Single Window Replacement

You could enhance your home and improve your lifestyle with only a single window replacement. You may think that merely replacing one window won’t make a difference. However, these windows’ design and materials can enhance the light and warmth in your space. You’ll also get a brand-new stylish window with a look that suits your home.

You can replace a single window in your home with an advanced design that uses durable materials. With a choice of double or triple glazing and a variety of frames, you can add security and weather protection to your home. Although you’ll only be replacing one window, you’ll feel the knock-on benefits right across your living space.

A single window replacement is also a more affordable way of enhancing your home. You can get a single window replacement for as little as £150. Not only that, but you can choose colours and finishes for your new addition that give it a sense of personal style. That way, you’ll get a unique window that suits your home and your budget.

With Double Glazing On The Web, you can compare a range of window styles and accessories to get the window of your dreams. Then, you can install it with one of the suppliers in our trusted network. We check each supplier extensively so that they fit the best, and they have approval from bodies like FENSA for your peace of mind.

single window replacement

Replacement Window Prices

Why should I get a single window replacement?

If your home loses heat or lacks brightness, then your windows could be a significant reason for this. Older windows can only use single-glazed glass, which doesn’t give you a lot of protection from the cold. These windows allow for a lot of heat transfer, and the warmth from your space can escape through the thin glazing.

Additionally, your old window may have clunky frames that get in the way of the glass, blocking natural light and warmth from your home.

That’s why a single window replacement can make such a difference. You’ll get a design that puts your home’s heating and lighting first, using advanced double glazing and slim frames that don’t get in the way.

Another benefit of a new window is that you can protect your home from even the worst weather. While older wooden frames can lose their shape under excess water, a new window won’t suffer from wear and tear for years.

You can choose from uPVC, robust aluminium and even a composite blend, for a window frame that helps your home stay comfortable.

Not only that, but you could even make your home safer as well. Your single window replacement will feature tough double glazing, that fastens to your frame with a multi-point locking system. Your frame can also protect the hinges and bolts, ensuring intruders won’t be able to tamper with them. That way, even one new window can make your family a little safer.

single window replacement

Single Window Replacement Styles

When you get a single window replacement, you can get a vast array of styles at your fingertips. Through Double Glazing On The Web, you can get in contact with suppliers that offer extensive ranges, with the most popular window styles in the UK. You can also add any frame or glazing option to each of these windows, so you can get brilliant performance and the look that’s right for you.

Casement Windows

Casement windows use a straightforward design to open your home up to natural light. You’ll have a slim frame that helps to trap heat and double or triple glazing that is transparent, giving you beautiful views of your garden. Also, these windows are the most cost-effective option for your home, starting at £150, making their benefits affordable.

Tilt and Turn Windows

You could also select a tilt and turn window for your home. These designs use an opening mechanism that allows you to open the window in several different directions. As a result, you get a flexible window that gives you better ventilation and easy cleaning. The frame will also protect the hinges to make sure you get a smooth opening every time.

Sash Windows

Sash windows are a timeless option that provides any home with beautiful design. As a single window replacement, they can help you save energy with their advanced materials, while also providing traditional style. You can select flush sash windows for a sleek design that sits flush within the frame, or sliding sash windows that open vertically, bathing your space in light.

Bow and Bay Windows

You can also replace a window of your home with a panoramic, theatrical design. Bow and bay windows extend outward from a wall in your home, fitting an angled design that gives you beautiful views of your garden. Not only that, but they use plenty of glazing, meaning you can channel more natural energy in your home and you can save money on your household bills.


Single Window Replacement Glazing

Another crucial choice for your single window replacement is the glazing you add. While single-glazing can give you more lighting, it doesn’t provide the sort of weather protection and energy-saving your home deserves. As such, you can choose between advanced double glazing or even triple glazing to add to your window.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is becoming increasingly affordable for homes across the country. With two panels of glass, you can create a vacuum for warm air to protect your home from the cold. You can fit double glazing into all of the beautiful window styles available, helping them to save energy and keep your home warm.

Triple Glazing

On the other hand, triple glazing uses three panes of glass to give you even more excellent insulation. However, it does cost more than double glazing, and it can also be more complicated to install. For their incredible performance and innovative design, though, they can be a worthwhile investment that saves you more money inside your home.

Single Window Replacement Frames

Another crucial decision for your single window replacement is what frame you’d like for your design. With the suppliers in our network, you can choose from uPVC, aluminium and composite options. While each can improve your window’s performance, they have individual strengths and weaknesses that are worth considering when you make your choice.


uPVC is a durable material that can protect your window from bad weather. The finish makes your window an air and water-tight option that keeps wind and rain well away from your living space. As well as that, uPVC ensures a long-lasting window, as it helps to preserve the springs and hinges so that they can continue to open without creaking.


Aluminium frames cost more than uPVC in a single window replacement but are far more secure. This material is a precious metal with an incredibly robust design. The frame can conceal the internal hardware of your window, stopping intruders from tampering with it. Not only that, but it offers a metallic finish that’s sleek and stylish.


Composite frames use a blend of materials, including timber, a foam lining and GRP, to give your window a remarkable structure. The composite combination has brilliant insulation thanks to its wooden core, and it comes in a slim design that doesn’t block out light. Because of this, you can blend security and energy-saving with a single composite replacement window.

How Much Does a Single Window Replacement Cost?

A single window replacement can cost as little as £150 for a small casement design. However, the cost can rise depending on the style you choose. For example, sliding sash windows can cost around £500 on average, and bow and bay windows start at above £1,000. The cost can also rise depending on what customisable features you want to add to your window.

The frame can also have a bearing on the cost. uPVC is the cheapest and can offer you significant benefits, but aluminium and composite frames can provide you with better savings and invaluable security. While they do cost more, you can pay your investment back over time. Because of this, it’s essential to design a window that suits your needs alone.

With Double Glazing On The Web, you can see all the options for a single window replacement and select the ones you want. As a result, you’ll be able to design the window of your dreams, one that suits your style and can enhance your living space. With any of these innovative designs, glazing options and frames, you can make your home warmer and save money over time.

You can also get in touch with a trusted supplier when you work with Double Glazing On The Web. We have a network of local specialists so that, when you get a quote with us, we can refer you to several of them.

You can compare their prices to get the best deal for your new window, and they’ll give you their advice and expertise to help you keep the cost down.

To get a single window replacement for less that provides your home with more benefits than you may think, use Double Glazing On The Web to make it a reality.

Use our window cost calculator today to get a free, no-obligation quote within minutes.