What is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is a process where you install an additional pane and frame inside your window. This secondary frame acts like double glazing in providing insulation, noise reduction, and extra security. This is a great way of improving the performance of your house.

In fact, secondary glazing can lower your energy bills by up to 10%. As a result, you also keep your expenses low.

This is also a fantastic way of improving the thermal performance of heritage buildings. Building authorities regulate the appearance of these properties. They cannot have external fittings that take away from their traditional facade.

Since most such properties have single glazed windows, secondary glazing comes in handy. You see, single glazed windows are notorious for losing heat. This means you need to use more heating for longer to warm them. However, with secondary glazing, you get the insulation that double glazing would provide. Moreover, it will not affect how your home looks from the outside.

What Are the Benefits of Secondary Glazing?

Insulation and Lowered Energy Bills

After double glazing and triple glazing, secondary glazing is the best way to insulate your home. The seal between your windows and the second pane is not as air-tight. However, it does provide a standing cushion of air. This layer of static air stops heat from escaping out. As a result, you get a lower U-value on your windows.

U-value is a measure of how much heat your windows are losing. A lower U-value means your windows are letting less heat escape. In this manner, your windows help in warming up your home.

Additionally, by trapping the warmth in, your windows lessen the load on your central heating as well as air conditioning. Either way, the windows maintain the internal temperature. As a result, your property does not consume as much power.

This lower energy consumption results in lower energy bills. In essence, your secondary glazing helps you save money on electricity bills.

Noise Reduction

Single glazed windows are highly ineffective at keeping noise out. In fact, they may even be amplifying outside sounds. Secondary glazing prevents this. The cushion of air that insulated the heat also helps dampen sounds. As a result, no matter how noisy it is outside, your home remains largely peaceful and quiet. You don’t even have to invest in expensive sound proofing.

Added Security

An additional layer of glazing helps enhance the security of your property. The frame and pane add another layer for an intruder to break through. By using sturdy frames and glass, you make it twice as difficult for someone to break in. As a result, the security of your windows effectively doubles.

No Impact on Outer Appearance

The best part about secondary glazing is that it gives you all these features without affecting the appearance of the property. This is especially useful for owners of heritage properties and properties in conservation areas. For such buildings, the building regulations have strict rules. They cannot have any changes to the outer appearance that take away from their traditional architecture.

As a result, they need to maintain the same style of windows as the original ones. Moreover, the material should also be the same, or at least appear to be the same. For example, if you have a heritage property, it may have single glazed wooden windows. In such a case, you cannot replace them with uPVC double glazing.

As we saw earlier, single glazing is highly inefficient at retaining heat. Secondary glazing is a simple and affordable solution. You don’t even have to replace your windows to get better heat performance!

Why Do I Need Secondary Glazing?

Improve Performance of Your Home

As we have seen thus far, this addition is a quick and easy way of improving the performance of your home. Simply install an additional layer over your old windows. Just like that, your home becomes warmer, quieter, and more secure.

Lower Cost than Double or Triple Glazing

If you wanted to improve your property’s performance, the alternative would be to install double or triple glazing. Both these options can be quite expensive. Moreover, certain properties may not get these due to regulations restrictions.

Design Options to Fit Your Windows

You can get secondary glazing in a variety of design and colour options. Moreover, you can adapt them to fit any window style. This includes the sliding sash windows that are the most popular style for heritage properties. You can have hinged glazing or even liftout glazing if you need unhindered access to your windows.

What is the Difference Between Double Glazing and Secondary Glazing?

Double glazing is a sealed window component. It is made of a frame and a sealed glass unit. The sealed unit contains two panes of glass with a tightly sealed space between them. This space may be filled with a gas like argon or simply air.

Secondary glazing, on the other hand, is an extra panel separate from the main window. It is not as difficult to install. In fact, you might be able to do it yourself. As a result, it costs less. It is also not regulated by building laws. This means you are not obliged to get permission or a certificate for this installation.

Who is Secondary Glazing Useful For?

Heritage Property Owners

Heritage property owners benefit the most from secondary glazing. This fitting improves the performance of the property dramatically. However, it does not affect the facade in any way. This is especially useful for heritage hotel buildings and schools. These establishments need to ensure regulation ventilation as well as the comfort of the inhabitants.

However, since they can’t get modern double glazing, this can be difficult. Secondary glazing is an easy way to get around that problem. It improves the thermal performance as well as noise reduction. Moreover, you can install ventilation so that there is ample air and no condensation on the panes.

People with Limited Budgets

If you want a warmer home with lower bills, the price of double glazing may put you off. Triple glazing can be even more expensive. Thus, if you want better performance on a budget, secondary glazing may be the right choice for you. You don’t have to worry about uninstalling old windows or the cost of new windows. Simply get a discreet pane behind your existing windows. Once installed, you can enjoy your warm and secure home!

How Can I Get Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing may not be available as an option with all double glazing companies. However, if you want secondary glazing for your home, we can help you. Send us a mail through our contact form. Someone from our team will get back to you with the details of companies offering secondary glazing near you.