Is it time to get modern uPVC windows for your home? Right now, you might have old timber designs that are starting to wear down. Not only that, but you could have windows that are beginning to underperform, or never really performed when you installed them.

These old designs often have cumbersome frames, creaking components, and a look that clashes with the rest of your living space. When they start to break and fail, you can end up in a vicious cycle of repairs too. The more they fail, the more you spend repairing them, costing you thousands on a window you don’t need to spend on.

Instead of keeping your old windows, why not replace them with a new design? With modern uPVC windows, you can give your home better performance, with a design that’s totally in your control.

You’ll have the option of unique accessories like Georgian and Astragal bars, innovative styles like tilt and turn and bifold windows, and all in the unique colours and finishes of your choice. That way, you can redefine your home’s style. And, with a combination of full double glazing and slimline frames, you’ll open up your home to outstanding natural light and warmth.

Right now, there are plenty of design options that are of the moment for your modern uPVC windows. Muted colours, customisable glazing, and classic window styles are all coming into popularity and can freshen up your living space. However, you’ll have all the options for your modern uPVC windows at your fingertips.

As a result, you won’t have to stay on trend, and you can set a new one inside your home. And, when you work with Double Glazing On The Web, it’s easy to get low quotes on bespoke uPVC windows!

grey upvc windows

Grey uPVC Windows

Grey uPVC windows don’t sound like they would be very exciting. After all, we mostly think of grey as a dull, washed-out colour that you want to avoid. However, new grey finishes on uPVC can capture a professional, timeless look, that gives your home a classy design sensibility.

Today, you can get modern uPVC windows that use an anthracite grey finish. Unlike a normal grey colour, the anthracite design has hints of blue and green, providing an eye-catching depth and texture. When sunlight shines on your windows, the colours will come alive, with blues and greens popping out from your window frames.

Another huge benefit of anthracite grey is its versatility. As a monochrome colour, it fits with almost every palette. If you’d like a more vibrant living space, then you can use the grey as a muted counterpoint to bolder colours. Alternatively, you could create a monochromatic look for your home, with greys, creams and blacks coming together for a classic look.

Not only that, but grey uPVC windows are ideal for both home and commercial use. If you run a business or a commercial building, then these windows will provide a sense of class and professionalism that stays with your clients.

Anthracite grey also makes your windows appear more discrete. With a muted colour, an intruder will be less likely to take notice of it, potentially making your home more secure. Also, because anthracite grey is a dark colour, it can absorb more heat, helping your home stay a little bit warmer.

With modern uPVC windows, you could save as much as 10% of your home’s energy, and reduce heat transfer by up to 34%! As a result, you can cut the cost of your energy bills, and save money in style every day.

Modern uPVC Window Glass

For years now, double glazing has been the gold standard for modern uPVC windows. However, there’s a new way you can get better security, insulation and longevity for your home. Triple glazing gives you three panels of advanced glass instead of two.

Because of this, you’ll get far more protection against the elements outside. For example, sound waves will weaken with each panel, giving you much better noise insulation. Not only that, but the same applies to cold temperatures. With triple glazing and modern uPVC, your windows will have air and water-tight design that stops you from suffering in the winter.

Triple glazing, compared to double glazing, can cut the cost of your energy bills by up to 50%. That’s a massive difference, and you could find that you save hundreds of pounds a year. Also, you’ll only have to pay 30-40% more for triple glazing in new uPVC windows, making them more cost-effective.

Triple glazing also has more strength and durability, meaning it’ll work with your uPVC frames more effectively to secure your home. You’ll be less likely to suffer from stress and pressure cracks, and condensation will be a thing of the past as well.

Also, a new trend when it comes to glazing is tempered glass. Tempered glass has thermal controls and chemical treatments to improve its strength and its insulation. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about the weather turning on you, and you can make sure you always have control of your home’s climate.

The design makes breakages much easier to control as well. The thermal controls compress the glazing inside, meaning that when it shatters, it breaks into granular parts that are more straightforward to sweep away. That way, new glazing is ideal for the pressures of daily life.

modern upvc window trends

Traditional uPVC Window Trends

Many of the current modern uPVC window trends focus on sleek, futuristic design. However, you could also go in the other direction. Windows have a storied history throughout the years, and you can add unique features from the past to your modern uPVC windows with a fresh twist.

For example, you could add Georgian or Astragal bars to the design. These bars originally used to split the glass into smaller sections, as the manufacturing of the time couldn’t create single sheets big enough. Now, though, they add a classy exterior to the design and provide another layer of security as well.

Also, you’ll have a selection of period-accurate handles available. These stunning, intricate pieces give your window a story and draw the eye of your guests. You’ll be able to customise them with gold, silver or chrome finishes too, so you can achieve the precise look you want for your new windows.

And, in addition to all this, there are even more features you can customise in modern uPVC windows. While many companies might not want you to get bespoke windows, we make sure that you can design them for your needs from the ground up at Double Glazing On The Web!

Modern uPVC Window Styles

In your home, you may have old uPVC casement windows. While there’s nothing wrong with their classic designs, it might be time for a change. Fortunately, modern uPVC windows come in innovative styles that can transform the way your home looks. Not only that, but these clever opening systems make it easier to do the things you enjoy inside your home.

Modern casement windows are still a superb option, with an ideal balance of full glazing section and slimline frame. Also, you can customise them in a million new ways – you could choose a side or top-hung opening, as well as select anthracite grey uPVC windows.

However, you could go for a sash window. Sash windows have a timeless design that is coming into fashion once again. These windows sit flush within the frame, meaning they faithfully replicate the design of old timber windows. With uPVC, though, you’ll combine classic looks with cutting-edge performance.

Thanks to the flush sash, there are fewer gaps in the design, reducing the risk of condensation and draughts, and you’ll get better insulation for your home. And, for a truly elegant addition, you can choose sliding sash windows with an effortless vertical opening.

You could also take a tilt and turn window, which opens in several ways depending on what you need. That way, you can fit them into rooms you otherwise couldn’t light up, and you’ll be able to tilt them towards you for quick cleaning. Additionally, the window always stays locked to a durable central bar, meaning you can let air circulate through your home at night without worrying about security.

With uPVC frames across all these window styles too, you’ll get decades of smooth operation. Because of this, you’ll be making an investment that can benefit you for a lifetime.

modern upvc windows prices

Online Prices For Modern uPVC Windows

With Double Glazing On The Web, you can get low modern uPVC windows prices with ease.

All you have to do is use our interactive online quote builder to get one-of-a-kind windows. You can choose and customise every element online, and we can provide an instant online price for any configuration. Once you want to move ahead with the design, we can refer it to a trusted network of suppliers and installers right on your doorstep.

You can speak to several of them to compare prices and negotiate even lower to get the best possible deal. Many of these companies have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS too!

If you’d like to hear more, get in touch via our online contact form or call the team today on 0800 015 5679!