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High security locks are a very important feature on windows and doors. They provide the ultimate protection against break-ins, keeping your home and its belongings incredibly secure.

Door Locking System

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Why is door and window security so important? They act as the main point of entry for intruders and are often the target of burglary. As home owners, it is our responsibility to ensure our windows are well protected against security risks such as this.

It is important that you consider your window security if you want to keep the safe haven that is your home, safe and secure.

If you currently want to know how do you open a uPVC door when the uPVC door won’t open, then even more reason to upgrade.

Stay Secure With Double Glazing

You can now choose from an impressive range of locking and security systems, many of which are offered as standard by most double glazing companies for their windows and doors.

When you choose an accredited installer, such as one of our trusted local suppliers, all locking systems will be measured to PAS24 standards or endorsed by schemes such as Secured By Design.

uPVC Window Locks

Your double glazing supplier will also provide additional security upgrades such as advanced uPVC window locks and window locks for wooden windows.

These upgrades are particularly advantageous for those that are security conscious. You will be able to rest easy in the knowledge that your home and you loved ones are safe and sound.

There are many different types of security locking systems on the market, each offering their own separate benefits and being security accredited. Popular systems include the espagnolette lock. This lock provides adequate security and is installed as standard in most homes.

Espagnolette Locking

Espagnolette or multi-point locking is when bolts are set into the window. When the handle is turned, these bolts are located into locking points in the frame for greater security.

The bolts are mushroom headed and engage behind the locking point preventing the window from being forced apart from the frame.

Shoot Bolt Locking

Another lock often supplied as a security upgrade is the shoot bolt locking system. These locks have bolts which shoot out from both ends of the frame, providing extra security. Incredibly strong, these locking systems have 10 points of contact within the frame.

Sash Window Locks

Common sash window locking includes dual screws, sash stops and frame to frame sash locks. There are also a choice of added security options which your double glazing installer can discuss with you.

Dual Screws

A dual screw is comprised of a full or half threaded bolt which is crewed through an internally threaded barrel which is either fitted in the top of the lower sash, bottom of the upper sash or into another threaded barrel.

Fully threaded bolts are more expensive but provide a more secure fitting. Cheap, half threaded bolts are at risk of bending under force from a large lever.

Sash Stops

Sash stops are fitted in pairs to the stiles of the upper sash to prevent the two sashes from sliding past each other.

Frame to Frame Sash Locks

The sash window lock is fitted on top of the lower sash and the bottom of the upper sash. They are locked together with a levered bar or push-in bolt.

Casement Window Locks

The casement window lock secures the window to frame. The majority of casement window locks are screwed to the window rather than the frame itself which is often a weaker method. Locks that are fixed to the frame are more secure and easy to use.

Door Locks

High security is a must have requirement when looking to install or replace a exterior door. Aesthetics, weather proofing and energy efficiency must factor in too but your door must have the ability to keep intruders out.

It goes without saying that high security door locks are a home owners priority. Your locks will only be as strong as the door and the frame they are fitted on so make sure you choose a door which is both strong and robust.

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Anti-lift blocks and multi-point locking is recommended for enhanced door security. Ask your double glazing installer about additional security bolts, these can also be applied to prevent lifting and forced entry.

Yale Security Locks

Yale is the most recognised lock manufacturer in the world. It is the brand most recognised by homeowners and suppliers and is the brand behind locks of every design and function in over 125 countries.

The Yale Cylinder Lock

The Yale cylinder lock or Euro profile cylinder lock is an integral part of many uPVC and composite windows and doors.

This lock is used in conjunction with multi-point locks and mortise locks. By installing a Yale cylinder lock you can upgrade your home security in a matter of minutes.

An inadequate cylinder lock means you are more at risk of lock snapping. Having your lock cylinder replaced by a certified locksmith is an easy of way making your home more secure.

Yale Rim Lock

Rim cylinder locks are designed to work with a night latch on external timber doors. By fitting a rim cylinder that meets British Standards (look out for the Kitemark) you can greatly improve your door security.

Security Options

When weighing up your security options, it is important to consider your living situation. Do you live in high rise flats? If you live from the first floor up then an espagonolette lock will work effectively.

Do you live in an area of high rates of crime? Do you have considerably expensive items in your home? Then you may want to explore other locking options.

Your double glazing installer will provide you with a choice of security locks best suited for your living arrangement.

You may want to consider:

  • Multi-point locking systems with more contact area-top
  • Superior hinge lock/guard-top
  • Secure roller cams-top
  • Top latch plate
  • Key locks
  • Handles which automatically lock when closed
  • Bottom latch plate
  • Security roller cams-bottom
  • Advanced hinge lock/guard-bottom
  • Option for Night Vent position

The Cost of Window Security

Our double glazing prices calculator will provide you with an instant window cost. To see the cost of high security locking system upgrades, simply select ‘high security’ from the drop-down menu in step 1 of your online double glazing quote.

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