What is FENSA?

What is FENSA?

FENSA is a government authorised scheme that monitors the compliance of window and door replacements in accordance with building regulation compliance. Certified double glazing industry bodies receive certification that means they can award a FENSA certificate.

Upon completion of the installation, homeowners will receive a FENSA certificate, which certifies that the job has been completed in compliance with building regulations, uses energy efficient products and has been registered with the local council.

If you are a homeowner, you can receive a double glazing quote from FENSA Approved Installers in our network. If you are a FENSA Approved Installer, you can join our network.


What Does FENSA Stand For?

FENSA stands for Fenestration Self-Assessment scheme. It was set up, with approval from government bodies, by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). While you may know what FENSA stands for in its name, it’s also important to understand what it represents and how important this certification is for homeowners.

If you want to replace double glazing, it needs to comply with the Building Regulations for thermal performance. Now, you could choose to go and get the necessary permission and certification for this from your local building authorities yourself. Alternatively, you can get an accredited installer to provide you with FENSA windows that will be certified, so they can do much of the hard work for you.

A FENSA-registered double glazing installer will be aware of local building regulations. Moreover, they will be equipped under the Competent Person Scheme to certify the installation of your new FENSA windows. As a result, you don’t have to get the approval and certification yourself. You can hand over the responsibility to your installers. They will take care of everything from start to finish.

What is the Competent Person Scheme?

The Competent Person Scheme is a form of self-governance and regulation. These government-approved bodies register installers after making sure that their service and installation is up to the mark. Once they are registered, they are given the authority to self-assess and certify their installations.

In April 2002, the government decided to regulate double glazing installation, and so the Competent Person Scheme was created. There are 6 bodies that were set up under this scheme, with FENSA being one of them. Each of them monitors its members. Additionally, each of them equips its members to certify their installation. Since the regulatory bodies manage their own members, it’s a self-governed process.

This makes it easy for building authorities to ensure compliance. Moreover, homeowners don’t have to run around to get paperwork and certifications for their new double glazing, as they can rely on FENSA Approved Installers to take care of this for them.

FENSA approved installers make planning permissions and certification easy

Why is FENSA Important for Homeowners?

Working with a FENSA Approved Installer will save homeowners both time and money. From a financial point of view, Approved Installers will certify an installation when it meets the required standards of energy efficiency. To this end, FENSA and GGF are helping to reduce energy consumption, which will save customers money on their heating bills in the long run too.

A FENSA certificate or similar installation accreditation is vital to make sure homeowners are satisfied that the work has been completed in line with building regulations and in accordance with energy efficiency standards. It’s also essential when it comes to moving house.

With an Approved Installer able to certify at the time of installation, customers don’t need to spend more time getting the world certified by another body at a later date. The ease with which a FENSA installer can complete a project fully, for total peace of mind, makes compliant fitters an important investment for homeowners.

Among the six government-backed schemes in place, FENSA is the most popular. It has the largest network of approved double glazing companies. Its name, its standards and its highly sought-after certificate make it one of the most recognisable and trusted names in the fenestration industry.

FENSA’s specialisation in windows and doors make its services highly desirable and enduringly popular for homeowners. Approved Installers are monitored and re-assessed to ensure they offer a compliant service in line with building regulations and use the most energy efficient products for total customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Are You a FENSA Approved Installers? Join Our Network!

FENSA approved installers give quality service and installation

If you are a FENSA Approved Installer, homeowners are looking for a trusted, Approved Installer like you to complete their home improvement project and present them with the all-important FENSA Certificate when the job is done. We understand the importance of FENSA, what it stands for and what it means for homeowners. That’s why we want FENSA Approved Installers to join our network.

What We Offer FENSA Approved Installers

We help homeowners to compare double glazing prices near them by putting them in touch with trusted, local installers. As a FENSA fitter, you can join our network and we can recommend your company to customers looking for energy efficient products, installed in compliance with building regulations, to award the coveted FENSA Certificate when the installation is complete.

What this means for you is that we will provide you with high quality home improvement leads and therefore more sales opportunities to win for your company. Unlike many other lead providers, we speak to every lead before we match you with a homeowner, as part of our no pitch – no fee service.

How to Join Our Network

As a FENSA Approved Installer, you are exactly what homeowners are looking for to install energy efficient windows and doors, and provide a self-certified certification when the work is completed. The best way to find more customers near you is to join our dedicated and loyal installer network.

With our targeted home improvement websites, we generate leads for homeowners looking for double glazing products. Start receiving the best quality leads to grow your customer base and your sales. Join our network as a FENSA Approved Installer and increase your profits today.


In conclusion, FENSA is a vital scheme for ensuring the compliance and quality of window and door installations in the UK. By choosing a FENSA Approved Installer, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their new double glazing meets building regulations, uses energy efficient products, and comes with a FENSA certificate. This not only saves time and money during the installation process, but also provides long-term benefits in terms of reduced energy bills and easier property sales. With the largest network of certified installers and a trusted reputation in the fenestration industry, FENSA continues to be the go-to scheme for homeowners seeking reliable and compliant double glazing solutions.


What happens if a homeowner doesn’t use a FENSA Approved Installer for their double glazing? 

If a homeowner chooses not to use a FENSA Approved Installer, they will need to obtain the necessary permissions and certifications from their local building authorities themselves. This can be a time-consuming and costly process compared to the streamlined service provided by FENSA certified companies.

How does FENSA help to reduce energy consumption in homes? 

FENSA Approved Installers are required to use energy efficient products that meet current building regulations for thermal performance. By ensuring that new double glazing installations are up to these standards, FENSA helps homeowners to reduce their energy consumption and lower their heating bills over time.

Can a homeowner trust the quality of work provided by a FENSA Approved Installer? 

Yes, FENSA Approved Installers are regularly monitored and assessed to ensure they are providing a compliant service in line with building regulations. Homeowners can trust that a FENSA certified company will install their windows and doors to a high standard, using approved products.

What should a homeowner do if they are planning to sell their property and don’t have a FENSA certificate for their double glazing? 

If a homeowner is planning to sell their property and doesn’t have a FENSA certificate for their double glazing, they may need to obtain retrospective certification. This can be a hassle and may require additional inspections. To avoid this, it’s best to use a FENSA Approved Installer at the time of installation.

How can double glazing companies benefit from becoming FENSA Approved Installers? 

By becoming FENSA Approved Installers, double glazing companies can demonstrate their commitment to quality and compliance. This can help to attract more customers who are looking for trusted professionals to carry out their home improvements. Additionally, joining a network like Double Glazing on the Web can provide FENSA certified companies with high-quality leads and increased sales opportunities.

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