How Fashionable Are Bifold Doors?

Bifold Doors Going Out Of Fashion

Introduction to Bifold Doors

What are bifold doors?

Bifold doors are doors that consist of several panels, typically glass, that fold into each other. When opened, the panels stack onto each other, similar to an accordion. Even with new trends leaning toward pocket doors and barn style sliding doors, bifold doors like these remain very much in demand, hardly Bifold doors going out of fashion. The panels can be folded completely on one or both door sides.

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Brief history

Bifold doors first became popular in the 1970s as a flexible way to open up interior spaces without occupying floor space. They provided a modern, clean look for rooms like closets, laundry rooms, pantries, and hallways.

Main benefits

Bifold doors are space-saving, stylish, and versatile. Key benefits include:

  • Take up little floor space when open
  • Allow natural light into interior rooms
  • Create an open-concept feel
  • Offer flexible room partitioning
  • Sleek, modern aesthetic

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Bifold Door Styles

Many bifold door styles are available to match diverse home interiors:

Full glass

All-glass bifold doors beautifully open up rooms with natural light. The minimal frames create a contemporary look.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass bifold doors allow light while obscuring views. They bring modern style with added privacy.


Mirrored bifold doors inject glamour into dressing areas and closets. They visually expand small spaces.


Wood bifold doors offer a classic warmth. Stained wood colours complement traditional decor themes.


Painted bifold doors permit colour personalization. Bold tones make the doors a decorative focal point.

Where to Use Bifold Doors

Bifold doors have many interior applications, including:

As room dividers

Bifold room dividers allow rooms to be open or separated per need. They work well between kitchens, dining rooms, and living areas.

As closet doors

In closets, bifold doors slide neatly out of the way but obscure contents when closed. Small hardware suits tight layouts.

As patio doors

Bifold patio doors fully retract to seamlessly integrate outdoor and indoor entertaining spaces.

Bifold Door Hardware

Hardware is essential for proper bifold door function:

Track systems

Track systems mounted above the doors guide the folding/sliding movement. High-quality tracks ensure smooth operation.

Handles and latches

Handles and latches add functionality, security, and visual interest. Positioning, style, and finish should match the other hardware.


Multipanel hinges connect each bifold door section. They need to glide easily without sticking or binding.

Installation and Maintenance

With some planning, bifold doors are reasonably easy to install and maintain:

DIY or professional installation

DIY bifold door installation is achievable, but for inexperienced DIYers, hiring a professional ensures proper alignment and performance.

Cleaning and care

Bifold door cleaning varies based on material but typically involves only mild soap and water. Annual hardware lubrication maintains smooth gliding.

Troubleshooting tips

Common bifold door problems like sticking, rubbing, or locking issues often stem from hardware misalignments correctable by adjustments.

Cost of Bifold Doors

Many factors influence how much bifold doors cost:

Factors affecting cost

Door size, materials, hardware types, customization, accessories, and labour impact installed bifold door pricing. High-end wood or glass doors run over $5,000. Value vinyl models cost under $500.

Budget vs. high-end

Budget bifold doors work fine for basic utility applications while premium doors better suit focal living spaces. Sales and special packages offer cost savings.

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Style-conscious homeowners embrace bifold door trends like:

Bifold doors in grey hues and whites suit modern aesthetics. Stained natural wood remains popular for a classic charm. Bold, dark bifold door colours create striking accents.

Smart/automated doors

Smart bifold doors feature motorised operation via home automation systems or remote controls. Automation enhances both function and flair.

Custom designs

Custom bifold door elements such as decorative glass textures, mixed materials, or uncommon dimensions reflect personal taste and allow room-specific tailoring.

Bifold Doors Going Out Of Fashion? No Way!

While some claim bifold doors are fading in popularity compared to modern door options like pocket and barn doors, data shows bifold door sales remain strong year after year. Their space-saving accordion-style fold remains ideal for tight spaces, closets, room dividers or anywhere that opens and closes frequently. Clean lines suit modern and contemporary homes beautifully. With on-trend styles and colors, exceptional durability and easy DIY installation, bifolds aren’t budging from their staple status in residential settings.


With visual appeal, space savings, and design flexibility, it’s easy to see why bifold doors are here to stay. Their clean, modern look fits contemporary homes beautifully while classic stained wood fold doors feel right at home in traditional spaces. Performance, options, and styling ensure these doors will fold neatly into home interiors for years to come.


Are bifold doors expensive?

Bifold door costs range widely from a few hundred dollars for basic vinyl panels to several thousand for oversized wood doors with premium hardware and custom detailing. Sales can offer substantial savings off retail.

Do bifold doors provide good insulation?

Basic single-pane bifold doors lose heat rapidly. Thermally-broken frames with double or triple glazing significantly improve insulation. For external use in cold climates, choose well-insulated doors.

How long do bifold doors last?

With quality materials and proper installation, bifold doors typically last 15-30 years. Best longevity comes from reinforced vinyl, fibreglass, or solid hardwood doors with all-metal hardware. Proper care also extends door lifespans.

Can bifold doors be locked?

Yes, bifold doors can lock in the closed position for security. Multi-point locks embedded in door panels or frames provide the most reliable latching. Keyed locks boost privacy. Handles, shoot bolts, or hasps offer simpler locking options.

Do bifold doors require a track?

Yes, nearly all bifold doors need overhead tracks to guide smooth operation and prevent sagging doors over time. Top-hung tracks take the weight load instead of side hinges or floor guides. High-quality steel or aluminum tracks ensure durability and function.

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