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Double Glazed Windows

For many homeowners, installing new double-glazed windows means lower energy bills and a warmer home but is this true?

Installed as standard in modern homes, double glazing is seen as the quickest, most cost-effective way to an energy efficient home.

double glazing near me

Not only does double glazing improve thermal efficiency, installing new windows will significantly improve aesthetics and security too.

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazed windows are built with two panes of glass that are separated by a layer of air or gas. This effectively keeps warm air in, helping your home to be well insulated and prevents cold spots and draughts.

Double glazing near meThe added layer of glazing will also help to keep external noise to a minimum. This is especially helpful if you happen to live within a heavily built up area or alongside a main road.

Does Double Glazing Really Make a Difference?

You are probably wondering whether installing double glazing will be worth the initial cost. As with all home improvements, the price can leave you wondering whether it’s necessary.

The cost of double glazing however, is not expensive as you might think and the benefits are many.

double glazing near me

A More Comfortable Home

Old windows and single glazed windows allow cold air and draughts to circulate. No one likes to feel cold and uncomfortable in their own home. Most of a home’s heating can be lost through in efficient windows. Installing double glazed windows will help to reduce heat loss and cold spots.

Save On Energy

Designed to keep the maximum amount of heat in your home, double glazed energy efficient windows will help to keep energy bills to a minimum.

Double glazed windows are available with a choice of energy rated glass, with A rated windows being the most energy efficient.

Better Acoustics

Single pane glass tends to let in a lot of outdoor noise which certainly does not make for a quiet home. Those that live on busy streets or next to an airport will want to block out as much noise as possible.

Double glazed windows are designed to improve sound insulation, helping to block out exterior noise.

Enhanced Security

Single pane glass and old windows can become less effective over time and in the worst-case scenario, become a security risk.

Today’s double glazed windows come high security features, helping to protect your home from break-ins and intruders.

Installing new double glazed windows can greatly enhance your home’s security.

Double Glazing Reduces Condensation

Did you know that condensation only forms on surfaces cooler than the surrounding air? Double glazing can greatly reduce this by allowing the inner glass of the windows to retain heat.

double glazing near me

It’s important to note that double glazing can only work efficiently when there is enough heat within a room.  If a room is poorly heated, then double glazing will not be able to reduce heat that is lost through conduction.

Add Double Glazing Before You Sell

A house with double glazing will be more attractive to potential buyers. No one will want to buy a property if it is too cold or noisy.

Upgrading your windows will also enhance your home’s aesthetics, making your property look more modern. Double glazing will add significant appeal, making your home easier to sell.

Double Glazing & Energy Efficient Windows

All homes will lose heat through their windows and installing energy efficient double-glazing is the best way to tackle this problem, keeping your home warmer and quieter.

Energy efficient double glazing comes in a variety of window frame styles and materials.

Double Glazing Energy Ratings

The energy-rating system for a double-glazed window follows a similar pattern to appliance energy labels, with double glazing being rated between A++ (the most efficient) to E (the least energy efficient).

Building Regulations state that all new windows need to be at least C energy rated. Many double glazing companies claim to have energy efficient windows but before you buy into their claims, we recommend you shop around.

This way, you can best compare energy efficient windows and their prices.


When looking at energy ratings, you will also come across a ‘U-Value’. A U-Value measures how easily heat passes through something. The lower the U-Value, the better the window.

Will My Double Glazing Need Replacing?

Eventually, all windows and double glazing will get to a stage where they need to be replaced.

Many double glazed windows will come with a 10 year guarantee and are designed to last for many years. Factors that will affect whether your windows need replacing sooner include materials used, glazing and quality of installation.

Other signs to look out for include:

  • Yellowing or cracking of the frame
  • Visible damage to the seals
  • Difficulty opening, closing or locking

If your windows show any signs of the above, then it is worth speaking to a double-glazing company to see what can or can’t be done.

Which Double Glazing?

Take some time to think about the style of windows you want fitted in your home, as well as their energy efficiency and security. Think about the exterior of your home and which window style would be in keeping with the aesthetics of your property.

For a period property, a modern window with an authentic timber appearance would help to maintain a traditional appearance.

Invest In Comfort

Get a better insulated house with double glazing. Create your online quote today and start comparing double glazing near you.