You can add new external cottage doors to improve the performance of your home. While you may be worried about losing the look of your stunning cottage, modern doors can give you this traditional look. Not only that, but you’ll get stunning performance, and the ability to design a door that suits your style perfectly.

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Many cottages are listed buildings, and you may live within a conservation area as well. If that applies to you, then there are some limits on the doors you can install. However, you can choose from styles and materials that will not only fit your home but meet the stringent rules. These can be traditional timber, but also wooden alternatives.

If you have a cottage that has period style, you don’t have to get a door with period performance either. Instead, you can choose brand-new external cottage doors that use advanced materials, glazing and handles to give you a brilliant new addition. They’re durable, secure, and you can even customise the colours and finishes on some of them to add a personal touch to the design.

As a replacement option, doors can also make more of a difference than you may think. They can preserve more heat inside your home, give you added privacy, and make a lasting impression on your guests too. With Double Glazing On The Web, you can compare materials, styles and dimensions and choose the door that’s right for you, and save money on your investment as well.


External Cottage Door Replacement

In your cottage, you’ll likely have a traditional timber door. These doors have an elegant, authentic look, as well as strength and insulation. However, timber does have some drawbacks that show themselves more over time. For example, timber wears away in bad weather, its prone to rotting and warping, and that means that the door becomes less effective.

As a result, your door can start to let your home’s heat escape more quickly from your living space. Not only that, but cracks in the design can allow cold air into your home as well, creating a space that you have to use your central heating to make comfortable. With new external cottage doors, however, you can put these problems in the past.

You’ll be able to invest in new cottage doors that have much better performance than your old designs. That’s because they use advanced materials, more glazing, and have an air and water-tight design. You don’t even have to invest in timber doors to get the authentic look, as there are plenty of alternative materials, like composite, which recreate timber faithfully.

You can add new external cottage doors across your home as well. That way, you’ll be in more control of how you heat your living space and secure it as well. You can add a new back door which has stunning durability and can help keep your home safe from unwanted visitors. You could also add a door that connects your cottage seamlessly to your garden, with stable doors available that suit cottages ideally.

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What Materials Can I Use in New External Cottage Doors?

When you replace your external cottage doors, you have control over what materials they feature. While you can get new timber doors, you can also choose from a range of timber alternatives. Many of these doors fit the rules surrounding listed buildings and conservation areas too! However, you should always check with your local authority about this.


You can choose new timber doors for your cottage as a replacement option. However, timber can lose its performance quickly and become increasingly hard to maintain. That’s because it doesn’t offer a great deal of weather protection, and wind and rain can cause the wood to rot, twist and misshape. It’ll require re-painting and re-varnishing regularly too, taking up a lot of your time.

Timber doors are the best option for preserving the traditional look of your cottage. However, timber doors can be costly compared to other options, and they’re more challenging to maintain. If you already have a timber cottage door, you may already be noticing a loss in performance. Fortunately, you don’t have to invest in timber doors for your cottage if you don’t want to.


Composite doors are a brilliant alternative to timber. That’s because they still use wood in their core, but they combine it with a range of modern materials, such as uPVC and GRP. The blend is exceptionally robust and durable, and you can customise it in a wide variety of colours and finishes that won’t lose their vibrancy for decades.

Composite doors are also weatherproof, meaning they won’t lose their shape over time as timber doors do. Additionally, their advanced design makes them better at channelling energy in your home, meaning you could save more money on your household bills. Finally, timber alternative doors may even be suitable for listed buildings, and you can check with your local authority to make sure.

With alternatives, such as composite doors, you’ll get a fully weatherproof door. The blend of materials, including uPVC and GRP, provides extra protection from wind and rain and protects the timber core. That way, you’ll still get the authentic timber design, but it’ll last much longer. The door can perform for decades, and even without regular maintenance too.


External Cottage Doors with Glazing

When you replace your external cottage doors, you can also customise them with plenty of glazing options. You can add as much glazing as you’d like to your door, meaning you can light up areas of your home you may not have been able to before. You can get double glazing that helps you save energy inside your home, while also giving you more natural light and warmth.

For example, you could add side panels to a composite door, lighting up the sides and extending the entrance of your home. Also, for a back or side door, you could choose a split opening in which the top half is glazing and opens individually, like a stable door. You can also get tinted or patterned glazing in these doors, for a unique touch that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Do New External Cottage Doors Save Energy?

By adding new external cottage doors, you can bring your cottage’s performance up to modern-day standards. While you’ll retain a traditional look, you’ll be getting a door that sets your home up for the future. With a brand-new external door, you can get a durable design that uses market-leading materials to help you save energy.

One of the crucial benefits of replacing your doors is that you’ll trap more heat inside your home. Timber alternative doors have a more robust design with better insulation. As a result, warmth has a harder time escaping your home, and you’ll keep cold air away too. You’ll make your living space more comfortable without needing your central heating, saving you money on bills.

Do New External Cottage Doors Improve Security?

By replacing your external cottage doors, you’ll also be investing in you and your family’s safety. Working with Double Glazing On The Web, you’ll be able to get in touch with the best suppliers and installers in your local area. They’ll be part of our network, which we review extensively to make sure they put you and your family’s security first.

Every new door you can get for your cottage features firm security measures and internal hardware. You’ll get reinforced locks, robust handles and a choice of accessories, like knockers, that can improve security too. To top it all off, you can choose an advanced material like composite that protects the internal security. That way, you’ll make sure no intruders can tamper with it.

How Much Do New External Cottage Doors Cost?

In any case, installing new external cottage doors can be a significant investment. However, you can cut the cost down in various ways. For example, composite doors are a cheaper option than traditional timber. Prices start at just £1000, although they can rise to £1500 depending on the amount of glazing you want to add.

The cost can vary depending on the dimensions of your door as well. If you have a larger cottage, you can expect to pay a little more for bigger doors. Also, if you want to replace multiple entries in your home, you can expect to pay more, but you’ll save more money in your home over time. Your new doors will improve your home’s performance and save you money from day one.

To get new external cottage doors for less, however, you can work with Double Glazing On The Web. We offer an interactive external cottage doors cost calculator, which lets you compare the prices for a range of doors. You can see how materials, glazing and accessories affect the cost and compare multiple options, to make sure you get a door that suits your style and your budget.

Once you’ve picked out the doors for you, we’ll put you in contact with our trusted network. These installers are local specialists with approval from bodies such as Certass, Checkatrade and Which? for added trust. They’ll install your new doors for free as part of your quote, and give you advice on whether you can fit your chosen design if you live in a listed building or conservation area.

Get in touch with us today to add stunning new external cottage doors to your home.