What Are Faux Sash Windows?

faux sash windows


Do you need to make your private home look better and save power? Faux sash windows might be perfect for you! In this guide, we’re going to explain what faux sash windows are and the way they are exclusive from ordinary sash windows. We’ll additionally provide you with tips on selecting the best ones for your own home. By the end, you will realise if fake sash windows are proper for you.

What Are Faux Sash Windows?

Faux sash windows are a present day version of conventional sash windows. They look much like the real element however work otherwise and are greater energy efficient.

How Faux Sash Windows Look

Faux sash windows are designed to appear almost precisely like classic sash windows. They have the identical grid sample and look barely recessed, similar to real sash home windows. But in contrast to real sash windows, faux ones don’t open. They’re constant in location to make a decent, draft-unfastened seal.

What Faux Sash Windows Are Made Of

Most fake sash windows are made from uPVC, a robust plastic material it truly is smooth to attend to. The window frames are made to look much like traditional sash windows, with details like sash horns and glazing bars. The glass panes are firmly sealed into the frame to make the window weatherproof.

Types of Faux Sash Windows

Types of Faux Sash Windows

Industrial Sash Windows

The appearance

Industrial sash home windows are all approximately simplicity and easy traces. They’ve got a no-fuss grid sample and thin frames. If you have got a current home or a loft condominium, those will match properly.

The materials

More often than not, those windows are crafted from aluminium or metal. These materials are light-weight, long lasting, and a breeze to keep. Plus, they are exquisite at insulating and won’t rust or corrode.

Georgian Sash Windows

Georgian Sash Windows

The look

Georgian sash home windows are the photo of symmetry and classic proportions. They’ve got multiple panes of glass organised in a grid. Most usually, you will see six panes over six panes.

The substances

Faux Georgian sash home windows are usually made from both uPVC or timber. UPVC is budget-friendly and does not require plenty of upkeep. It’s a pretty accurate doppelganger for painted timber. If you want an extra proper vibe, pass for the wooden ones. You can paint or stain them for your coronary heart’s content material.

Victorian Sash Windows

Victorian Sash Windows

The look

Victorian sash windows are regarded for their ornate and ornamental flair. They regularly play a two-over- or four-over-4 pane association. You may spot some fancy mouldings, arched tops, or even stained glass.

The materials

Just like the Georgian fashion, fake Victorian sash home windows are usually crafted from both uPVC or timber. UPVC is hard and low-maintenance, at the same time as wood frames offer a greater traditional and genuine appearance. Both can be customised to imitate the complex details of Victorian sash home windows.

Benefits of Faux Sash Windows

Faux sash windows have several benefits over conventional sash home windows:

Benefits of Faux Sash Windows

Better Energy Efficiency

One of the most important advantages of faux sash home windows is that they’re greater strength efficient. Traditional sash home windows may be draughty and permit warmness to get away. But faux sash windows are made with cutting-edge double glazing generation. The sealed unit and insulating uPVC frame assist maintain your private home warm in wintry weather and funky in summer time, so that you can save on energy payments.

Increased Security

Faux sash windows have superior locks that make your house more secure. The strong body and fixed design make it more difficult for burglars to interrupt in. You can feel safe knowing your house is nicely-blanketed.

Easy to Maintain

Traditional sash home windows need a variety of preservation, like portray, sanding, and fixing transferring components. But faux sash windows are almost maintenance-loose. The uPVC cloth resists weather, rot, and fading. Your home windows will appear wonderful for years with hardly any effort.

Affordable Option

Faux sash windows are regularly inexpensive than traditional sash windows. They’re less complicated to make and use less steeply-priced substances. They’re a terrific choice in case you want the conventional sash window look without spending an excessive amount of.

How to Choose the Best Faux Sash Windows

When choosing fake sash windows for your own home, do not forget these factors:

How to Choose the Best Faux Sash Windows

Style and Design

Faux sash home windows are available in many patterns and designs to shape one-of-a-kind types of homes. Think about your home’s common style and pick out a layout that fits properly. You can select a traditional grid pattern or an easier appearance with fewer glazing bars.

Glazing Options

The form of glazing you select affects how nicely your faux sash windows carry out. Double glazing is the maximum popular preference for appropriate insulation and noise discount. You also can pick out triple glazing for even better power performance or laminated glass for additional protection.

Colour and Finish

Faux sash windows are available in many colours and finishes to match your own home’s appearance. White is a traditional preference, however you may also get wood-grain finishes that seem like actual wood or pick a bold colour to face out.


Proper set up is prime for fake sash home windows to work nicely and ultimately for a long time. Hire an expert with experience putting in faux sash windows. They’ll ensure your home windows are set up efficiently, sealed nicely, and meet constructing codes.

Faux Sash Windows vs. Traditional Sash Windows

When choosing between faux and traditional sash windows, recall the professionals and cons of each:

Faux Sash Windows vs. Traditional Sash Windows
Faux Sash Windows vs. Traditional Sash Windows


Traditional sash windows are the real deal and have unrivalled historical authenticity. If you stay in a historic constructing or conservation vicinity, you could want to preserve the unique sash home windows or update them with actual replicas.


Faux sash windows are fixed and don’t open like traditional sash windows. If you want so that you can open your windows for clean air, conventional sash home windows can be better for you.

Energy Efficiency and Maintenance

As referred to, fake sash home windows are more energy efficient and require much less maintenance than traditional sash windows. If this stuff is essential to you, fake sash windows are a first rate desire.

Installation Process

Installation Process of sash window

Measuring for faux sash windows

Before you even reflect on consideration on putting in faux sash windows, you’ve gotta degree appropriately. Grab your tape measure and jot down the width and height of the window beginning. Make positive to account for any irregularities or unevenness. Pro tip: let a professional installer manage the measurements to ensure a super match.

Prepping the window frame

Your existing window frame needs to be prepped and prepared for the brand new faux sash windows. This would possibly suggest doing away with the antique window sashes, giving the frame a very good smooth, and making any essential maintenance. The aim is to have a level and sturdy foundation in your new windows.

Installing the fake sash home windows

Once you have got your measurements and your body is prepped, it is time to put in those faux sash home windows. The home windows are outfitted snugly into the body and secured with brackets or screws. The installer will make sure the whole lot is stage, plumb, and aligned just proper.

Adding the completing touches

After the faux sash home windows are in place, it’s time for the finishing touches. This may want to include some trim or moulding around the home windows to create a continuing appearance. Any gaps among the window and the body are sealed up with caulk to preserve drafts out and enhance energy performance.

Maintenance and Care

Maintenance and Care of sash window

Cleaning fake sash home windows

Cleaning faux sash home windows is a bit of cake. For uPVC windows, all you need is a soft cloth, a few moderate cleaning soap, and water to cast off dirt and dirt. Steer clean of abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that may damage the surface. Wooden fake sash windows might want a gentler contact to hold the finish searching sparkling.

Fixing minor damage

Small scratches or chips on faux sash windows can generally be constant with a chunk of filler or contact-up paint. More serious problems like cracks or broken glass might need a professional to step in for repairs or substitute. Regular test-united states permit you to capture and deal with any troubles earlier than they get out of hand.

Painting and marking

If your fake sash windows are made from uPVC, you do not have to worry about painting or staining them. The colour is built properly into the material. But if you’ve been given timber fake sash home windows, you may totally paint or stain them to match your fashion. Just make sure to use paint or stain that plays nice with the wood and comply with the producer’s commands for the first-class results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use faux sash home windows in conservation areas? 

Sometimes, faux sash home windows may be allowed in conservation areas if they appear very just like the original windows. But continually test with your local planning office before changing any home windows.

How lengthy do faux sash windows remain? 

Faux sash home windows are made to be sturdy and lengthy-lasting. With proper set up and a little preservation, they can effortlessly close 20-30 years or extra.

Do faux sash windows block sound? 

Faux sash windows are not completely soundproof, but the double or triple glazing does lessen noise much higher than single-glazed windows.


Faux sash windows offer a tremendous blend of conventional style, current overall performance, and affordability. They look similar to conventional sash windows but have energy-efficient features and coffee-renovation substances. They’re a popular desire for house owners who need to improve the appearance and experience of their homes.

When purchasing fake sash windows, pay attention to style, glazing, coloration, and set up to make the first-rate desire. If you’re nevertheless no longer sure if fake sash home windows are right for you, communicate to a window professional who can verify your desires and supply personalised advice. At Double Glazing on the Web, we recognise how essential it’s miles to make smart decisions about domestic upgrades. That’s why we offer a loose service that will help you examine double glazing rates from reliance on providers on your location. With our help, you may get the best charges on first rate faux sash home windows with a purpose to make your property look remarkable for years yet to come.

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