What Is A Faux Sash Window?

A faux sash window mimic the appearance of a classic sash window but ope like a side hung or top hung (awning) casement window.

faux sash windows

Faux sash windows are a smart window option for your home. These windows have the stunning looks of a regular sash window but open sideways like any other one. Because of this, you can get a blend of classic looks with functional design.

Not only that, but these windows are cheaper than traditional sash windows too.

Faux sash windows are an excellent alternative to traditional sash windows. For those needing window replacement on a budget, choosing a window style can be a bit stressful.

If you’re looking to lower the cost of replacing your old sash windows then faux sash windows could be the ideal solution.

We hope to provide you with as much information and advice as we can here at Double Glazing On The Web on a variety of issues:

  • Why should I get faux sash windows?
  • Which frames should I get for my faux sash windows?
  • Are faux sash windows efficient?
  • Are faux sash windows secure?
  • How much do faux sash windows cost?
  • Am I making a worthwhile investment?

Why Should I Get Faux Sash Windows?

You may already have sliding sash windows in your home, which open vertically to give your home light and fresh air.

However, over time, older sash windows can wear down and lose their smoothness. They often use wooden frames, which are prone to damage and cracking over time.

Because of this, these older windows can start to creak after a few years. You may have noticed that the window is resistant to movement, or not closing properly.

As a result, there’s more space for cold air to enter your home, creating draughts and cold spots and making your home uncomfortable.

Additionally, timber isn’t a weatherproof material. Because of this, cold air and rain can affect the shape of the frame, causing it to warp and twist.

If that happens, you’ll not only start to lose performance, but you could have to get the window repaired, costing you time and money.

Therefore, getting a replacement window with cutting-edge materials won’t just refresh your living space, but they’ll be a sensible investment too.

They use a mixture of advanced double glazing and uPVC or aluminium frames. Together, they create a thermal barrier for your home that keeps it warm and secure, without compromising on brightness.

As well as that, replacing them with a faux sash window drives the cost down. That’s because these windows use a more straightforward swing opening.

That doesn’t mean they’re basic, however – in fact, faux sash windows give you more flexibility and security, while also giving you long-lasting performance.

Which Frames Should I Get for My Faux Sash Windows?

One of the crucial decisions you’ll take when getting faux sash windows is choosing the frame. With Double Glazing On The Web, you can get in touch with suppliers that feature uPVC and aluminium frames across their range. These frames will give you durability, security and help you save money on your energy bills straight away.

uPVC Sash Window

uPVC is a durable material that works brilliantly as a window frame. In faux sash windows, it gives you a weatherproof coating that protects your home from wind and rain. Additionally, the frames are incredibly slim. That means you’ll get more natural light through the clear double glazing, making your living space feel brighter.

Aluminium Sash Windows

Alternatively, you can choose an aluminium frame for your faux sash windows. This precious metal costs slightly more to install, but gives you more benefits in return. In particular, aluminium has exceptional strength, meaning it’ll keep you and your family safe and secure. As well as that, its robust build means it’ll insulate your home brilliantly.

Are Faux Sash Windows Efficient?

When you work with Double Glazing On The Web, you’ll find a supplier that’s committed to getting you the most efficient faux sash windows on the market.

You’ll benefit from a precise installation that’s made-to-measure to ensure the best possible performance. As well as that, faux sash windows have a design that puts energy saving first.

For a start, faux sash windows use plenty of advanced double glazing. This build uses two panes of glass, unlike in older windows, to trap heat in a vacuum.

Double glazing creates a thermal shield for your home, keeping warm air in and cold air out. That way, you stay warmer without relying on your central heating.

Additionally, faux sash windows still have the classic design sensibility of sash windows.

Because of this, the glass sits flush within the slim uPVC or aluminium frame. That way, there’s less space for cold air to enter your home through, improving your home’s insulation yet further.

Because you can open these windows sideward, you can also get brilliant ventilation and natural light in the summer.

With these windows, you’ll have complete control of your home’s temperature. You’ll be able to stop using your central heating, meaning you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint as well.

How Much Do Faux Sash Windows Cost?

One of the crucial benefits of faux sash windows is their cost. As a replacement for sash windows, they’re often a whole lot cheaper while also giving you the same amount of performance. Additionally, you’ll still retain the style of the sash window, but you won’t have to deal with the vertical opening losing its smoothness over time.

Because of this, you’ll be able to save money on your new window and save more money down the line. With Double Glazing On The Web, you’ll be able to get significantly lower prices for these windows too. When you use our service, the best installers in our network will compete for your services, making a welcome change to the stress of searching for a supplier.

Am I Making A Worthwhile Investment?

When you use our network, you’ll make a worthwhile investment in faux sash windows. As well as benefiting from lower offers, you’ll be able to add a market-leading window. These windows often have stunning energy ratings, even reaching the ratified A++ band. In a larger home, you could save up to £155 a year with these materials.

You’ll also be investing in professionalism and craftsmanship. Our installers are trusted local artisans, who provide you with the time and effort your home deserves. That way, you’ll get a quality service with a smile, that doesn’t leave a mess for you to clean up afterwards. Thanks to them, you can invest in something truly priceless.

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With Double Glazing On The Web, you can compare the market to get a brilliant deal on faux sash windows. Our service helps you stay on top of your budget and in control of your investment. Rather than taking the risk of going direct to a supplier, we put you in contact with a network of trusted installers that’ll offer you lower quotes.

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