Should You Choose Supply Only uPVC Windows?

Supply Only uPVC Windows

Should you invest in supply only uPVC windows for your home? If you want to save money, and you have some DIY experience, then perhaps you should. But, for most people, getting uPVC windows supply only is a risky investment. That’s because the company selling them will only bring the parts to your home – you’ll have to assemble the design yourself.

The benefit of this is that you can cut out the fee of hiring an installer. As a result, the cost of your windows may be much lower. But installing windows can take time, and it’s not a walk in the park. The parts can be heavy, complicated and difficult to put together. And, should anything go wrong, you aren’t covered.

Another option is to buy windows from one company and hire an installer from another. That’s a good idea if you value the quality of a company’s windows, but not their installation service. However, that can end up leading to a lot of hassle. You’ll have to search for two companies instead of one, taking more time out of your schedule and meaning there’s more chance of working with rogue traders.

Due to this, hiring a company to supply and install your new uPVC windows makes the most sense. But even that can have problems. You might want to work with a respected brand, but they can charge an awful lot for their windows. A local installer, while cheaper, is also harder to trust.

That’s why, at Double Glazing On The Web, we’ve changed the way you can invest in windows. You can search for trusted local companies to supply and fit your new uPVC windows online. And, with the local businesses in our network, you’ll be able to save money on the installation and enjoy the best double glazing prices!

Should You Choose Supply Only uPVC Windows?

What Are Supply Only uPVC Windows?

Most uPVC windows come as a full package. That means a company will supply you a window, and also install it for your home. However, that deal can lead to two costs – the window itself, and the price of fitting it. As a result, some people have looked to find ways to save money on the price of brand-new uPVC windows.

That’s where supply only uPVC windows come in. When you invest in supply only uPVC windows, you pay for the window design, but not for its installation. That means you don’t have to hire installers, pay extra costs, or wait for them to get to your home to install your new window. If you have any DIY experience, then it’s a brilliant way to enhance your home for less.

You’ll also be getting the same quality when it comes to supply only uPVC windows. You’ll have advanced double glazing, a durable uPVC frame, and plenty of features to make daily life a little easier. Not only that, but you can still customise the design to suit your home – the only difference is that you have to put that design together.

The problems with supply only uPVC windows start here. By installing them yourself, you take on a lot of risks. You’ll need to invest in some specialist equipment too, which isn’t very easy to find. Should any part of the window break during the installation, your suppliers won’t cover you either. By installing the windows yourself, you forfeit the manufacturer warranty.

Installing Supply Only uPVC Windows

So, how do you install supply only uPVC windows? The first, and perhaps most difficult part, is replacing your old ones. You’ll need to start by unscrewing them at the hinges and then lifting them out. These are quite heavy, so it’s best to get a helping hand to move them. From there, remove any beading and putty to take out the fixed glazing from the design.

Once you’ve done that, you can set about taking away the frame. However, that can be complicated. You’ll need specialist tools like a bolster chisel, club hammer and hacksaw. By hammering one end of the chisel with your hammer, you can create a curved edge which you can use to take the frame down.

Only then will you be ready to install your brand-new supply only uPVC windows. In some cases, you may need to cut them to size. If so, cut the outer sill of the windows to size carefully. It’s important to mark the exact place and use a hacksaw to cut through the protective wrapping. Then, screw the outer sill to the frame and slide the frame fixers evenly down the side tracks.

By the time you’ve screwed the ventilator grills and cover vents in, you’ll have a new working window. However, that process can be time-consuming, stressful and nervy. While you’ll save money by investing in supply only uPVC windows for your home, then, a better investment could be to hire the right installers.

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Supply and Install uPVC Windows

In some cases, a company may be offering quality windows, but without the same quality fitting. For example, the business you choose may not have an installation team. Alternatively, you might not trust their installers to do a good job. If that’s the case, though, you don’t have to install the windows yourself. Instead, you could hire another installer to finish the job for you.

That way, you could find that you save money on the cost of your new uPVC windows. If you choose a design from a big national company – but hire a local installer to fit it – then you could lower travel costs and wait times for your new windows. Not only that, but you’ll be more likely to get a friendly and personalised service that works around you.

However, that can be a more stressful way to buy uPVC windows – especially if you search for companies yourself. That’s because you’ll need to find two separate teams to help you fit your new windows. Finding a great deal for uPVC windows can take time, and searching for a separate installer only adds to this.

Not only that, but your installers might struggle with the windows you’ve bought. It won’t be because they aren’t professionals, but it could be that they aren’t familiar with the systems. As a result, you might be spending more money than you need to for an installation that lets you down. The best way to buy uPVC windows, then, is through one company.

uPVC Window Suppliers and Installers

Most companies supply and install their uPVC windows for your home. As a result, you don’t have to jump through multiple hoops to get a brand-new window. Everything is handled by one team, meaning they can help you at every step of the process. Not only that, but it means you only have one overall price to pay to get your new windows.

While you could invest in supply only uPVC windows to save money, you won’t be saving hassle. Rather than get qualified installers to fit your new windows, you’ll have to fit them yourself. While that’s fine if you have some experience, most people could find installing windows tricky, risky and stressful. That’s why hiring an installer is usually worth the added cost.

However, that depends on which installers you find. If you search for a local double glazing company to fit your new windows, you might find one that you’d rather not work with. Unfortunately, several companies out there would rather make a quick buck than install quality uPVC windows. As a result, you could pay a lot for poor design, poor installation, or even no window at all.

That’s where Double Glazing On The Web can help. We’ve spent years building up an established and extensive network of local uPVC window suppliers and installers across the UK. That way, it’s easy to find companies you can trust to get supply only uPVC windows and full installations.

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Choose Supply Only uPVC Windows And More with Double Glazing On The Web

Double Glazing On The Web can help you get all kinds of uPVC windows. With us, it’s easy to find companies who’ll offer supply only uPVC windows and full installations too, meaning you take control of how you’d like to invest in them. Not only that, but you’ll be sure of getting a quality design that can enhance the look and feel of your home.

We can put you in contact with the trusted companies in our network that are closest to you. From there, you can speak to several of them, meaning you can compare their prices and negotiate them downwards. Because these brands will be competing for your custom, you can get lower offers than you might find on your own.

Also, you won’t have to make a risky investment when you make it with us. Through our network, you can find suppliers you can trust, and who’ll offer competitive prices. Many of the businesses we work with are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders too. That way, you’ll get a made-to-measure installation should you want one.

Supply Only uPVC Windows Prices

Find supply only uPVC windows for spectacularly low prices today with Double Glazing On The Web! With us, you can search for quality uPVC windows, with installation or supply only options, with ease.

If you’d like to find out how much you could save on uPVC windows with us, contact Double Glazing On The Web today! You can either fill in our online contact form or call our friendly team directly on 0800 015 5679.


Supply only uPVC windows may be a value-powerful choice for homeowners with DIY experience looking to keep on set up charges. However, for maximum people, the risks and challenges of self-installation outweigh the potential financial savings. Working with a trusted enterprise that both materials and install uPVC home windows is frequently the most secure and most handy desire. By the usage of Double Glazing On The Web’s network of vetted nearby providers and installers, you may locate aggressive fees on super uPVC windows without the stress of going it alone.


What are the primary advantages of choosing to supply only uPVC windows? 

The number one benefit of supply only uPVC windows is the potential to store cash by averting expert installation costs. This choice is high-quality perfect for people with DIY experience and the essential gear.

What risks are involved in putting in the most effective uPVC home windows myself? 

Installing windows yourself comes with risks which include incorrect installation, harm to the windows or your home, and voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. If you lack enjoyment or the proper gear, it’s best to rent specialists.

Is it better to shop for windows from one enterprise and lease an installer from every other? 

While this approach may seem appealing if you like a corporation’s windows but no longer have their set up service, it is able to result in greater trouble. You’ll want to coordinate among two businesses, and the installer won’t be acquainted with the specific window gadget.

How can Double Glazing On The Web assist me discover reliable uPVC window suppliers and installers? 

Double Glazing On The Web has an in-depth community of trusted neighbourhood uPVC window providers and installers across the United Kingdom. Many of those groups are Checkatrade individuals and Which? Trusted Traders, making sure excellent services and products.

What ought to I keep in mind when figuring out between supply only and completely installed uPVC windows? 

Consider your DIY abilities, to have time, and the potential dangers of self-setting up. If you’re uncertain about your competencies or want a strain-loose experience, opting for a business enterprise that both materials and install uPVC windows is possibly the better desire.

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