How Much Does a uPVC Front Door Cost?

The cost of a uPVC front door can vary depending on exactly how you design your door.

Because of the wealth of customisable options on offer, costs can vary.

However, the starting price for a uPVC front door is around £600. Extra costs can include a wood grain finish, tinted glass, or any accessories you want to add to your door such as traditional knockers.

Why Should I Get a uPVC Front Door?

Your current front door may not be giving your home the warmth that it should. Many older entries have style and security in mind, but not with the idea of saving energy.

However, as energy bills continue to soar and our climate becomes an increasing concern, it’s never been more crucial to invest in a door that tackles both.

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Older doors often use timber as their building material. While this offers a sturdy structure, it’s not so good at keeping your home warm.

That’s because, over time, wood wears down and starts to chip away. Timber begins to lose its robustness down the years too, meaning that intruders could take advantage of its weakness.

As well as that, wood also struggles to deal with intense weather conditions. In cold wind and rain, the wood begins to twist and warp under the excess water.

Because of this, any cracks already present in the timber starts to expand until the wood begins to break. Therefore, your home gets colder, and you’ll have to deal with spiralling repair costs.

As a result, your home might be becoming increasingly uncomfortable over the years. Especially in winter, you may end up relying on your central heating to compensate for the heat escaping from your home. That means you’ll be spending more on energy bills, increasing your household costs and your carbon footprint.

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However, a uPVC front door can start to solve these problems. Because they feature uPVC, you’ll be investing in a door that can perform for decades. Its fully weatherproof and can withstand wind and rain.

Most crucially, however, it’ll give you the insulation you need to make high energy bills a thing of the past.

Can I Save Energy with a uPVC Front Door?

Absolutely. The leading advantage uPVC has over old materials is that saving energy is at the forefront of its design. With a uPVC front door, you’ll get outstanding insulation as standard.

Because of this, you’ll shield your home from the cold air outside and keep your home’s natural heat indoors.

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That way, you’ll be able to make your home a comfortable place to spend time in without relying on your central heating. It’s a win-win situation: more warmth with less cost.

You can cut down on your usage over time, saving you money each day and giving you more for the things that matter to you most.

You won’t just save money on your household bills, either. With an energy efficient window, you can also do your bit to help the planet.

As you’ll need less energy to keep your home warm, you can cut down on your home’s emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. That way, you’ll be making a small but significant contribution.

As well as that, you could even cut down a little on your electricity bills. That’s because many uPVC front doors have sizeable double glazing panels, which let natural light flood into your living space. With a more naturally bright space, you won’t need to light it artificially in the day. That way, you’ll save money and make your home feel more vibrant too.

Can I Improve Security with a uPVC Front Door?

At Double Glazing On The Web, we want to make sure any products you get through us keep you safe. That’s why we only work with trusted and approved suppliers and installers.

They commit to security fully, making sure a uPVC front door with them is one of the most secure on the market.

uPVC is a durable material in its own right. Thanks to its robust build structure, it’ll protect your home with its strength and long-lasting quality. However, our network doesn’t stop there.

They make sure a uPVC front door from them features high-security locks and toughened double glazing to keep intruders out.

You can also customise your uPVC front door with other security features, including spy holes. Not only that, but uPVC provides your home with effective sound insulation too, meaning you won’t be distracted by any noise from outside. That way, you can create a tranquil space with a secure door that gives you and your family peace of mind.

Can I Make a Worthwhile Investment with a uPVC Front Door?

When you work with Double Glazing On The Web, you’ll invest in a uPVC front door that has long-lasting quality. Unlike older doors, which wear down after only a few years of service, these durable additions can last your home a lifetime. uPVC can continue to perform for decades, even without regular cleaning or repairs.

Not only that, but uPVC is fully weatherproof, meaning it’ll keep its shape and its strength no matter what the world throws at it. Your door won’t warp or twist in the rain, nor will any draughts or cold spots develop in your home. That way, you protect your home from the elements and keep it warm throughout the year.

Finally, there’s the installation. When you work with one of our trusted companies, you’ll get a precise fitting, done with time and care. We make sure all the companies in our network our Checkatrade-approved, meaning that they have a high reputation for courteous service and superb installation.

uPVC Front Doors Add Value

A uPVC front door can make a brilliant first impression on anybody entering your home. With a new front door, you can add a colourful, vibrant entrance that reflects your personality and style. As well as that, you’ll be putting a thermal barrier between your warm home and the cold outdoors.

uPVC is a brilliant material for your new door. That’s because it’s durable, robust, and it makes your home use energy more efficiently. By installing uPVC in your home, you can stop heat escaping your home, and you can make your living space a more comfortable place to live.

These front doors aren’t merely a quick fix for your home. They’ll provide you and your family with long-lasting benefits that can transform your living space. uPVC front doors have large areas of double glazing that give you beautiful light while still keeping you warm. Not only that, but they’ll feature reinforced handles and locks to keep you safe too.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a uPVC front door, then Double Glazing On The Web is the ideal choice for you.

However, you may want a uPVC front door but be put off by the cost. That’s where our services can really make a difference. Because we put you in touch with multiple suppliers, you can drive costs down and get lower quotes. That way, you can take the risk out of investing in this stunning product, and reap the rewards for less.

Get a uPVC Front Door For Less 

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