It can be a challenge to maintain wooden window frames. However, with some tips, you can make the process a little less stressful. If you have old timber windows, or you’ve moved into a house with them, then you’ll soon realise that wooden window frames need a lot of maintenance.

In poor weather, and over time, the timber in the design can wear down, chip and crack. That’s because the design isn’t weather-resistant, and it can harm in sunlight. Because of this, cracks can emerge in the frame, as well as staining.

As a result, your wooden window frames can start to look tired. But you can avoid this by carrying out regular maintenance. Often, people can talk about the challenges of managing timber frames.

However, you only need to carry out a little bit of work more often, rather than a more significant cleaning job every year or two. That way, you can stay on top of your wooden frames, and keep control over the look of your window. You could even find that you give it a brighter look, make the window last longer, and improve the performance of your home.

When you maintain wooden window frames, you’ll feel the benefits right across your living space. You can prevent cracking before it happens, meaning the window is less likely to suffer from water ingress and condensation. Also, you can preserve the look of your timber frame, ideal if you live in a listed building or conservation area where it can be harder to get new ones.

And, if you ever find you don’t want to maintain your wooden windows, you can always replace them! With Double Glazing On The Web, you can get a better deal on a replacement window.

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Why Should I Maintain Wooden Window Frames?

Wooden window frames have an authentic appeal that is difficult to match. However, down the years, the timber frame can fade away, removing the stunning looks of the design. Wood isn’t a weather-resistant material, meaning it can weaken under high winds and wear away in excess water.

When this happens, the timber frame can crack, warp and twist, losing the shape of the window. As a result, gaps begin to emerge, both in the structure and around the glazing section. Cold air can rush into these spaces, and warm air can escape through them quickly.

Due to this, your living space can get cold and uncomfortable, and draughts and damp spots can develop as well. Additionally, when your window weakens, you could be leaving your home more vulnerable to intruders. Your windows are the second most likely place a burglar will target to enter your home.

Any skilled intruder will target a timber window that you haven’t maintained, as they’ll be able to identify their weak spots. Once water seeps through wooden window frames, they can cause locks, shootbolts and hinges to rust, leaving you open to a break-in.

Once cracks begin to appear, you can get caught in a vicious cycle. Throughout the year, your home will continue to lose energy, meaning you have to spend more on your central heating bills to make up the difference. Also, for more significant damage, you could have to repair the window.

However, fixing it can often feel like papering over the cracks. Once wooden window frames hit a certain age, maintaining and repairing them isn’t enough. Therefore, it could be wiser at that point to replace rather than repair.

How To Maintain Wooden Window Frames

There are three crucial ways to maintain wooden window frames. Firstly, there’s general cleaning, which you could do every six months, although there’s no harm in doing it more often either. To clean your wooden window frames, you should use a damp, soft cloth with a mild detergent, such as washing up liquid.

If you use something more abrasive, you could find that the chemicals inside end up damaging the wood. It’s also wise to avoid glass, kitchen and bathroom cleaners. To remove any clear grease marks, wipe down with washing up liquid and then use clean water to wash the lasting dirt away.

A second issue that can occur in wooden window frames is the colours fading. If you have a coloured wooden window frame, then it can fade in sunlight, and under excess water too. Due to this, recoating the frame can make a massive impact. To do this, you should clean the structure as above, then use silicon carbide paper to rub-down the existing finish.

Then, remove dust, allow to dry, and apply the new paint carefully with a small brush. That way, you won’t only keep your windows looking as good as new, but you can add new colours to the design!

Finally, if the wooden window frames chip, scratch or even crack, there are some ways you can help to fix them yourself. You should repaint the damaged area straight away, and then remove any damage with a light abrasive.

Once you’ve done that, and cleared any dust, you can re-apply a new finish to make the scratching less noticeable. If there is a more substantial crack, you could also use timber filler to cover the hole. However, instead of repairing, you can always replace!

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Replacing Wooden Window Frames

Today, you can invest in modern windows with wooden frames, or choose a new material entirely. If you want to invest in new timber windows, then you’ll get a brand-new design that feels timeless.

You can choose any colour or authentic finish for the wooden frame, and you could also add period-accurate accessories such as gold handles or stainless steel locks. In all of the designs, you’ll also get advanced double glazing as standard. With two panes of glass instead of one, you’ll enhance your home’s insulation, and cut the cost of your energy bills too.

However, you’ll still have to maintain wooden window frames. Because of this, they’ll fade away over time again, and you could be in the same position as you are now in a few years. Instead of that, then, you could invest in a more durable design.

Fortunately, the windows of today are long-lasting first, and much more besides. You could select windows for your home that use robust uPVC, remarkable aluminium, and even realistic composite frames that capture a timber look, but without the drawbacks.

By replacing your wooden window frames, you’ll do away with maintenance. However, you can also get so much more. Modern windows are more energy efficient, with double glazing working in tandem with a slimline uPVC, aluminium or composite frame. As a result, you can let more natural light into your living space, and you’ll get better views of your outdoor space as well.

Not only that, but you won’t have to replace these windows after only a few years. These modern materials can perform for decades, and do part of their cleaning themselves too.

Alternatives To Wooden Window Frames

uPVC windows are becoming the UK’s most popular replacement to wooden window frames. That’s because, unlike timber, uPVC is fully weatherproof. That means it won’t crack, twist or decay, and there aren’t any dips and gaps in the design.

The uPVC profile is slim and durable, meaning it can provide outstanding natural light while also protecting you from threats outside your home. With double glazing as standard, you’ll also prevent condensation, while uPVC can perform for 30 years without regular maintenance as well.

Alternatively, you could choose aluminium rather than wooden window frames. Aluminium is a precious metal, meaning it has exceptional inherent strength. Because of this, these windows are more secure than uPVC and offer even better insulation and more robust security.

The aluminium frame protects and conceals internal hardware, so it won’t rust and wear down. Not only that, but aluminium can last even longer than uPVC. You won’t need to maintain it much more than a semi-regular clean, and you can still get 50 years of performance from these windows.

Finally, you may want to retain your wooden window frames. After all, they have an authentic quality that is hard to find anywhere else. However, what if you could get a durable window that has a timber appearance, but without the maintenance issues?

The answer to that question is composite windows. These frames use timber, but protect it from water and wind with robust uPVC and scratch-resistant GRP. As a result, you won’t need to maintain these wooden window frames.

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Wooden Window Frames Prices

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