Save on the Cost of Replacing Windows

cost of replacing windows

What is the true cost of replacing windows? If you want to switch out your old designs for some brand-new windows, then you may already know the cost of the design you’d like. However, the cost of replacing windows can vary depending on a range of things. Factors like taking out your old windows, your window style, and the company you get it from can all play a role.

Firstly, taking out your old designs shouldn’t have to add to the cost of replacing windows. While some companies charge this additionally, it could be a red flag. A trusted double glazing company should offer this as part of your quote from the off, and it’s a good sign of whether the company you’re choosing is one you should work with.

Your window itself can play a factor. Along with choosing the right style, from casement and tilt and turn to sash and bow and bay windows, the material plays a role. Aluminium windows can cost around double what uPVC windows do in smaller sizes, while modern timber windows cost even more. As a result, every choice you make is a factor in the cost of replacing your windows.

However, you could find that you save more money in the long run. Modern windows are thermally efficient, helping you stay warm while saving on energy costs. Modern designs are secure, ensuring you don’t have to replace stolen valuables. Finally, new windows are highly durable, meaning you won’t have to fork out for repairs or a new replacement for decades.

Because of this, the cost of replacing windows could even out in the long run. And, with Double Glazing on the Web, that could happen even quicker. When you search for a local installer through us, you’ll find lower double glazing prices straight away!

Save on the Cost of Replacing Windows

Cost of Replacing Your Old Windows

If you have old windows, then they could already be costing you money. Older designs usually have a single-glazed glass area or wooden frames. Materials like these are often weak, thin and fragile. Thus, they don’t offer a lot of insulation, they become less secure over time, and they can crack and twist. As a result, these windows might be prone to heat transfer, glare, condensation and more.

Eventually, these windows might fail. And, if you decide to repair them, the costs can be very expensive. Not only that, repairing your old windows doesn’t constitute a long-term fix. Instead, you may only get a few months of performance before the problem crops back up. You could get caught in a vicious cycle of repair costs easily.

By replacing windows, you’ll get a modern design that helps you save money inside your home. But, if you take out your old windows, will you need to spend more to dispose of them? With the right companies, they’ll take care of the switch in full. Your quote will include the disposal of your old windows, meaning you don’t have to spend any more than you should with trusted traders.

If the first signs of your windows underperforming are present, the best time to replace them is now, too. Rather than wait for your windows to fail, making the need to replace them more pressing, you can invest in new windows now before the old ones fail. As a result, you’ll get more control over your home by replacing windows.

Save on the Cost of Replacing Windows

Cost of Replacing Windows

So, how do you save on the cost of replacing windows? Firstly, choosing the right installer is key. Big national brands may be the ones to trust, but you could spend much more than you need to. Large companies like these have large overheads, meaning you could see higher prices to cover them. Not only that, you could pay much more in travel costs and have long waiting times.

With local installers, you can get less of both. Companies like these are right on your doorstep, and they have small, friendly teams. Because of this, you’ll get friendly, responsive and personalised service from people who’ll treat your home like they would their own. Many trusted local suppliers also get their windows from leading manufacturers, meaning you’ll still get high-quality designs!

From there, you can choose what replacement windows you’d like. But loads of factors go into getting the right price. For a start, the design of the window plays a role. While casement windows can start from around £250, the cost can go up depending on the size. Not only that, the style is crucial, with sash windows costing around £550 to begin with and bow and bay windows around £1,000.

Additionally, the material in the windows is another factor. You can get these prices with uPVC frames, but double glazing with aluminium frames is around double this price. However, aluminium windows have better thermal efficiency than uPVC and last longer, meaning you could save more money in the long run.

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Cost of Replacing Windows Over Time

Because of all those factors, the cost of replacing your windows might seem daunting. But, in the long run, you could pay the cost back completely. Modern windows have much better performance than older designs, meaning installing them could make your home warmer, brighter and safer. Also, you’ll have fewer worries, feel less vulnerable, and you’ll spend less on your bills.

Crucially, modern windows are thermally efficient designs. You’ll get advanced double glazing and slimline uPVC, aluminium or even timber profiles. As a result, you can block cold air from outside more effectively, as the designs have superb insulation. You’ll capture more of your home’s natural heat, too, helping you save on energy bills and decreasing your carbon footprint.

You can save money in the long run in other ways too. Modern windows are highly secure as well, with many designs coming with multi-point locking systems, anti-tamper locks and more. As a result, intruders are much less likely to get in, meaning you won’t have to spend money repairing your broken designs or replacing stolen goods.

Finally, your new windows will be fully weatherproof. Because of this, wind and rain won’t cause the frames to twist, warp, fade or discolour in any way for decades. You’ll be able to preserve the shape, strength and style of your windows effortlessly, helping you invest in bold colours with confidence. Also, you won’t have to repair or replace your windows for 30 years at least, saving you even more over time!

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Cost of Replacing Windows Online

You can save money on the cost of replacing windows online, too. With Double Glazing on the Web, you can find local installers who offer low prices for replacing windows in your area in seconds. Rather than search yourself, which can take days, our process helps you find trusted installers in minutes. And, as they’re local, you could cut the cost of replacing your windows straight away.

Many of the companies in our network offer lower travel costs, shorter waiting times and competitive prices for the windows they offer. Also, they work with leading manufacturers, meaning you’ll still get superb performance. You’ll get a better deal whenever you work with Double Glazing on the Web!

You don’t only have to speak to one company, either. You can negotiate with several suppliers in your area, lowering the price further and further until you get an amazing deal! By comparing offers, you can get lower prices than you would anywhere else. Because of this, you’ll save on the cost of replacing your windows straight away.

If you’d like to find out more about Double Glazing on the Web, contact us today and save money on the cost of replacing your windows! You can fill in our online contact form or call 0800 015 5679 to start the process today. From there, we’ll put you in touch with suppliers near you, many of whom are Checkatrade and Which? members for your peace of mind. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


In conclusion, the cost of replacing windows can range depending on numerous factors, including the removal of vintage windows, the style and material of the brand new windows, and the company you choose. While the initial funding might also seem sizable, contemporary home windows provide severa long-time period advantages that could help offset the fees. These include improved thermal performance, more advantageous protection, and multiplied sturdiness, all of which could result in sizable financial savings on strength payments, reduced chance of robbery, and fewer restore or substitute prices through the years. By opting for a reliance on a nearby installer and carefully thinking about your window choices, you can make sure that you get the excellent cost on your money and enjoy the blessings of your new home windows for future years.


How can I determine if it is time to replace my home windows? 

Signs that it may be time to replace my windows consist of drafts, condensation between the panes, trouble starting or ultimately the home windows, visible damage, and excessive power bills. If you observe any of these troubles, it’s a quality to not forget replacing your windows to enhance your own home’s consolation, efficiency, and protection.

What are the most electricity-green window substances? 

Some of the most electricity-efficient window materials encompass uPVC, aluminium, and modern-day timber frames. These substances, whilst combined with superior double glazing, offer high-quality insulation and assist lessen warmness transfer, preserving your own home snug and reducing your strength bills.

Can I replace my windows in stages, or do I need to do them all at once?

You can update your windows in tiers, depending for your price range and priorities. However, keep in mind that changing all your home windows without delay may be greater price-effective in terms of installation expenses and may provide a greater consistent look and performance all through your private home.

How lengthy does the window replacement procedure typically take? 

The period of the window replacement method relies upon the range of windows being changed and the complexity of the set up. In common, an expert installer can update one window in approximately an hour. For an entire house, the technique might also take some days to every week, depending on the scale of your own home and the scope of the challenge.

Are there any authorities incentives or presents available for replacing windows? 

In a few instances, there may be authorities incentives or presents to be had for changing home windows, particularly in case you opt for power-efficient designs. These incentives can assist offset the initial cost of alternatives and encourage house owners to invest in extra sustainable answers. It’s good to check with your neighbourhood authorities or electricity providers to see if this kind of program is available for your place.

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