In your home, you might have blown double glazing. Blown double glazing happens when the windows in your home are no longer able to protect your home from the elements. Usually, this occurs when condensation causes the sealant in between the glass panes to break. As a result, a mist builds up inside your window.

In double glazing, the two panes work to keep cold air out on one end, and warm air in on the other. However, the sealant in between them makes sure these contrasting pressures don’t mix. If the sealant breaks, they collide inside your window, creating a reaction. This reaction can cause the glass to weaken, crack, or even shatter internally.

This risk is why repairing blown double glazing is a priority. When the sealant breaks, it’s only a matter of time before the window does too. As a result, you should look to invest in new double glazing for your window. Fortunately, it won’t cost as much as you think – replacing the glass is a simple, affordable job, with labour costs making up more of the price than the glass itself.

However, is replacing the glass alone the right option? If the sealant has broken in your windows, it could be because they are old and underperforming. As a result, you could transform your home with brand-new windows. With advanced double glazing, efficient frames and superb internal hardware, these windows can save you money for years to come.

And, with Double Glazing On The Web, repairing and replacing blown double glazing is easy. You can find local installers in your area from our UK-wide network who’ll do a great job at a low price. It only takes minutes, and all of our local installers are trusted, experienced providers as well, giving you peace of mind that you will get the best double glazing prices available.

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How To Identify Blown Double Glazing

Condensation is the main reason that causes blown double glazing. Condensation occurs when cold air from outside your home and warm air from inside it collide. The reaction between these contrasting pressures can create a mist that builds up on your window. Also, factors like dampness and poor air circulation can help it thrive on your windows.

Usually, condensation isn’t a major issue. If it’s on the outside panel, it’s even a sign that your windows perform well. If it develops on the inside, it’s not a complicated problem to solve either. You can break up condensation using a hairdryer, and there are ways to deal with the root problems. Things like trickle vents and extractor fans improve air circulation, for example.

However, condensation can lead to the sealant inside your windows breaking. When that happens, the window can no longer prevent the hot and cold air from colliding. That means your window is much more fragile, and it’s far less efficient. With a broken sealant, there’s far more space for cold air to rush in, making your living space uncomfortable.

As a result, the best way to identify blown double glazing is if the mist is building up between the glass panes in your window. However, you could also identify issues before they happen. It’s wise to do routine checks of your windows every few weeks to check the parts. If your sealant begins to show signs of wear, it’s best to repair the glazing now before it fails.

Repairing Blown Double Glazing

If you have blown double glazing, then repairing it is vital. The longer you leave it, the more likely the glass will be to shatter, and you’ll lose more energy for your home. As a result, you could be costing your home money in energy bills every day. However, if you think the cost of a new double glazing unit might not be worth it, then you could be surprised.

Repairing blown double glazing is very affordable. The new glass is so cheap that it could be the labour costs that will make up the bulk of the cost. If you have small windows of around 200 x 400mm, you could replace the blown double glazing in your window for as little as £55. Not only that, but a trained installation team could complete the job in as little as half an hour.

Even if you have larger windows, the cost of repairing blown double glazing is still affordable. Even windows as large as 900 x 1200mm only cost around £145 to repair. Not only that, but you’ll get new double glazing which could be more efficient than your old design. That way, you could find that your home is warmer, more comfortable and cheaper to run over time.

However, repairing blown double glazing is often a cost you don’t want to pay. Instead of spending money maintaining what you have, why not invest it in a brand-new design? You could replace the whole window, meaning you get new glazing, the latest security hardware and fully weatherproof frames that transform your home.

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The Benefits of Replacing Blown Double Glazing

With a replacement for blown double glazing, you can end up saving more money in the long run. Over time, all windows can weaken, becoming more fragile and at more risk of failing. However, with a brand-new window, you can reset the clock. You’ll get a design that’s superb from day one, and keeps performing like new for months and years to come.

Not only that, but you can update the look of your home. If you have old timber windows, they might start to look out of date. Modern double glazing can feature sleek uPVC frames or even stunning aluminium, a precious metal. Both of these options are weatherproof, too, meaning you can style them in colours that keep shining without you having to maintain them.

You’ll also be able to get new windows for your home that fit it perfectly. With many companies, you don’t have to settle for an off-the-shelf design. Instead, you could customise your new windows to get the dream look for your living space. There are plenty of traditional and modern window styles with unique accessories and hardware, ideal for any property.

Also, brand-new double glazing makes your home feel as good as your new windows look. Your whole window will be efficient, with superb insulation that helps you take more control of your living space. The slimline frames allow more natural light and warmth to enter your home without letting the cold air in, making high energy costs a problem of the past.

Will My New Double Glazing Fail?

With new double glazing, you can also put the worries about it failing aside. Blown double glazing usually happens because of condensation, but other issues than just the glass can cause that. Your old windows may have timber frames, which aren’t weatherproof. That means they can crack and twist, creating more space for cold air to collide with warm air in your home.

With a brand-new window, you’ll get advanced double glazing, but advanced frames too. Materials like uPVC and aluminium are fully weatherproof, and the windows are air and water-tight too. That means there’ll be no room for draughts and damp to develop inside your home, making condensation far less likely to form.

You won’t have to worry about it for years to come, either. Brand-new windows are much more durable than older designs, and they can keep performing for years to come. uPVC can last for 30 years or longer, while aluminium frames could last as long as half a century. Both can do that without regular maintenance, either! With a new window, you’ll be able to put your blown double glazing in the past.

Also, you can benefit your home in other ways too. You could choose unique windows that suit it better with stunning openings, including tilting and sliding options. And, with a variety of features like bold colours and handles, you can make your home stand out, inside and out.

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Replacing Blown Double Glazing For Less

When you replace blown double glazing, you can choose brand-new windows that transform your home. But, with Double Glazing On The Web, you can invest with total confidence. While some companies don’t offer high-quality designs, all the ones in our trusted installer network will. We only work with the best local companies in the UK to ensure you get the best service.

It only takes minutes to find several local suppliers that are reputable, professional and on your doorstep. From there, you can speak to them all, comparing their windows and their prices to find the right deal for you. You can even negotiate the offers to get brilliant deals you won’t find anywhere else!

You can also trust in our network at Double Glazing On The Web. We review it regularly to make sure all the companies in it meet our high standards. Also, you’ll get a friendly installation that works around you, with lower wait times and travel costs too. Many of these companies also have approval from FENSA and CERTASS, ensuring you get windows that make good on your investment.

Replacing Blown Double Glazing Prices

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