Porches are an ideal investment for houses and bungalows alike. These little extensions to your entrance make a lot of difference. For a start, you can change the way you and your guests enter your living space, creating a lasting impression that enhances your whole home.

Not only that, but you’ll have the ability to design a bespoke porch which suits your home’s personality. Starting with a new front door, you’ll get a robust design that uses uPVC or brickwork in a choice of colours, double glazed windows, and a roof section. When you put all that together, you’ll have the bespoke porch of your dreams.

Porches make houses better, but they can improve bungalows too. Bungalows usually have less storage space, which can mean your living room gets a bit cramped. Porches, though, provide secure storage for bungalows that doesn’t get in the way. You can keep anything that matters to you in there, knowing that the door of your porch has innovative security hardware to keep it safe.

Also, porches are less likely to fall foul of planning permissions. With the option of flat roofing, you can make sure the roof won’t extend higher than your home’s ceiling.

Modern porches can enhance your home in more ways than one. If your living space gets cold in the winter, a porch can insulate your entrance, keeping you warm and even helping you save money on bills.

Additionally, your new door, the uPVC or brickwork build, and the advanced double glazing that comes in your porch as standard will be fully weatherproof. The whole porch is air and water-tight, so you won’t have to worry about the weather playing havoc with your home. New porches, then, can help you take control of houses and bungalows.

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Energy Efficient Porches For Houses and Bungalows

The front door of your home is the first thing most people see. However, an underperforming one can also be the first thing you feel. If you have an older design or one that uses timber frames, then your entrance could be losing a lot of heat for your home.

Timber, for example, isn’t weatherproof, meaning that cracks can appear from water damage. That way, cold air can rush into your living space, and your home’s energy can escape it. If you’ve been rushing to your radiator to stay warm and it feels like nothing’s changed, an old front door could be the culprit.

While you could get a new front door, porches do so much more for houses and bungalows. You’ll get not only a new door that lasts for decades, but you can keep your old one and preserve it. The whole porch uses energy efficient materials, such as uPVC and double glazing. That means the porch windows can protect your home from the cold, with a layer of argon gas inbetween the panes preventing condensation too.

With your new front door, you could choose aluminium or even composite doors, both of which have outstanding insulation and security. As a result, you’ll be able to save even more on your energy bills, and you’ll get a stylish new entrance to your home.

Secure Porches For Houses and Bungalows

With new porches for houses and bungalows, you’ll get a quality front door. However, behind its classy exterior will be leading security hardware. Your front door is the most likely place an intruder will use to enter your home. As a result, installing a porch in your home can make that task a lot harder for any burglar.

As well as putting two doors in the way of your home and them, the first door will be a highly robust design. You can invest in aluminium doors, which are metal and have exceptional strength. Alternatively, composite doors that have a sturdy timber core.

Because these doors are weatherproof, they’ll protect and conceal internal hardware. You’ll get multi-point locking systems inside, as well as anti-tamper locks and handles that stay on your door, even under heavy strain. These doors are impact-resistant as well, making them a nightmare even for the most determined burglar.

However, porches offer even further protection for houses and bungalows. If they try to enter through the windows, multi-point locks ensure they can’t separate the glass from the frame. With a brand-new porch, you can protect what matters most and get total peace of mind.

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Weather-Resistant Porches For Houses and Bungalows

If you have an old front door, then it might let you down when the weather turns on you. Wooden doors crack and twist in excess water, while wind can weaken an older entrance over time. With new porches, though, you can create a space for sheltering houses and bungalows from any storm.

Modern porches have a durable roof, which stops rain from getting into the indoor space in any way. Also, both uPVC and brickwork are weather-resistant material. That means water can’t seep through the walls of your porch so it won’t weaken over time. The brickwork can also feature cavity trays or wall insulation to absorb and redirect standing water.

Your porch will also feature double glazing as standard. Double glazing uses two panes of glass instead of one, and the windows also have air and water-tight frames. Because of this, draughts won’t be an issue in your porch, and damp spots won’t develop either.

Not only that, but the weatherproof materials in your porch will last much longer than older designs. Your new door won’t even scratch for years to come, which means you won’t have to repaint the doors or carry out any maintenance. That’s true for the walls too, meaning you can paint both uPVC and brickwork porches in a bespoke colour that won’t fade for houses and bungalows alike.

Planning Permission For Porches in Houses and Bungalows

If you decide to build a porch, then you’ll extend your home’s space. You might think, then, that you could risk the red tape of planning permission. Fortunately, though, porches are fairly small builds, but their floorplan offers a lot of space. As a result, porches fall under ‘permitted development’ rules for houses and bungalows in most cases.

That means you can build them freely, without needing to go through a building application. While you’ll have to follow some rules, such as the porch not extending within 2m of a boundary or taking up more than half the land around your home, most porches don’t need red tape to build.

For bungalows, porches are even more useful in that regard. Because of the lower roof, it can be more tricky to build a conservatory. Also, if you don’t have a lot of land around your home, then extending it can be difficult as well. With a porch, though, you’ll be able to build a new space for the front of your home, without the hassle of going through planning permission.

To make sure your porch meets the regulations, you can always work with a local installer to design the space. That way, you’ll get expert advice at every step of the process, and you can build a bespoke porch without stress.

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Customisable Porches For Houses and Bungalows

Porches are ideal for houses and bungalows. However, a bespoke porch is perfect for your property. That’s why, with many suppliers, you can design a dream porch from the ground up. Every last detail, including the porch colour, roof angle and door design, is yours to decide.

There are a near-limitless amount of ways you can customise porches to suit your house or bungalow. If you have a traditional house with brick walls, you can colour match the brickwork so that it blends in seamlessly. Alternatively, if you have a bungalow, you can select a flat roof with no pitch angle to make permissions straightforward.

With each part of your porch, there are unique possibilities. For the windows, you can choose either uPVC or aluminium frames, or sleek handles in golds and silvers. And, if you’d like a porch that brings your home into the future, there’s even the option of frameless glass! You can customise your door with knockers, obscured glass for added privacy, or a catflap for the smallest members of your family to get a new door they’ll love too.

With the right installer, you can create an entrance that stands out anywhere on the street. However, finding the right local installer might mean you get porches for houses and bungalows at a standout price.

Porches For Houses and Bungalows Prices

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