Coloured uPVC doors are an incredible opportunity to set out a new style for your home. Whether you need a new front door or something to open your home up to your garden, a bold colour will make it stand out.

Your front door is the first thing most people see of your home, while unique designs in your living space can make a brilliant impression on any guests. If you want to give your home a unique set of doors, then the ideal choice is coloured uPVC which can be fully bespoke to your needs.

uPVC is fast becoming the standard for doors in the UK. That’s because the material has the versatility and performance that a modern homeowner needs. You’ll be investing in a door that can help you save money inside your home, thanks to its superb insulation.

Additionally, the material is weather-resistant, so it can last longer and protect the parts inside the door. Finally, uPVC doesn’t scratch, wear down or visibly damage for years. That means you can add bold colour in confidence, knowing it won’t fade over time.

The coloured part of uPVC doors isn’t the only place you can customise, either. A new entrance for your home comes with several options so you can make it bespoke to you. For example, you can choose detailed handles and knockers that combine period design with leading strength and durability.

Not only that, but you can add side panels of double glazing, a low threshold for improved mobility, or even a catflap for smaller members of your family. That way, coloured uPVC doors can add colour to your daily life.

bespoke coloured upvc doors

Coloured uPVC Doors

So, why choose coloured uPVC doors? Firstly, you can make your new designs stand out on the street. In a front door, you can create a centrepiece for your home that draws the eye. Not only that, but you can add coloured uPVC doors right across your home too.

You could choose French doors, ideal for opening up to the rear of your home. Alternatively, there are sliding and bi-fold doors available, which bring nature closer to your living space with their innovative, fully-glazed designs.

Coloured uPVC doors use double glazing and durable uPVC. As a result, they’ll look fantastic, but also provide excellent performance for your home. Both of these materials are energy efficient and able to help you make your home warmer any day of the year.

When the cold tries to pass through your new door, it’ll face air and water-tight design with no cracks in the frame. Because of this, there’ll be no space for the cold to get into your home, and you’ll capture more of your home’s natural warmth too. That way, you can stay warm while saving on energy bills!

Also, uPVC is weather-resistant. That means that, if you have a wooden door, you can finally get a door that maintains its shape in wind and rain. Not only that, but uPVC won’t crack or twist under water ingress, and the air-tight design ensures draughts won’t develop in your living space.

But perhaps above all this, the frame won’t fade over time. As a result, you can invest in coloured uPVC doors in any style, and it’ll maintain its vibrant glow for decades. There’s also the option of authentic woodgrain finishes!

Coloured uPVC Doors Customisation

If you’re interested in coloured uPVC doors, then you’ll get limitless choice for how they look. Customisation is so crucial these days in home design. That’s because a new door can help your home stand out straight away, but also transform the way your living space looks and feels.

With a new front door, you could choose to bring more light into your landing with side panels. These features use advanced double glazing to let light pour into your home, without exposing it to cold temperatures.

However, you could also invest in doors that open up to a conservatory or your garden. Sliding doors, for example, can come with two panels of double glazing, or one uninterrupted pane.

Because of this, you can invest in a door with incredible views of the outside world, making your living area feel like it has endless space. French doors are a classic design for connecting conservatory doors too, and you can customise them with bespoke handles, or tinted glazing.

Also, coloured uPVC bi-fold doors let you customise your home anew every day. These designs have a stunning folding opening, meaning you can fold the door away into the corner of the room when you want to open it.

Alternatively, you can also use bi-fold designs to break up your home’s space into more private areas. If you have a large living room you’d like to split, then bi-folds work as a partition. You can choose a fully uPVC design with an authentic woodgrain finish for a durable design with superb sound insulation for total privacy.

bespoke coloured doors prices

Coloured uPVC Door Styles

Make a lasting impression with coloured uPVC front doors for your home. These doors use durable uPVC and superb internal hardware to help you draw your guests in and keep intruders out. Coloured uPVC doors can keep your home safe from burglars, as the design features smart internal hardware at every corner.

For a start, many models use multi-point locking systems to ensure no intruder can separate the glass from the uPVC frame. You can also choose a muted finish, such as anthracite grey, to make your door more discrete.

Coloured uPVC French doors can open your home up in style. These designs are double doors that swing outwardly, helping you ventilate your living space and provide a clearer pathway to your garden.

uPVC French doors can also help you make your home warmer throughout the year. The coloured uPVC absorbs heat and insulates your home from the cold so that you can save money on energy bills. If you have an older conservatory, you could find that you make it more comfortable too!

uPVC sliding doors sit on an in-line slider. Because of this, there’s no swing arc, meaning you can improve space in your home. Not only that, but the design features full panels of double glazing and impossibly slim frames.

As a result, you’ll light up your home and make your garden feel like a more natural part of it. Also, with a coloured uPVC frame, you’ll make the doors shine with a splash of unique colour. The uPVC also protects parts inside the in-line slider from rust and wear, so you get smooth sliding every time.

For a standout addition to your home, bespoke coloured uPVC bi-fold doors draw eyes every time. You’ll get a door that uses multiple panels of double glazing, which you can fold in on each other when you want to open the door.

Bi-folds completely disappear into the corner of the room when you open them, leaving a wide-open space for fresh air, natural light, and entrance to your garden. You can also customise the doors with a low-threshold option that makes them wheelchair and mobility-friendly.

coloured upvc doors prices

Coloured uPVC Doors Costs

Coloured uPVC doors are a superb investment for any home. You won’t only be able to save money over time, but you won’t have to pay a high price to start with either. Coloured uPVC front doors could start from as little as £250 for your home.

That way, you can open your living space up to incredible benefits for a lower opening price. If you’d like more innovative designs in other areas of your home, though, you can expect to pay more. Both French and sliding doors start from around £950, and bi-fold doors can cost double that at first.

However, whichever design you choose, you won’t have to take a risk on colour. uPVC doesn’t fade for decades, and it doesn’t require any extensive maintenance. Because of this, you’ll never have to repaint the door, and you can get one stunning finish that lasts for up to 30 years, or even longer with regular cleaning.

With many local installers, you can also get a choice of colour or finish for free as part of your quote. As a result, you can invest in a bespoke, stylish design for your door, without any extra cost.

Coloured uPVC Doors Prices

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