Top 20 Reason to Choose Double Glazed Over Single Glazed


Single glazed windows are so old-school. If your home nonetheless has them, you are missing out! Double glazed windows have  panes of glass rather than one. There’s a layer of air or gas trapped in among them. This makes double glazing way better than single glazing when comparing double glazed windows vs single. We’re Double Glazing on the Web – the cross-to oldsters for double glazing costs close to you. Stick with us to discover the 20 motives why double glazing is the bee’s knees.

double glazed windows vs single

Double Glazed Windows vs Single: Top 20 Reasons to Choose Double Glazed Over Single Glazed

Save Energy, Save Cash

Better Insulation

Want to stop heat from leaking out your windows? Double glazing is your man. It’s better at insulating than single glazing. Your domestic will live toasty in the iciness and cool in the summer.

Slash Those Bills

Better insulation method, your warmth and AC do not need to be painted so tough. This cuts down on strength use. Ka-ching! Watch those application payments drop through masses each year with double glazing.

Enjoy the Peace and Quiet

Cut the Racket

From honking cars to revving lawnmowers, the out of doors international is loud! Double glazing facilitates shutting out the ones annoying low-pitched noises manner higher than single glazing. The  panes of glass and air hole block sound like a champ.

Your Happy Place

With double glazed windows, your house becomes a non violent sanctuary. Forget the noisy distractions and simply relax. Perfect for naps, operating from home, or simply getting a few doggone peace and quiet.

Amp Up Your Security

Tough Stuff

Burglars have a miles tougher time busting through double glazing. It’s one robust cookie – specifically in case you opt for strengthened or toughened glass. Single glazing is a wimpy pushover in contrast.

Bonus Protection

Even if some punk manages to shatter the outside pane, surprise! There’s still another pane to get via. This buys you precious time to recognise what is up and scares off many would-be crooks.

Pro Tip: Add Locks

For Fort Knox stage security, pair the brawn of double glazing with the brains of keyed window locks. Multi-factor locks that secure the window in  or more spots are the last burglar stumper.

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Say Bye to Condensation and Mould

Say Bye to Condensation and Mould

No More Foggy Windows

Tired of home windows that look like a sauna? Condensation takes place when muggy internal air hits a cold window. Double glazing’s inner pane remains warmer than single, so it doesn’t fog up as an awful lot. Built-in vents allow moisture to get away too.

Mould, Mould, Go Away

Less condensation additionally approaches less mould and mould gunk. Double glazing keeps all that nastiness from growing to your home windows and making your family sick. It protects your window frames and partitions too.

Get Comfy

Drafts Begone

Brrr! Single pane windows permit bloodless drafts like they’re web hosting a winter celebration. Double glazing seals up tight to hold those drafts where they belong – outdoor! No more frigid spots by means of the home windows.

Even-Steven Temps

Double glazing continues the temp steady as she goes into your private home. No more hot and bloodless zones. Your HVAC device may not pass into overdrive just to level things out.

Boost Your Home’s Value

A Hit with Buyers

Planning to promote one day? Double glazing is like catnip for home customers. It suggests you’ve got some TLC into your pad, so it’s certain to seize their eye. A whopping seventy nine% of consumers stated double glazing changed into a should-have in 2019!


Thanks to perks like energy savings and cosiness, double glazing can add some serious moolah in your asking charge. We’re talking $500 to $650 extra per window! Not too shabby.

Foil the Sun’s Rays

Foil the Sun's Rays

UV Protection

Double glazing can come with a nifty UV-blockading coating. It tells the solar’s harsh rays to dance off while still letting in lots of herbal mild. Your skin and eyes will thank you!

Slow the Fade

That same UV defence additionally keeps your furniture, rugs, and décor from fading and bleaching out in the sun. They’ll look excellent for way longer.

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Be Kind to Mother Earth

Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Since double glazing saves energy, it cuts down on pollutants out of your warmness and AC. This shrinks the quantity of CO2 your home pumps out – aka your carbon footprint.

The Greener Choice

Picking double glazing shows the world you provide a hoot approximately the surroundings. With eco-friendliness on everybody’s thoughts these days, going green at home is the accountable element to do.

Looks and Customization

Looks and Customization

Sleek and Chic

Double glazed windows have a crisp, smooth, modern-day style that’ll make your private home appear fab interior and out. It’s an undying look that is going with everything.

Have It Your Way

From hues to finishes, double glazing comes in zillions of options to fit your taste. You can match your own home’s fashion or jazz it up with a sparkling new appearance. Go nuts with groovy decorative glass, built-in blinds, you name it!

No Muss, No Fuss

Squeaky Clean

No one likes grungy home windows. Double glazing was given a clean, clean-to-wipe floor. Just deliver ’em a quick as soon as-over with glass cleanser now and then to keep ’em sparkling. Fingerprints and smudges have nowhere to cover!

Long Lasting

With hard-as-nails elements like PVC frames, double glazing is in it for the long haul. You might not have to fuss with painting or solving ’em all of the time. They hold on lookin’ good and gettin’ the process carried out year in and 12 months out.

Easy Maintenance

Simple to Clean

Double glazed windows are designed to be smooth to maintain. The clean surfaces and hard materials make cleansing a breeze. You won’t need to spend tons of time or attempt preserving them in form.

Less Upkeep Needed

High-high-quality frames like uPVC and aluminium are proof against harm. They don’t rot, corrode, or wear down without problems. This method you might not should continuously restore or replace your home windows.

Looks Great

Variety of Styles

Double glazed windows come in many special designs. Whether your private home is modern or traditional, you can find a style that suits you. There’s something for each flavour.

Boosts Curb Appeal

Well-selected home windows can simply enhance how your property looks from the outside. The easy traces and best finishes make a wonderful first effect. Double glazing can assist your own home stand out.


Reduces Carbon Footprint

By making your property extra energy green, double glazed windows help lessen emissions. You’ll be doing all of your elements to live extra sustainably and fight climate change.

Sustainable Materials

Many double glazed windows are made with earth-friendly substances. You can revel in the perks of double glazing even as also creating an accountable environmental preference.


There you have it – the top 20 approaches double glazing kicks single glazing’s butt. It’s a complete recreation-changer for saving energy, quieting noise, feeling cosy, staying safe, searching terrific, and extra! Why wait? Make the transfer to double glazing now and start living your excellent window existence.

You can get the ball rolling pronto through evaluating double glazing charges from nearby suppliers with Double Glazing on the Web. Our free service makes it a total cinch to score the best deals on top-notch home windows and doors. Let us assist you unharness your dream home these days!


Are double glazed windows pricier? 

While they’ll price extra upfront, double glazed windows save you cash in the long run. Lower strength payments and better home fee make up for the initial cost.

Is putting in double glazing tough? 

Professional installers typically cope with double glazed windows setup. They have the abilities and gear to do it properly, so that you do not have to worry.

Do they work in all weather? 

Yes, double glazed windows are extremely good for any weather. They insulate against both warmth and bloodlessness, so they may be powerful no matter the season.

Can I place double glazing in my current frames? 

It’s frequently possible to retrofit double glazing into the frames you already have. But it’s first-rate to ask a pro if this makes sense in your specific scenario.

How long do double glazed windows remain? 

The lifespan depends on the brand and nice, but most properly double glazed windows come with 10-20 12 months warranties. With proper care, they are able to close for decades.

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