Is sealing double glazed windows possible? If the sealant in your windows has broken, then it’s arguably essential. While many people believe that it’s time to replace the window at that point, you can apply a new sealant to keep your old windows intact. Also, the signs of your sealant breaking down can start to show long before it happens.

For example, your windows might be suffering from condensation. This happens when a mist builds up on the inside panel of your window, confirming that cold air is getting into your home too easily. However, the main sign of your sealant breaking down is whether the mist builds up in between the glass panes. If it does, then resealing your double glazed windows is a must.

Some homeowners try sealing their double glazed windows on their own. However, the job can be complex and intricate for a DIY rookie. Because of this, the best way to reseal your windows is to work with a professional installer. Your installer will be able to seal your windows quickly, and you’ll be at lower risk of the sealant not taking to your windows.

But resealing double glazed windows might not be a long-term fix. If you have old windows, they could start to crack and twist in poor weather or weaken over time. As a result, the sealant becomes more and more vulnerable, no matter how many times you repair it. Because of this, you could end up needing to replace your windows anyway.

So why not get new double glazed windows today with Double Glazing on the Web? Rather than sealing your old double glazed windows, you could get durable new designs that’ll protect you from the weather for decades to come. You could save up to 40% on double glazing prices with us too!

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Reasons for Resealing Double Glazed Windows

If you have old windows, then they might be at risk of failure. Over time, thin materials such as single-glazed glass, or fragile ones like timber, can wear down. Because of this, they aren’t as capable of protecting the sealant in your windows. As the design warps out of shape and begins to crack and twist, there’s more space for high winds and heavy rains to attack it.

The first sign that your sealant might be wearing down, then, is if there are any noticeable gaps around the seal. While that might not mean the sealant has broken, these gaps are a telltale sign that it doesn’t have long left. You can regularly clean around the sealant to protect it from this, but it may only prolong the inevitable.

Another sign that sealing your double glazed windows might be a good idea is draughts. When the window begins to lose its shape, more space emerges for cold air to rush into your home. As a result, you might feel the cold more than usual, while high winds could play havoc with your home. Over time, these winds can weaken the sealant further too, making it more likely to fail.

But the main telltale sign that you need to reseal your windows is if condensation builds up between the glass panes. If it does, then there’s enough of a gap in the sealant that it can’t prevent any heat transfer. Because of this, your windows could be at risk of breaking or even internally shattering, meaning resealing your double glazed windows is vital.

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Sealing Double Glazed Windows

Sealing double glazed windows is possible by yourself. However, the process can be tricky. If you want to go for it, you’ll need some specialist equipment, such as a putty knife and silicone caulking. You can start by clearing all the gasket residuals in the window with the putty knife, making the space clear. Also, it would help if you got somebody else to hold the glass to prevent any accidents.

From there, you can remove the gasket from outside the window and you can reseal it with the new silicone caulking. Once that’s done, you can paint the new caulking as well to give your windows that factory-fresh feeling. Sealing your double glazed windows back up, though, can be tricky, with a high risk of breakages.

Because of this, it’s usually better to work with a qualified double glazing installer for sealing double glazed windows. The professionals always know what to do, and they’ll cover you in the event of any accidents. That way, you can have peace of mind, and you can be sure that you’ll reseal your double glazed windows without leaving any gaps.

But if resealing your double glazed windows doesn’t stop your home from feeling cold, then it might be a deeper problem. Not only that, the sealant could always break down again, sometimes after only a few months. As a result, sealing up your double glazed windows might not be the best investment for your home. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

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Replacing Double Glazed Windows

Sealing your double glazed windows might be a short-term solution. But, if your windows keep ageing, it’s more likely they’ll keep failing. Not only might your sealant break again, but any part of your window could wear down or fail the older it gets. But, by replacing your old designs with brand-new double glazed windows, you’ll be sealing the future of your home.

New windows are highly durable, and they’re capable of lasting for decades. With advanced double glazing and fully weatherproof profiles, they won’t crack or twist for years to come. Because of this, the sealant underneath will have protection from the elements, ensuring it won’t break down. Not only that, you’ll get windows with superb performance.

With a fully protected sealant, the window will be air and water-tight. As a result, the cold air won’t be able to pass through these designs as easily, and hot air won’t escape either. Because of this, your new windows will be thermally efficient designs, and they won’t suffer from condensation either. You’ll be able to save money on your energy bills all year round with new windows!

As a result, you can end up paying the cost of your investment back over time. Rather than get caught in a vicious cycle of repair costs, you can get new windows that can save you money in the long run. You’ll be able to put the problems of your old windows in the past and benefit from bespoke new designs that suit your home seamlessly!

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Replacing, Not Resealing, Double Glazed Windows

Don’t settle for sealing your double glazed windows – get brand-new designs through Double Glazing on the Web! Not only will you find lower double glazed windows prices, you’ll save money and improve your home’s comfort. That’s because you can find trusted local installers that could help you save up to 40% on your brand-new windows!

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To find out more about replacing, rather than resealing, your double glazed windows, get in touch with us today! You can fill in our online contact form to start the process in seconds. From there, our friendly team will connect you to trusted installers, many of whom have approval from FENSA and CERTASS. You can call us on 0800 015 5679 for further information too.

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