth from escaping it.

That means your side panels will work in tandem with the door itself to keep your living space’s climate comfortable all year round. Additionally, the side sections have slimline frames too, ensuring they are air and water-tight.

Also, front doors are even more secure with side panels. These sections have multi-point locking systems and internal strengthening beads, meaning an intruder won’t be able to separate or break them. And, even if they try and walk through the front door, the rest of the design will keep them out.

That’s because you’ll get a robust material that is fully weatherproof. That way, the door won’t weaken over time, and you’ll protect innovative internal hardware from wear as well. As a result, front doors with side panels put your security front and centre.

The Best Front Doors With Side Panels

uPVC front doors are the UK’s most popular design, and it’s easy to see why. The material is affordable, but it’s able to make your home warmer and more comfortable straight away. uPVC is lightweight, but highly durable, meaning the door is easy to open and can perform smoothly for decades.

Not only that, but it is completely weatherproof, unlike timber which can wear down quickly in excess wind and water. That means uPVC front doors won’t lose their shape or their strength, and you can invest in colours and finishes with confidence. Additionally, uPVC can help prevent condensation from developing on side panels, reducing the need for cleaning.

Front doors with side panels have even more strength with aluminium. This material is a precious metal that is remarkably robust, meaning you get outstanding security. Aluminium doors are thicker, too, so you can get better sound insulation, blocking out distracting noise from entering your living space.

These doors also deal with cold air more effectively, working with the double glazing in your side panels to keep you warm at all times. That way, you’ll be able to control your home’s climate without relying on your central heating. As a result, you’ll save money on energy bills, and the light from your side panels could help you cut electricity costs down too!

If you live in a traditional home, a cottage, or you have wooden front doors, then a composite design is the ideal replacement. These doors use a blend of materials, including a solid timber core, to give you a classic design with none of the drawbacks.

Materials like uPVC and GRP protect the timber inside, meaning the door is fully weatherproof and lasts for decades. Also, composite front doors are even better with side panels. Not only do they let more light into your living space, but they can help expand the door to fit into a larger entrance more common in traditional homes.

Customisable Front Doors With Side Panels

Your front door is the first thing most people will see of your home. Because of this, you shouldn’t have to settle for an off-the-shelf entrance. That’s why, with many companies, you can invest in fully customisable front doors with side panels.

As well as choosing the materials for your new door, you could add accessories and colours that make a lasting impression. For example, you could add period-accurate knockers and handles for a classic look, or choose a catflap to give your furry friends a new door of their own.

However, what you might not have thought about is that the side panels are customisable as well. If you’re looking to get a front door with a bold colour in the design, then you can get tinted glazing to match or contrast it.

Additionally, if privacy matters to you, then you can customise your side panels with obscured glass. That way, potential intruders won’t be able to look into your home, and you could also get more control over how much light you let into your living space. Your side panels will also be made-to-measure, and air and water-tight.

Also, the design of your door doesn’t have to end at the hinges. You can add unique patterns to your side panels to give your door a look that stretches right across your home. For example, you could pair an art deco door with side panels that have floral patterns or geometric shapes.

Not only that, but you could even invest in stained glass to give your entrance even more impact. The possibilities are endless when you choose front doors with side panels. You’ll get a design that suits the outside of your home precisely, with quality that makes life inside your home more comfortable every day.

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The Cost Of Front Doors With Side Panels

Front doors with side panels are also an affordable investment for your home. uPVC front doors, on their own, can cost as little as £150. While side panels will add slightly more to the overall price, though, you’ll let more light into your living space, and you could find that you save even more money on your energy bills.

Also, there are loads of ways that you can cut the cost of a new front door even further. For example, you could work with a local company to get the design. However, it’s often a nightmare searching for one that you can trust, and it can feel like you constantly end up meeting closed doors.

With Double Glazing On The Web, though, it’s never been more straightforward to get front doors with side panels for spectacular prices! We have a network of trusted, local companies right across the UK.

That means you can find one on your doorstep that will offer you the quality door and service your home deserves. You can be sure of getting front doors that use leading materials and have superb side panels. Many of these suppliers have certifications from leading bodies like FENSA and CERTASS too, for added peace of mind.

Front Doors With Side Panels Prices

Get front doors with side panels and save on front door prices with Double Glazing On The Web!

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Once you have the right door for you, we can provide you with an instant price, and refer you to suppliers in your area. Then, you can talk to several of them to negotiate for better offers, meaning you save even more.

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