By replacing your sash windows with double glazing, you can add a new style and modern performance to your home.

Older sash windows often lose their smoothness and start to break over time. But with an entirely new window or new double glazing, you can revitalise your living space with glass that performs.

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With Double Glazing On The Web, you can use our revolutionary service to either get a new window or new glass for your current build, at the best double glazing prices.

Rather than going direct, which costs you more time and money than needed, you can get an instant quote using our online quote builder. Then, we’ll put you in touch with trusted installers who’ll get the job done properly.

We hope to give you informed advice on a variety of questions surrounding replacing sash windows with double glazing, such as:

  • Would replacing sash windows with double glazing improve my home?
  • Does replacing sash windows with double glazing save energy?
  • Does replacing sash windows with double glazing secure my home?
  • Does replacing sash windows with double glazing protect me from the weather?
  • Is replacing sash windows with double glazing a long-lasting choice?
  • How much does replacing sash windows with double glazing cost?

Would Replacing Sash Windows with Double Glazing Improve My Home?

Replacing sash windows with double glazing allows your home to take a huge leap forward. Advanced double glazing can have a transformational impact on how you use energy in your home. It’ll let more light through and let less cold in, giving you a natural space that you and your family will love.

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If you have older sash windows inside your home, they’ll probably feature a single pane of glass. This glass doesn’t offer your house much insulation, and it’s prone to heat transfer too, meaning that warm air can escape more quickly. Because of this, draughts and cold spots can play havoc and make your home less comfortable.

Not only that but sliding sash windows can start to creak over time. That’s because they often use inefficient materials in their frames, such as wood. These frames can crack and misshape in the cold and rain, meaning your hinges and springs can rust. Even worse, this could make your windows an easy target for intruders.

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With either a new window or new double glazing, you can nip all of these problems in the bud. Our network can offer you an extensive range of window styles that won’t have the issues the sliding opening can provide. As well as that, you can install new glass that gives your sash windows a new lease of life.

Thanks to stunning double glazing, as well as a range of durable frames, you can get a window that makes your home warmer, more comfortable and more secure. That way, you can create a bright and natural space without using your central heating. If you want to save money on energy bills every day while also enriching your home, then double glazing is the right decision.

Does Replacing Sash Windows with Double Glazing Save Energy?

The most significant benefit you’ll feel with new windows or double glazing is the savings you’ll make. A new sash window uses a mixture of brilliant glass and frames to create a thermal barrier for your space. That way, you’ll be able to insulate your home against cold weather and preserve your natural heat.

Thanks to your double glazing, you can keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round, without relying on your central heating. Because of this, you can cut down on your usage and save money every day inside your home. That way, your new window will give you more cash for things that matter to you.

As well as that, you can even make a positive impact on the environment with new double glazing. Because you’ll use less energy, you can cut down on your emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. Also, new double glazing is sleek and lets in outstanding natural light, meaning you might use less electricity as well.

Does Replacing Sash Windows with Double Glazing Secure My Home?

When you work with Double Glazing On The Web, you’re investing in your home’s security. Our network of trusted suppliers and installers care as much about keeping you and your family safe as you do. That’s why they ensure all of their new windows and double glazing come with security measures as standard.

You can have peace of mind with a new sash window from one of our trusted companies. Your double glazing will feature multi-point locking systems which mean that you can’t separate them from the frame. As well as that, you’ll benefit from a durable frame, reinforced locks and internal bolts that keep unwanted visitors out.

As well as making your home safer from the outside, a new sliding sash window can keep you safe inside too. Because of their sliding opening, there’s a risk of trapping your finger in the window. However, these advanced windows use springs to stop the double glazing going all the way down. Little advances like these are what truly make your home better.

Does Replacing Sash Windows with Double Glazing Protect Me from the Weather?

Single-glazed glass is very prone to changes in the weather. For example, a heavy shower can lead to intense condensation that’s difficult to clean. Additionally, the window can lose its shape under adverse weather and start losing its performance as a result.

That’s why the double glazing and windows in our network are fully weatherproof. With a new sash window, you can add a uPVC or aluminium frame that fend off wind and rain with ease. These materials won’t crack or twist, and they’ll insulate your home through any conditions, keeping you warm and comfortable.

With many of our suppliers, you can also get self-cleaning double glazing as an option for your new window. This glass uses an innovative coating that works to break down dirt on the surface of the panel. That way, you can keep the elements out when you need to without having to lose time cleaning the window either.

Is Replacing Sash Windows with Double Glazing a Long-Lasting Choice?

Maintenance as a whole is something you won’t have to worry about by replacing sash windows with double glazing. Your new window will feature cutting-edge materials that guarantee you long-lasting performance. Because of this, you can make a choice that rewards you and your home for years to come.

In a sliding sash window, you can choose a durable uPVC or aluminium frame. They can perform for decades without losing their shape or even needing regular repairs, thanks to their robust builds. That way, you’ll save money and time with these designs. Not only that, but they’ll protect the internal hardware in your window to ensure smoother operation for longer.

uPVC and aluminium can last 30, even 40 years while still retaining peak performance. You’ll be able to install new double glazing that’ll continue to perform long after you fit it. Not only that, but a new window could even increase the value of your property when you decide to move on, meaning they could still benefit you even after you’re gone.

How Much Does Replacing Sash Windows with Double Glazing Cost?

Installing a new sash window for your home starts at around £500. However, with Double Glazing On The Web, you may be able to get a cheaper quote thanks to our network.

You can also choose another window style if you don’t want to stick with a sliding sash, with casement windows starting at less than half that cost.

As well as that, you can also save money by only installing new double glazing, keeping your current window.

Your new glass can make your home more efficient and secure while also preserving your home’s personality. No matter how you want to enhance your home, though, you’ll be able to make it warmer and save money on bills at the same time.