Designing a bespoke porch for your home can give it an entrance that impresses. With a porch, your property could stand out on any street, and you’ll create a warm, secure place to enter your home through. Not only that, but you’ll expand your space, and get the chance to add a new front door that preserves your old one!

That way, porches are a perfect blend of new design which keeps older options in mind. And, with many local suppliers and installers, you can create one of these stunning additions from the ground up. That way, it’ll be bespoke to your home, and leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Outside of their looks, porches make your home feel more comfortable as well. Thanks to modern technology, your porch will be able to reduce draughts and cold spots in your home, and you could save more energy too. Porches come with a roof, too, so you can protect your new space from wind and rain, while all the materials are fully weather-resistant.

Finally, for comfort that you can feel all the time, you’ll get the knowledge that your home is more secure. A porch adds a new entrance that’s highly robust, featuring multi-point locking systems as standard.

With a near-limitless choice in how you design your bespoke porch, you can create the landing of your dreams as well. For example, you’ll have a wide range of doors to select from, as well as roofing. If you have a traditional home, you could select decorative roof cornices, and there’s the option of frameless glass elements.

In addition to that, you can paint porches in a bold RAL colour, knowing they won’t fade over time or scratch and discolour in bad weather – the possibilities are endless!

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The Benefits of Bespoke Porches

With a bespoke porch, you can give your home an entrance with stunning looks, and enhance the way it feels as well. When you open the door to your porch, it makes entering your living space more of an event. Inside your porch, you’ll get secure storage space, perfect for leaving bicycles overnight, or a shoe rack to save space beyond the other door.

Not only that, but your porch will be warm and comfortable. The design uses leading materials, such as uPVC, to get superb insulation and stop cold air entering your home. As the porch blocks your main entrance, it reduces energy loss inside massively, helping you cut the cost of your bills.

Also, a bespoke porch is nothing without a bespoke entrance. That’s why you’ll get the option to create a new front door that makes a lasting impression. You could select uPVC, aluminium or even composite for your new entrance, with each frame being fully weatherproof.

If you have a wooden door currently, you’ll be getting a door that lasts much longer, doesn’t require repainting, and can shield the timber in your current design from wind and rain. Your new door will also feature leading security systems, including multi-point locking, to keep you and your family safe.

When the weather turns on you, your porch will withstand any conditions. The whole design uses weatherproof materials, such as uPVC or brickwork, which don’t suffer from damage under excess water. As a result, you can invest in a colourful bespoke porch design with complete confidence.

You’ll be able to colour match any brickwork to your existing property for a seamless fit or paint your uPVC porch in a bold RAL colour. Designing a bespoke porch, then, can change the way you experience your home.

Bespoke Porch Design Options

Most porches use uPVC or brickwork in their design. uPVC, unlike timber, is a material with no design gaps or dents. As a result, when water hits the material, it won’t seep into any cracks and expand them, creating spaces for cold air to rush into your living space.

uPVC is highly versatile as well – the frame can help protect the porch windows and doors. Alternatively, you could select a more traditional brickwork porch. Bricks are durable and robust, able to deal with the worst of the weather and insulate your home terrifically.

Across the side of your porch, you can select windows that let natural light flood into your landing. These options use double glazing as standard, which puts two panes of glass in between your home and the outside world.

With a slimline uPVC frame – or even aluminium – you’ll be able to brighten your home while getting superb insulation, and the windows reduce the risk of condensation and mould as well. If you’d like truly unbroken views of the outside world, though, you could install a frameless glass porch for a sleek, statement space.

Make a lasting impression with bespoke porch doors. Whatever your choice, you’ll get a durable frame that you won’t need to maintain for years to come. These doors help you keep warm in the winter, and open your home up in the summer, with the option of double glazing panels in the design for more light.

Not only that, but you’ll get peace of mind with a porch door that has high-quality security features. As well as internal locks, though, you can customise the door with unique accessories as well! Choose from sleek letterboxes, detailed knockers, or catflaps to give your furry friends a new entrance too.

In your bespoke porch, the roof will truly be the cherry on top of the cake. You’ll get a choice of several roof designs, with the option of decorative features like cornices, or classic tiles in a terra cotta finish. Your roof will give your porch shading, meaning it won’t suffer from the greenhouse effect a conservatory could have.

Also, there are both flat and triangular roof options available, so you control the shape and style of your porch precisely. From single to double hipped or pitched to various levels, your roof will be as bespoke as the rest of your build.

A bespoke porch will extend your home outward. However, that could mean you might have to undergo planning permission. Fortunately, most porches don’t break ‘permitted development’ laws, but you can work with an expert local installer to make sure your design fits the bill.

Alternatively, if you feel like you need a more expansive space, your installer can take you through the planning permission process as cleanly as possible. That way, adding a bespoke porch to your home is as hassle-free as you’d like it to be.

Absolutely! If you have a bespoke porch, the last thing to do is to give it a unique colour to match! Whether you have a uPVC or a brickwork design, you’ll have total control over its colour. You can paint the uPVC frame of your porch in a bold RAL colour, and it won’t fade, scratch or visibly wear for decades to come.

You’ll be able to do the same for your new door as well, so you can match them or create an attractive contrast. Even if you choose bricks for your build, you can colour match them for a bespoke fit that blends in with ease.

The Cost Of Designing a Bespoke Porch

If you design a bespoke porch for your home, you could expect to pay between £1250-1400 per square metre. A small porch usually takes up around three square metres of floor-space, meaning it could cost around £4000. However, there are plenty of ways you can keep in control of the cost.

For example, a flat roof with no pitch is less expensive than angled options, and you’ll still get the same secure shelter from storms. Also, you can save on your door by choosing a uPVC or aluminium option. Composite doors are more expensive, although they have an authentic timber design that looks priceless.

Your new porch can save you money over time as well. Because the build is energy efficient, less cold air will be able to travel into your home through the front door. That way, you won’t have to rely as much on your central heating to stay comfortable, and you’ll be able to cut the cost of your energy bills every day

A bespoke porch that is well-maintained can add significant value to your property as well. That means, if you decide that you want to move somewhere else, you can get higher offers for your old home to help you get a better new one.

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Design a Bespoke Porch With Double Glazing On The Web

The best way to save money on a bespoke porch, though, is to get it through Double Glazing On The Web!

When you work with us, we can refer you to a local installer in your area who’ll design a bespoke porch with you for less. These providers don’t charge the premiums national brands do or their high travel costs. Also, you’ll still get leading quality at local prices, as many of the companies in our network have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS!

If you’d like to get in touch with us to get a bespoke porch in your home, fill in our online contact form today! Alternatively, give our friendly team a call on 0800 015 5679 to ask anything.