Which Front Door Style Is Right For Your Property?

Front Door Style

There are plenty of modern and traditional front door style you could purchase for your property. However, which one is right for you? You may have a sleek, modern living space in the city or a rural cottage out in the countryside.

Because of this, it can sometimes be tricky getting doors that suit your needs precisely, and front door prices that suit your budget. However, the style is the cherry on top when it comes to new front doors. Unlike old wooden doors, which you may have in your home, or ones that use plastic, these durable designs can open up a world of possibilities in your home.

With new front doors, you can stop losing energy inside your home. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a thin front door that lets cold air into your home, even when you close it. Modern front doors, on the other hand, use a range of durable materials.

For example, you can get uPVC, aluminium or composite front doors, each one offering excellent insulation for your home. Also, you’ll get a long-lasting door that you don’t have to maintain. All of them are fully weatherproof, and many are scratch-resistant, with GRP an option on several entrances.

The best thing about modern and traditional front doors for your property, though, is that you can make them your own. You’ll be able to create a custom design, whichever material and style you choose. That way, you can add what you want in every part of the entrance, so you don’t have to settle for an off-the-shelf door.

You can get extra locks, period-accurate knockers and handles, and you can style your whole door in bold RAL colours or authentic woodgrain finishes. There are heritage doors available too if you want to preserve the classic style of an older property.

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Modern Front Doors


uPVC doors are becoming a design classic. That’s because these modern front doors give you everything you want in an entrance. The material doesn’t have any gaps in its design and has excellent durability. Because of this, the frame won’t fade, crack or twist over time, even in the worst weather conditions.

Also, uPVC doors are air and water-tight. That means there’ll be almost no space for cold air, draughts and damp spots to get into your living space. As a result, you can keep your home warm and stop losing as much of your home’s natural energy.

These energy efficient doors could even help you save money on your energy bills. With more natural energy inside your home, and less cold air getting in, you won’t have to rely on your central heating. Not only that, but you can depend on uPVC doors for decades to come. The frame is scratch-resistant and robust, meaning colours and finishes don’t visibly wear down.

However, that also means you’ll get superb security from your front door. The uPVC protects and conceals locking systems from rust and wear, meaning they’ll stay reliable against intrusion attempts and will provide smooth operation every time.


For a slight mark-up, though, you could invest in aluminium doors. Aluminium is becoming the benchmark for modern front doors, thanks to their exceptional strength and sleekness. Aluminium is a precious metal, meaning it has excellent fortification. Because of this, you’ll have security that gives you total peace of mind.

Your front door is the most likely place that a burglar will use to get into your home, so an aluminium door makes the chance of them trying much less likely. The material is practically bulletproof, and the rest of the entrance has leading hardware like multi-point locking systems, with some designs offering sensor locks and keypads with smart-speaker connectivity!

Aluminium is also denser than uPVC. Because of this, cold air has further to travel to enter your home, and aluminium provides more resistance. You’ll get better insulation that helps you save even more money on your energy bills. As well as that, your new doors could block out unwanted noise.

The thick, yet slimline frame can reduce sound from outdoors, meaning you can enjoy a more comfortable living space without distraction. Finally, aluminium is a sleek material that shines in the sunlight. Because of this, you can invest in bold colours for the design that will glow for decades to come.


Composite doors are both ideal as modern and traditional front doors. That’s because, unlike uPVC and aluminium, their design has an eye on the past. The composite blend in the door uses several materials, including timber. Because of this, you get an authentic wooden appearance, but without the drawbacks.

In your door, there will be uPVC and GRP layers that protect the wood from wind and rain. Because of this, timber won’t fade and crack as it can in fully wooden doors. Instead, you’ll have a low maintenance design that doesn’t scratch or wear down.

Not only that, but composite doors offer the same kind of insulation and security you get from aluminium! The design is thick and dense, meaning it can block out unwanted sound as well as heat. Also, composite doors are tough to break into, and impact-resistant to almost anything an intruder can throw at them.

While they cost more than the other modern front doors, you could fit them in traditional homes more seamlessly. If you live in a listed building or conservation area, then the authentic wooden look can help these doors get approval from planning authorities too.

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Traditional Heritage Front Doors

Another option for your property is the traditional heritage front doors. Heritage doors set out to recreate the classic entrances of period homes. However, instead of giving you the same issues, you also get modern performance. Heritage front doors are usually composite designs, meaning you get a traditional look for them.

However, you can also invest in some that use artisan timber, handcrafted and treated to last as long as possible. Either way, you’ll be able to customise the door with period detailing that lifts the look of your living space.

You can colour match the wood with any timber in your home, or choose a dual colour option to get two distinct designs both inside and outside. Also, you could even go for traditional front doors that match certain periods of design.

For example, why not select an art deco option with stained glass panelling and geometric shapes? With heritage front doors, the choice is yours. What you won’t have to choose with them is a compromise. You’ll be able to design a bespoke heritage front door for any home, whether traditional or modern, rural or urban.

Are Modern Or Traditional Front Doors Right For Me?

So, which of modern and traditional front doors are right for your property? Firstly, cost always come into play. Contemporary front doors are usually a less expensive option for your home, with uPVC doors being the most affordable.

Aluminium doors typically cost around 20% more than uPVC, depending on the size, shape and style. Composite and heritage front doors are more expensive, as they use traditional techniques. Because of this, though, you’ll get a sophisticated front door that stands out on your street, and every time you open it.

The best way to make any doors right for your home, though, is to customise them! With uPVC front doors, you can add bold colours that won’t lose their vibrancy over time. For aluminium designs, you can invest in high-security locks that keep you and your family safe.

And, for composite and heritage front doors, the possibilities are endless – coloured woodgrain finishes, stained glass, and even catflaps are available to give you the perfect entrance to your home. And, if you don’t know where to start, there’s one place that makes getting the right front doors for your property straightforward.

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Modern and Traditional Front Doors Prices

With Double Glazing On The Web, you can find lower prices for modern and traditional front doors. That’s because, instead of us offering prices directly, we refer you to local suppliers in your area through our trusted network.

You can speak to several of these companies to negotiate better offers, and you won’t have to pay the high travel costs or premiums national brands can charge. Also, many of these companies are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders, meaning you’ll be working with people you can trust.

All you have to do to get a new front door for your home is to use our online quote builder today. This interactive tool lets you customise the whole door, picking every part and comparing their prices within the system.

Once you come up with the door that suits your property and your budget, we can refer you to our network with a unique quote instantly.

If you’d like to find out more about Double Glazing On The Web, then get in touch with us today! You can either fill in our online contact form, and wait for our friendly team to get back to you, or call us directly on 0800 015 5679 to discuss modern and traditional front doors with us in detail!


When it comes to deciding on the proper front door style for your home, there are plenty of cutting-edge and conventional options available. From sleek and power-green uPVC and aluminium designs to proper-looking composite and heritage doors, you could find a fashion that enhances your house’s aesthetic while enhancing security and insulation. By customising your preferred door with colorations, finishes, hardware, and glazing alternatives, you could create a unique front that reflects your private taste and meets your specific desires. Working with trusted nearby suppliers via Double Glazing On The Web’s community assists you to discover the correct front door at a competitive fee, ensuring which you get the first-class value in your funding.


How do I pick out between cutting-edge and conventional the front door styles for my belongings? 

Consider factors along with your property’s architecture, your personal alternatives, and your price range. Modern doorways like uPVC and aluminium provide smooth, energy-efficient designs, even as composite and background doorways provide a more traditional appearance with cutting-edge overall performance advantages.

Can I customise my front door to suit my country’s unique fashion? 

Yes, most front door suppliers offer a huge variety of customisation options, consisting of colours, finishes, hardware, and glazing. This allows you to create a bespoke front that complements your property’s aesthetic and meets your specific requirements.

Are cutting-edge front doors more power-green than conventional wood doorways? 

Yes, present day substances like uPVC, aluminium, and composite offer advanced insulation properties in comparison to traditional wood doors. These substances are designed to minimise warmness loss and save you draughts, assisting to maintain your home warm and reduce power payments.

How can I make certain that I get the quality price for my new front door? 

One alternative is to use Double Glazing On The Web’s online quote builder to evaluate expenses from nearby providers on your location. This lets you negotiate better offers and avoid the high fees related to country wide manufacturers, making sure which you get the exceptional fee in your cash.

Are nearby the front door providers as reliable as countrywide manufacturers? 

Many nearby suppliers are contributors of trusted exchange establishments like Checkatrade and Which? Trusted Traders, demonstrating their commitment to high-quality and customer satisfaction. By working with those organisations through Double Glazing On The Web’s network, you can have faith in their reliability and knowledge.

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