Double glazing can help massively with home insulation. In your current home, you could be losing up to 10% of your natural energy through windows that aren’t performing. If you live in an older home with timber windows or ones that use single-glazed glass, then that’s very likely to be the case.

These designs aren’t very efficient, and they weaken over time as well. Water can break down wooden or plastic frames, leading to issues like condensation, rust and wear. That way, the window loses whatever insulation it had.

When that happens, you can feel the difference straight away. Your living space grows cold, uncomfortable, and unwelcoming. Not only that, but the cost of maintaining your home can start to skyrocket.

The more energy you lose through underperforming windows, the more you use making up the difference. As a result, you can end up spending far too much money on your energy bills. Additionally, you’ll be creating more emissions, increasing your home’s carbon footprint and potentially damaging the planet.

However, double glazing can help you to recover your home’s insulation. With two panes of glass instead of one, you’ll get more protection from cold weather. The glass panels create an air-tight gap that captures heat from inside too, meaning it can’t escape your home.

Because of this, your living space will be warm and back under your control. Additionally, with new windows, you can take advantage of the latest technology and designs. You could even create a fully customisable window with unique colours and finishes! With all the benefits it provides, the initial double glazing price is an excellent investment.

how does double glazing help with home insulation

The Benefits of Double Glazing

Double glazing offers a whole lot more than just outstanding insulation. If you decide to replace the glass in your old window alone, then you’ll be able to strengthen it. Single glazed glass can suffer from condensation, which develops when cold and hot air collides inside the window.

That can only happen in a design that doesn’t use energy very well. With double glazing, you’ll get two layers of glass with a space in the middle that’s full of argon gas. Because of this, you’ll be able to protect from condensation, improve the robustness of your window, and reduce heat loss by up to 34%!

With a brand-new window, however, you can transform your home. Instead of putting up with your old, narrow windows, you could choose an expansive design that lets natural light flood your living space. Also, all new windows will come with advanced frames, as well as double glazing, to add even more insulation.

You’ll have a choice of uPVC, aluminium and composite, all of which are highly durable. That way, you can do away with your old timber frames, and get a window that’s fully weatherproof and doesn’t require regular maintenance.

Insulation gives you protection from the heat. However, a new window can also secure your home against possible intrusion. Your windows are the second most likely place a burglar will try and enter your home through, and they can notice a fragile window from miles away.

Due to this, replacing them with a durable design could be vital. Double glazing is far tougher than a single layer of glass, and the frames around it reinforce the glass too. You’ll also get innovative security features, such as multi-point locking systems so that you can have total peace of mind.

How Does Double Glazing Improve Home Insulation?

So, how does double glazing work to improve home insulation? The system uses two panes of glass to give you more protection from cold temperatures. When cold air hits the glass, it’ll meet an advanced window that uses a layer of argon gas inside the glazing.

Argon gas can reduce the temperature of warm air and increase the temperature of cold air. As a result, it works both ways. The gas layer inside the glass can stop cold air travelling inside your home, and warm air leaving it. That way, your home gets all the warmth, and all the cold stays away.

The frames are also crucial. In a new design, you can choose uPVC, aluminium or composite structures. None of these materials, like timber, have design flaws or natural cracks. As a result, there are far fewer gaps for cold air to travel through.

Not only that, but these frames are made-to-measure for the glass for air and water-tight design. That not only means you’ll get better home insulation, but you’ll also improve your ability to deal with poor weather conditions. You’ll prevent draughts and damp spots developing inside your home, and condensation won’t be as able to emerge either.

Thanks to the advanced design of double glazing, you’ll get insulation from every angle of your window. You’ll let more natural light in too, thanks to the slimline frames. As a result, you can heat your home, and continue to keep it warm, much more naturally.

That means you won’t have to rely on your home’s central heating, and you can reduce the rising costs of household bills. Additionally, you’ll make your home more environmentally friendly when you use less energy. You’ll decrease your carbon footprint, helping the planet and your wallet at the same time.

double glazing home insulation costs

Double Glazing Window Frames Insulation

The frames around double glazing are just as vital for your home’s insulation. That’s because, while glass can deal with cold air hitting it head-on, it won’t be able to deal with air passing around the glazing. That’s where your frames come in, reinforcing the glass in your window, and providing a whole lot more benefits besides.

The most popular choice in the past was wood, but over time it’s become less and less suitable for the modern home. That’s because timber cracks in poor weather conditions, getting weaker over time and needing constant maintenance to keep it performing for your home.

The alternative that most choose is uPVC. uPVC is more affordable than timber, more durable, and better at providing home insulation. Heat won’t be able to travel through these air-tight frames, and uPVC can also protect your home from condensation and water ingress.

Additionally, you won’t need to maintain the windows or repaint them, meaning uPVC will retain bold colours or authentic finishes for up to 30 years. Finally, new uPVC windows with double glazing can cost as little as £150, making them a cost-effective way to improve home insulation.

However, you could get even better insulation with other options. While aluminium frames cost up to 20% more than uPVC, you’ll get far more strength and security. Aluminium is a precious metal, meaning it can resist forced entry attempts, giving you total peace of mind.

And, while the material is slim, it has a lot of density, meaning that it’ll offer fantastic insulation that outperforms uPVC. If you want to preserve the timber look of your windows but avoid the drawbacks, then composite frames are ideal too. They have a timber core but protect it with weatherproof materials to offer leading home insulation.

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

A double glazing replacement window is a highly cost-effective way to improve your home’s insulation. It’s less costly than refilling your walls, and it can pay itself back over time. For whatever you’ll pay for your brand-new windows, you can make some of it back in the amount you’ll save on energy bills.

For a uPVC casement window, the UK’s most popular design, you can pay as little as £150. However, the shape, size and style can affect the cost. If you want sliding sash windows, for example, then prices start at closer to £475. Alternatively, larger windows can cost as much as double as the smallest option.

All of these costs are per window prices too. Because of this, if you have a larger home, then you can expect to pay more to fit these windows right across your living space. However, if it seems like the prices are getting out of control, there’s no need to worry.

There are loads of ways you can cut the cost of your new double glazing, and add to your home insulation. If you have DIY knowledge, you could choose supply only windows, cutting out the middle man. Additionally, you could only replace the glass in your windows, although that’ll leave you with underperforming, fragile timber frames.

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For added peace of mind, many companies we work with also have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS. That means they’ll provide double glazing that offers outstanding insulation, helping you save money every day.

double glazing home insulation prices

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