Buying double glazed windows is a great opportunity to enhance your home. However, while it’s easy to buy windows for your home these days, it’s more tricky to make the right investment. That’s because there are far more companies out there than there ever have been, and you never quite know who to trust. Not only that, but you may invest in a poor-quality window.

With the right product, though, double glazed windows can help your home in several ways. These windows have better insulation than old designs, thanks to having two panes of glass. However, modern windows also switch out timber for uPVC or aluminium, materials with better strength and durability.

You might have windows that are getting older inside your home right now. If they have wooden frames, single-glazed glass or both, then they could fail sooner rather than later. Not only is one layer of glass far more fragile than two, but the wooden frames aren’t weatherproof. That means wind and rain can damage them, creating gaps for cold air to enter your home.

However, modern double glazed windows are energy efficient options for your home. The double glazing can trap warm air inside your home and keep cold air out, while the frames will be air and water-tight too. Your new window will also be weatherproof, meaning it won’t suffer any major damage for decades, no matter the conditions.

So, how do you get new double glazed windows from a company you can trust? With Double Glazing On The Web, it’s never been easier. You can compare installers from our trusted network online, meaning finding a company you can trust will only take minutes. And, as they’ll be local to your area, you could find that you save money on double glazing prices too.

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When Is Buying New Double Glazed Windows Right?

Buying new double glazed windows can help you update the performance of your home. That’s because you’ll be replacing older designs with them, which could be underperforming. Over time, your windows can become less efficient as the frames chip and crack, and the glass weakens. As a result, your windows could be losing as much as 10% of your home’s energy.

But when is it the right time to invest in new designs? If they’ve already begun to fail, it could be too late. Once the frames crack or the glass breaks, you’ll have a window that leaves your home in the cold. Because of this, you’ll need to get it replaced quickly, but you’ll have an uncomfortable home for the whole time that you have to wait.

However, there are some ways to get ahead of your windows failing. If they suffer from condensation on the inside panel, then it’s a telltale sign that the windows aren’t efficient. When the mist builds up there, it shows that cold air is entering your home too easily. Also, if the wooden frames begin to show visible wear, it could be time to switch them out.

When you replace your old windows, you could also be saving a lot of money in the long run. While repairing is the cheaper option at first, these fixes are often only temporary. That means you could end up with the same problem in only a few months, meaning you get caught in a vicious cycle of repeating costs. By buying new double glazed windows, you’ll make one investment that lasts.

The Benefits of Buying New Double Glazed Windows

New double glazed windows can pay the cost of your investment back over time. Because you’ll get a durable design, you won’t have to worry about repairs or maintenance for decades. Also, your windows will help you cut the cost of your energy bills over time. With these savings, you could put less strain on your boiler, and more money in your pocket.

You’ll be in control of the design of your new double glazed windows, as well. Buying double glazed windows gives you the chance to select from a range of unique styles and opening systems. That way, you can get a window that perfectly suits your home – many companies offer modern tilt and turn windows or traditional sash and sliding sash designs.

Additionally, you’ll be able to protect what matters most by buying double glazed windows. With tougher, more resistant glass and highly durable frames, the windows already have more strength than older models. However, you should also benefit from additional security hardware, with multi-point locking systems and anti-tamper locks available on most windows.

Finally, you’ll also invest in windows that last for your home. With weatherproof uPVC or aluminium frames, the window won’t lose its shape or strength in wind and rain. As a result, the whole design will perform at its peak for decades. You won’t have to carry out regular maintenance, either, making new windows something to enjoy rather than manage.

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What To Look For When Buying Double Glazed Windows

Most double glazed windows are spectacular additions for your home. However, how do you know which ones will be high-quality designs? Fortunately, there are some tips you can use to separate the professionals from the pretenders. Usually, they’re fairly obvious too, meaning you’ll be able to know a quality window when you see one.

One of the best ways to tell if your new windows will perform for your home is by checking their WER, or Window Energy Rating. All windows must have one of these ratings, which rank their energy efficiency on a sliding scale. Windows with higher grades, such as A and A+, are the ones to look out for. These windows block out more cold air, and they barely let any of your home’s heat escape.

Another method is to check the security options you’ll get with your windows. The most important thing in any design should be security, so if a window seems to be skimping on it, it’s a big red flag. Your new window should have multi-point locking systems, resilient hinges and durable frames that protect them from rust and wear.

That way, you can have peace of mind in your new design. Finally, accreditations are an excellent way of checking whether you’re buying the right double glazed windows. Groups like FENSA and CERTASS offer legal certifications for windows that meet high performance standards, while groups like Checkatrade and Which? certify the quality of their installers.

How To Save Money Buying Double Glazed Windows

We all want to buy the best double glazed windows for our homes. Saving money, though, is more tricky. In most cases, buying the right windows for your home is a balance – you want to make sure you get a quality design, but for a deal that’s just as appealing. And, when you look to buy new double glazed windows, there are plenty of methods to find good deals.

One way is to buy your double glazed windows at the right time. During the winter months, people are less likely to replace the windows as it’s cold outside. However, if you’re prepared to wear plenty of layers for a short period, you could make huge savings on your new windows. That way, you can get a high-quality design for a much lower price.

One way companies will try and attract you is by offering their windows on special deals. However, it’s important not to take them at face value. That’s because many local companies will try and manipulate their offers, making them seem better than they are. Even worse, they could be selling a poor-quality window, or they could scam you completely.

That’s why the best way to save money on buying double glazed windows is to work with Double Glazing On The Web. When you search for new double glazed windows through us, we can put you in touch with trusted companies near you. That way, you can work with a company you can rely on, and they’ll offer windows, prices and installation that are worth your investment.

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Buying Double Glazed Windows Online

Double Glazing On The Web makes buying new double glazed windows online easy. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we’ll put you in touch with the companies that can turn your window dreams into a reality. We only work with local suppliers – that way, you get more personalised service, shorter waiting times, and lower prices.

Our network of them covers the whole UK, meaning you’ll find a trusted team on your doorstep wherever you are. You’ll be able to pick out bespoke double glazed windows for your home with unique styles, colours and other features with ease, too. Then, their installation team will fit your windows with care and courtesy.

With us, you can also compare multiple companies. You’ll be able to speak to several of them, meaning you can work out which is offering the best deal. Not only that, but you can negotiate with them all, driving the cost of your double glazed windows down even further! Many of the companies we work with are FENSA and CERTASS-certified too, guaranteeing a high-quality window for your home.

Buying Double Glazed Windows

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