An old double glazing unit can sometimes shatter in heat. Sometimes it can happen without warning, seeming like a piece of divine intervention, and it can have disastrous consequences for your home.

If your double glazing unit shatters, it can do so violently. That’s because the cause can often be stress and pressure on the glass. When each side of a pane of glass has a different temperature, the different demands put a strain on the unit, making it more fragile.

When the heat emerges outside in the summer, some old double glazing units are more at risk. You may have a window that faces the sun to benefit from natural light, but the flipside of this is that the window has to deal with more pressure.

If your double glazed window has any gaps for air to rush in through or thin glass, then the heat from outside can combine with cold from within your home. As a result, the two react against each other, bursting the glass panels from within, and causing the double glazing to shatter in heat.

Because it happens so quickly, it might feel like there’s no way to slow it down. However, by taking a few measures now, you can massively reduce the risks your double glazing has in heat. Not only that, but you can always replace your windows today, rather than wait for the double glazing unit to shatter in heat, leaving you to pick up the repair costs.

That way, you’ll keep control of your living space, and spend more time enjoying the summer months rather than being on edge. Your new windows most certainly won’t crack under pressure.

can double glazing shatter in heat

Why Would Double Glazing Shatter In Heat?

If you want to find out why double glazing could shatter in heat, it’s vital to know how a unit works. Double glazing units use two panels of glass instead of one to put more in the way of outside temperatures and your home. Because of this, you keep more cold air out, and more warm air inside.

However, when you do that, the difference in temperatures only grows, heightening the risk of shattering. To combat this, your double glazing unit has argon gas inside the glass, reducing heat transfer, as well as desiccant and sealant to prevent the different pressures colliding.

In a working double glazing unit, you can create a vacuum in between the two panes of glass. You’ll get this when the desiccant and sealant are working correctly, and the whole design is air and water-tight. However, over time, your double glazing can begin to weaken and crack.

While most units are weatherproof, yours may have timber frames, or be a design that’s performed for decades. The risk of this, though, is that a small crack emerges. When this happens, it lets the heat from outside in summer collide with the cold temperatures in your home.

Because your double glazing unit has a vacuum, air getting into this is a violent process. If both hot and cold air can get inside the unit, then the two pressures fill the space rapidly, fighting for control. As a result, the pressure on both panes of glass is enormous and, eventually, they shatter.

You’ll know when it happens, as your double glazing will turn into thousands of shards by the sheer force of the break. Alternatively, in lower pressures, a pressure crack can occur across the long edge of your double glazing. In both cases, though, you’ll require repairs or a full replacement.

Ways To Manage Double Glazing In Heat

There are several ways to manage double glazing in heat. Firstly, if your window faces the sun, then the glass panel outside can be more prone to getting hot. If so, you could invest in a porch section above the window, helping to shield it from the heat.

Additionally, installing blinds can help not only with reducing warmth, but improving shading and reducing glare when there’s a lot of sunlight outside. That way, you can reduce the risk of shattering and get more control of your home’s lighting.

Another reason why your double glazing unit could shatter in the heat is down to the desiccant. Some older desiccants desorb nitrogen in hot temperatures. However, if you don’t have a low deflection desiccant in your window, then your unit could be at risk.

Low deflection designs are much more durable and able to deal with more pressure. It could be wise to check your window for this, as some desiccants create negative pressure. Negative pressure puts much more strain on the glass, increasing the likelihood of shattering.

Finally, the depth of your glass panels can be a crucial factor in how they deal with heat. If you have thinner glass, with a thickness of around 4mm, then there’s less protection against temperatures outside. Ideally, your window should have about 6mm of glass inside the unit, providing more suitable protection against the heat.

If your windows are thin, then there’s a higher chance your double glazing will shatter in heat. As a result, you could be better off replacing now rather than waiting for the costly repairs later.

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Replacing Double Glazing

If you have an old double glazing unit, then you could be better off replacing it with a brand-new one. Not only will you be able to do away with the worries you’ll have about your current windows, but you’ll get bold new designs that enhance the look and feel of your living space.

With modern double glazing, you’ll get toughened, thick glass and a choice of durable frames as well. The structure of your window can also play a crucial role in preventing heat from entering the design, so getting a robust one is vital. Options like uPVC and aluminium won’t warp, crack or twist, protecting the glass inside for decades to come.

You’ll also get a choice of unique windows. If you have an old casement window, then you might find you get a new style for your home. You’ll be able to choose from styles like the tilt and turn option, which opens in multiple ways while staying locked to the central bar, and vertical sliding sash windows that open upward for a classic, elegant feel.

In any case, you can fit the design with durable double glazing that is much less likely to break, crack, or shatter in heat. That way, you can spend less time worrying in summer, and more time enjoying the warmth.

And you’ll get much more warmth in your home all year round as well. That’s because modern double glazing units have spectacular insulation, meaning you can keep the cold well away from your living space. Because of this, you won’t have to rely on your central heating to make your home warm, and the slimline frames let through more natural light into your home.

As a result, you can create a warm, comfortable and bright living space you and your family will love. Additionally, you’ll save money on energy bills and even decrease your carbon footprint!

Double Glazing Costs

For replacement double glazing that doesn’t shatter in heat, you won’t have to pay too much either! You could get a new uPVC casement window for as little as £150. Not only that, but you can invest in tilt and turn and sliding sash options for around £500, while even the expansive bow and bay windows start from just over £1000.

With the amount of money you’ll save on your energy bills year on year, you could find that you begin to pay the cost of your investment back over time too. That means you’ll worry less about your finances as well as your windows.

Also, you can make sure before you buy that your new windows have thick glass, low deflection desiccant and weather-resistant frames. As a result, you can reduce the risk of shattering in heat. You’ll save money down the line that way on repairs, and you can enjoy the warm weather with total peace of mind.

New windows also have broad openings and full glazing sections, meaning you can get more natural light and ample space for ventilation. And, if you want even more insulation and energy savings, you can always upgrade to triple glazing!

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